Can I Drive with a Cracked Flexplate [All You Need to Know]

can i drive with a cracked flexplate

A Flexplate is a metal disk that connects an automatic transmission torque converter to an engine’s crankshaft. Commonly a flexplate is a round disk-shaped metal that transfers energy from the engine to transmission. The flexplate gets its name because it will “flex” forward & backwards as the engine RPM increases or decreases. Flexplate is a …

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04 Easiest DIY Methods On How to Adjust Camber on Chevy Truck

how to adjust camber on chevy truck

The Camber of a vehicle has to do with the wheel. It refers to the extent of tilt of the tire and wheel, which could be negative, positive, or neutral. Every car has a specified camber alignment given by the manufacturer, depending on the model of the vehicle and its purpose. It is important to …

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How To Remove Transfer Case From 4L60E Transmission in 06 Steps

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission

Learning to remove the transfer case from the 4L60E transmission is tricky but not impossible. Transfer cases are likely to wear down and break under poor conditions. This would lead to leaks, poor lubrication, and all sorts of nasty problems that need a quick fix. So, why not do it yourself to save your transfer …

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