Can I Drive with a Cracked Flexplate [All You Need to Know]

can i drive with a cracked flexplate

A Flexplate is a metal disk that connects an automatic transmission torque converter to an engine’s crankshaft. Commonly a flexplate is a round disk-shaped metal that transfers energy from the engine to transmission. The flexplate gets its name because it will “flex” forward & backwards as the engine RPM increases or decreases. Flexplate is a … Read more

06 Causes with Solutions | What Causes High Oil Pressure in a Chevy Truck

what causes high oil pressure in a chevy truck

Oil pressure is one of the most important factors determining the longevity of an engine’s internal combustion. Today, we will discuss the causes and solutions for a Chevy truck’s high and low oil pressure. Don’t worry. we will also discuss what causes low oil pressure. There are two types of engine oil pressure- Low Oil … Read more