Honda Cr V 2023 Price in United States

Honda Cr V 2023 Price in the US is available here. Honda cars are common in the United States. These cars fulfill the needs of a person seeking to keep a car for daily use. The car has been launched recently in the country. People are choosing this car as this is a perfect vehicle equipped with new features. Although high-end features are added to the car by the company, the good thing here is that all these features are really easy to use. The car shape is made in a way that the cargo space is increased to an extent. Previously cars launched by Honda had low cargo space, and the users faced difficulty if they had to carry more luggage with them while traveling.

So now, keeping in view the complaints heard by the brand from people, the company has finally resolved this issue. Let’s see what the people are going to get in this car and enjoy what they had to pay. The price of this car in the US is as follows:

Honda Cr V Price in the US:

You must be curious to know the price of this car. But first, let me tell you that the car is being offered in six different variants. The prices of all these variants offered against this vehicle by Honda are mentioned in the table below:

Honda Cr V EX $32,603
Honda Cr V Sport Hybrid $33,913
Honda Cr V EX-L $35,195
Honda Cr V Sport-L Hybrid $36,848
Honda Cr V Sport Touring Hybrid $39,928
Honda Cr V LX $30,148

This is the price list of all the variants of this car that are offered by Honda this year in the US market. You can suggest any of the cars from the list above that suits your budget and can buy it in new or used condition as per your need.

Honda Cr V 0-100:

Honda cars in the US are mostly used by teenagers, and they are curious to know the time a car goes from 0-100. So, the 0-100 time of this car is only 7.5 seconds. So we can say that the car is quite responsive when it comes to speed. It is always advised to test a 0-100 of a car on an empty road instead of testing it on a busy road. This will be safe for you as well as for people traveling on the roads.

Honda Cr V 0-100

Honda Cr V Build Quality:

Honda knows the country where it launched its car. So, the build quality of this car is set accordingly. People living in the US do not buy a car with low build quality. So high-quality materials along with long-lasting spare parts have been used to build this car. By this, the car will surely not show any malfunctioning at least 5 years after the purchase.

Honda Cr V Build Quality

Honda Cr V Colors:

The car is available in the following eight colors:

  • Urban Grey
  • Blue
  • Black Pearl
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • White
  • Metallic Red
  • Night Pearl

All these colors are announced by the company for this car. The company tested all these colors on this car and then made the decision to launch these colors for this car. So don’t worry while selecting the color for this car, as all the colors are tested and suit best on this car.

Honda Cr V Engine Displacement:

The car comes with a standard 1500 cc engine. This engine is quite good when it comes to performance. Also, the good thing about this engine is that it is compatible with both the Hybrid and fuel-operated engines of this car. So, the engine of both variants remains the same. In addition to this, the engine is also amazing in terms of fuel average. In the case of the Hybrid variant, the fuel average is almost forgotten, but people buying this with the petrol variant are surely going to enjoy its fuel average.

Honda Cr V Features:

Different features come along with the car. The major features of the Honda Cr V include:

Lane Keep Assist
Stability Control
Traction Control
Front Airbags
Rear Airbags
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
One Touch Power Windows

These are some basic features of this car. Here the immobilizer works best to start the car remotely. Users may explore new features from time to time after the purchase of this car as they will have an opportunity to explore the car in depth after owning it.

Honda Cr V Specifications:

The specification sheet of this car is mentioned beneath:

Length 185 Inches
Width 73.5 Inches
Height 66.2 Inches
Curb Weight 3,472 lbs.
Total Cargo Capacity 39 Cubic Feet
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Drive Type Front Wheels Drive
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission
Maximum Torque 179 lb-ft @ 1,700 rpm

The specifications of this car resemble the previously launched Honda Cr V. The car has been changed when we talk about the technological features present it. It has been made more advanced by the company.

Honda Cr V Availability in the US:

The United States is a place where every kind of car is easily accessible. Just like this, different Honda cars are also easily available all over the United States. Honda has different showrooms in the United States from where users interested in buying this car can make a booking. If you are also among those who have the intention of owning a Honda Cr V, then you may visit your nearest Honda car dealership and get your new ride. This was all about Honda Cr V 2023 Price in the US.

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