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The Simplest Driving Hacks

Driving is a fascinating activity. It seems easy when someone else is doing it, but for beginners it can be confusing and intimidating. It’s one thing to have a driver’s license, but it’s another to be a good driver. If you’ve recently gotten behind the wheel or want to recall forgotten skills, use our tips. For novice drivers, they can help avoid mistakes and stress, and for experienced drivers, they’ll refresh your memory.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

It’s the most essential thing for a car driver. Seat belts are a must because they prevent you from being thrown inside a crashing car or flying out the windshield and completely thrown out of the vehicle during any mishap and thus save your life. According to the report, using a seat belt reduces the risk of a fatality by 45-50%. Although there are many stories of people stuck in a car because of seat belts, these are only exceptions, and most of them are exaggerations or urban legends. In the vast majority of car accidents, people have a better chance of surviving if they are wearing a seat belt.

Avoid Distractions

While driving, any distractions such as using a cell phone, applying makeup, playing a Dead or Alive 2 slot for free, eating, etc., are a great idea because drivers are unable to fully concentrate on the road and their reaction time slows down as a result. And this can cause serious damage to life and property. Many studies have shown that these distractions significantly reduce reaction time. In a study of a 20-year-old driver talking on a phone with a 70-year-old driver, the difference in their reaction time was over 20%. So you can easily surmise how important it’s to be attentive while driving and avoid any distractions.

Follow the Three-second Rule 

Drivers are strongly advised to maintain a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. As the other vehicle swerves or stops, the driver needs enough time to react in this situation. Because it can be very difficult to estimate the recommended distance while driving, and the exact distance can be adjusted for speed, most experts recommend the “three-second rule.” It’s a simple rule of thumb. When the car in front of you passes a stationary object on the side of the road, start counting down the seconds. And it should take at least three seconds before your car passes the same object. At night or in inclement weather, this time can be doubled or six seconds longer. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to maintain proper distance between vehicles while driving to avoid accidents.

Avoid Drowsiness While Driving

Feeling drowsy behind the wheels can be almost as dangerous as driving after being intoxicated. According to a Virginia Tech study, drowsy drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident or near-accident. Even on highways and open wide roads, a little sleepiness can be fatal to your life. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you get some sleep or rest before driving, and otherwise let another friend drive or take a cab.

Use a Tennis Ball to Make Parking Easier

This trick is especially useful for people new to driving. A tennis ball or other soft object suspended from the garage ceiling can be a reference point indicating the proximity of a wall. It can help make it easier to feel the size of the car and not go farther than necessary.

Use the Signals Correctly

Light and sound signals are the only way to communicate with other road users. Every time you decide to turn, change lanes, slow down, etc., tell others about the planned maneuver. The driver behind you may be an inexperienced novice – give him an opportunity to understand what exactly you are going to do, and take some action.

Inspect Your Vehicle Regularly 

It’s highly recommended that you check your vehicle regularly. Car owners should watch for breaks, wires, tail lights, headlights, tire pressure, engines, etc. etc., because any failure of these can lead to fatal accidents. Vehicle maintenance is a serious safety issue. Thus, car owners should be aware of possible car maintenance.

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