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How to Plan an International Vacation in Your RV

For some people, the thrill of driving on the open road is an integral part of any vacation. Plotting a route that takes in a range of sights and landmarks allows you to enjoy the journey as much as the final destination, and if you pick a route that is less travelled, you may be able to experience the wonders of nature without getting caught up in traffic jams during your journey. When planning an international vacation in your RV, it is imperative to consider some key points. These will help you to ensure that the trip is an enjoyable one that is free of problems or unexpected delays. In this article, three top tips for planning an international vacation in your RV will be discussed in detail.

Plan the route thoroughly

As a first point, it is vitally important to have a clear understanding of the route you will take and the roads that you plan to use. Investing in a satellite navigation unit for your RV can be a great help in this aspect and here are some of the best models available in 2023. However, if you have an up-to-date smartphone, you may also consider downloading google maps on this device. This can turn your smartphone into a fully functioning sat nave device and will also provide live traffic updates. Regardless of which device you use, it is important to look at the journey as a whole and calculate the distances between stopping points along the route. You will also be able to calculate the travel times between each stage of the journey to ensure that there are suitable rest breaks during the trip.

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Consider shipping the vehicle

For some international trips, it may not be completely practical to drive for immense distances in your RV. You may be considering taking alternative transport to get you to your destination country and then completing the tour in your vehicle. In these types of circumstances, it can be highly beneficial to look for RV transport companies that have proven experience in transporting an RV to your destination country. This can allow you to relax on the flight or boat, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle will be waiting for you on arrival. Search online for such companies and get a range of quotes before deciding on the company that is right for you.

Fully service the RV

As a final point, it is incredibly important to ensure that your RV is fully inspected and serviced before a long vacation that will involve driving over a considerable distance. If you encounter any mechanical problems whilst abroad, it could be difficult to find a local garage to fix your vehicle, and there may also be language barriers between you and the mechanic. Whilst a full RV inspection and a service (if required) may cost a considerable amount of money, you will be assured that the vehicle is in a fully roadworthy condition and capable of completing the trip. Put simply, it is far more prudent to invest money in the vehicle and have the peace of mind that it is in good condition rather than search for mechanics or attempt to fix problems on your own in a foreign country.

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