2023 Toyota Mirai Price in the United States

The 2023 Toyota Mirai Price in the United States has been announced by the company, and the car is already rolling on the roads of the country. The car geeks already have made the booking earlier and are now enjoying their new rides on the streets of the United States. You may be thinking of this car as an ordinary car offered by Toyota in the United States, but no, here let me tell you that the car comes with some amazingly designed features as well as an eye-catching shape. This car is all set to entertain users in the United States. Toyota first was introducing the same cars with different features that could have caused them to lose their potential customers, so this was the need of the time as the cars of the company were going out of fashion now.

Toyota mainly focused on the quality of the car, but now the time has gone when people only demanded quality. These days, in addition to quality, the shape and design of the cars are preferred by people as it has become a matter of reputation for them. So here, let’s see at what price this car is being sold in the country and what changes the company has made to make this car more enhancing to the people of the United States. The price of this car in the United States is as follows:

2023 Toyota Mirai Price in the United States:

The price of this car in the United States is $49,500 – $66,000. Multiple variants for this car are being offered in the United States against this car in the price range mentioned above. You can easily choose the variant for this car in the United States after reviewing the features and the price of the car that you like the most among the variants of the car displayed at the showroom of the company.

2023 Toyota Mirai Safety Features:

You know that Toyota never compromises when it comes to the safety of the car. The car comes with all the safety features that are demanded by most people these days. The common safety feature that is present in every second car of almost every car brand in the United States is airbags for passengers as well as the driver, and this car comprises airbags for both the driver and the passenger.

2023 Toyota Mirai Features:

The features of this car are as follows:

Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation
Front and rear ventilated disc brakes
Tire pressure monitoring
JBL premium brand speakers
Dual front side-mounted airbags
Surround audio surround audio (discrete)
3 months of provided satellite radio service
Audio and cruise controls on the steering wheel
Stolen Vehicle Tracking/Assistance
Quick Charge Cable Package

These are all the features that have been added to the car by the company. All the features of this car are up to the mark and work best under all circumstances. Here, the lane change assist feature is a great addition to this car by the company as with this feature; it will be more than easier for people to change the lanes of the car, especially at the places with blind turns as well as the places which are unknown to the user.

Many people are engaged in accidents when they have no particular idea of the lanes at places that are unknown to them as they are traveling there for the first time. So here, this feature is much liked by Toyota users in the United States. In addition to this, the traffic monitor added to the car enables the user to judge all the upcoming traffic so that they may remain alert.2023 Toyota Mirai Features

2023 Toyota Mirai Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length 195.8 inches
Width 74.2 inches
Height 57.9 inches
Wheelbase 114.9 inches
Ground Clearance 5.9 inches
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
No. of Doors 4 Doors

These are all the specifications of the basis of which the whole structure of this car has been designed by the company. All the material used in the manufacturing process of this car is up to the mark and works best in every kind of temperature and climate in the United States as well as the places where the car is being manufactured as well as exported by Toyota.

2023 Toyota Mirai Top Speed:

This car allows the user to enjoy a top speed of 106 mph. This top speed is more than enough as the car remains stable. Yet it is still advised not to experience the top speed of your car as it can be dangerous for you as well as the passengers traveling with you. We are only telling you the top speed of this car for experience purposes.2023 Toyota Mirai Top Speed

2023 Toyota Mirai Availability in the United States:

The car is easily available all across the United States at several Toyota car showrooms that are located in every corner of the country. All you need to do is grab your smartphone and start searching for the nearest Toyota car showroom in your area. This will help you to find the one that is nearer to your house. After that, reach there at the specific time at which it is opened. Meet the officials there. They will ask the salesperson to give you a walk around the car and the test drive of the car depending upon your likeness towards the car and how serious you are towards the deal of the car. This was all about the 2023 Toyota Mirai price in the United States.

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