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Top 6 Things to Do With Your Car Before a Long Drive

Before a long trip, you need to check the condition of the car, or then on the highway, away from the city, you will have to call a tow truck, look for service or spare parts. Here is how to prepare for a trip by car.

Carry out Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of the car is carried out every 8-10 thousand kilometers.

But it happens that the travel route is more than 2-4 thousand km. Then it is necessary to carry out unscheduled maintenance: change the oil in the engine, as well as oil and air filters. This will protect the engine parts from wear and tear.

Check the Suspension and Running Gear

Outside of the city, roads can be bad. If suspension or chassis parts have wear and tear, they can break on a trip.

Suspension and running gear are checked on an elevator, so you should call a service station. If they reveal backlashes or leaks, the parts should be replaced.

Check the Brake System

The condition of the braking system determines the safety of driving the same way a license at a beting site vave.com determines the reliability of the platform. It’s important to have serviceable brakes on the highway, where cars travel at high speed.

You need to check the condition of the brake pads and discs. If they are worn, you need to replace them. The pads can be replaced separately, and when replacing the discs, new pads must also be installed.

You should also check the brake fluid level. The system works because of the pressure this fluid creates. If it isn’t enough, there won’t be enough force to stop the car. The reservoir is under the hood. If the level is below the maximum, you need to refill the compound, and then the system will work properly.

If the level of brake fluid is below the minimum, you need to look for a leak. Otherwise, the level will constantly decrease, and you will have to refill it every time. Also, the leak can increase, and then the brakes will fail because there is no fluid in the system.

Check the Lights

In the city, the high beam is almost never used, but on the highway it is sometimes necessary. So you need to check if all the lights are on. You should also check if the front and rear fog lights work.

High beam is needed on unlit highways with low traffic flow in order to see an obstacle or a wild animal at a great distance and to react in time.

Fog lights are at the front. They are needed in bad weather conditions, such as in fog. Fog lights are located at the rear. They make the car more visible to those driving behind.

You can check the lights by turning them on. It is better to do this in the dark, driving up to the wall of the building. This way it will be immediately clear whether the lamps are lit or not.

The high beam is switched on with the lever on the steering wheel – it should be moved away from you.

Check the Level of Fluids

Technical fluids should be at maximum level. It’s necessary for normal operation of systems and to protect parts from wear and tear. It’s necessary to check the level of oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and power or electric booster oil, if they are installed. If necessary, top up to the maximum level.

If the fluid is too little, you need to check the system for leaks, otherwise you will have to refill the fluid constantly. And if all of the fluid leaks out, the system will not work as it should. For example, parts will wear out faster due to lack of lubrication. The engine can overheat if there isn’t enough antifreeze. The hydraulic booster won’t work if the oil level is low.

Check the Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner hasn’t been serviced in more than two years, you need to charge the freon and check the system for leaks. Refrigerant evaporates even if the system is completely sealed. When its level drops, the air conditioner can’t cool the air. There is also oil added to the Freon, which is needed to lubricate the compressor. If there is not enough oil, the compressor will fail quickly.

You should also check the condition of the compressor drive belt. If it has cracks, it needs to be replaced. A worn belt can break, and then the air conditioning system will not work.

You can also perform an anti-bacterial cleaning of the evaporator. Then there will be no unpleasant odors in the car.

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