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06 Chevrolet Silverado Maintenance Tips

An automobile’s longevity depends on its maintenance.

All cars and trucks require some basic maintenance.

To extend the life of your Silverado, you need to know these basic maintenance techniques.

Maintaining your vehicle properly will also make your driving experience hassle-free.

06 Chevrolet Silverado Maintenance Tips

For your Chevrolet Silverado truck, there are 06 maintenance tips that you need to know including, using the right engine oil, changing the air filter, changing the spark plug, and solving the warning signs.

01. Using the Suitable Engine Oil Grade

Oil is a very prime part of an engine.

The oil helps keep thousands of rotating parts of your engine running smoothly.

Appropriate oil protects the engine from overheating.

Therefore, choosing the right engine oil grade is very important.

Oil specification and viscosity are important points that help select the suitable oil grade.

Certain oils are suitable for specific engines, E.G.

  • 7L Turbo Engine

 If your Silverado has a 2.7L turbo engine, then SAE 0W-20 grade engine oil is a perfect choice for your engine.

  • 0L Duramax Turbo engine

SAE 0W-20 DexosD engine oil is suitable for a 3.0L Duramax Turbo engine.

  • 2L V8 Engine

SAE 0W-20 viscosity is good for V8 Engine 6.2L

  • 6L V8 Engine

SAE recommends 5W-30 viscosity oil for a 6.6L V8 Engine.

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02. Using Iridium Spark Plug

Usually, the Silverado truck has 8 spark plugs.

The spark plug burns the fuel and air in the combustion chamber.

Always use iridium spark plug for better fuel mileage and better driving experience.

03. Changing Engine Oil Timely

Follow the owner’s manual while changing the engine oil.

Around 7,000-10,000 miles is the average time interval for changing engine oil.

If you use your truck for

  1. Heavy towing
  2. For commercial purpose
  3. Off-road riding or
  4. In racing

If you do not change engine oil timely, it may cause different problems, like

  • Weird noise from the engine
  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Filthy dark oil
  • Engine overheating

Low or excessive engine oil cause engine overheating.

So, it is important to check the engine oil level every week.

04. Air Filter

You need to change the air after every 10k miles.

Two types of air filters are available in Silverado 2021, one is an engine air filter, and another is the cabin air filter.

  • How to understand an air filter need to change-
  1. If the air filter seems to be dirty
  2. Gas smell coming when starting the engine
  3. Exhaust releasing black smoke

These are the signs which indicate an air filter needs to be changed.

It would be best to hire or go to a skilled mechanic to change the air filter.

05. Engine Overheating

There are many reasons for engine overheating, including low or high radiator water and engine oil levels.

Coolant leak is also one of the major reasons that cause engine overheating.

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Faulty thermostat & radiator fan failure is also responsible for engine overheating.

Driving with an overheated engine may cause serious problems.

Sometimes, it may completely damage the engine.

If the engine is overheating, the first thing to do is keep the truck in a shady place and turn off the engine.

06. Don’t Neglect the Warning Sign

Do not neglect the warning sign on your dashboard.

There are three colours on the dashboard red, yellow and green.

The red sign indicates a serious problem with the specific part and requires urgent servicing.

You should not drive when a red sign pops up on your dashboard.

A yellow sign indicates normal problems.

So, you can drive with a yellow sign.

The green light indicates a specific tool is active.

Some important warning lights should be taken very seriously-

  • Warning light of engine temperature

This engine warning light indicates to the driver that the engine is overheating.

Emergency service is needed when the engine overheating sign pops up.

  • Warning light of battery charge

This light indicates the battery of the truck is low.

If you switch off the engine, it hesitates to start again if the battery power is low.

Don’t worry!

You will have enough time to take the truck to your house or the nearest mechanic shop to charge the battery.

This problem can be solved by charging or replacing the battery.

  • Warning light of Oil pressure

The oil keeps the moving particle moving smoothly.

If the warning light appears, it should not neglect the warning.

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If you are looking for a suitable driving experience and don’t want to spend extra money on your Silverado truck, then follow these 06 basic maintenance tips.

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