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Top 10 Best Nerf Bars for Silverado Review In 2022 With Buying Guide

The numerous benefits that a big truck offers can’t be ignored.

However, the ease of entry may be an issue at a point in time.

Investing in the best nerf bars for Silverado makes the vehicle easily accessible.

Especially for individuals who have kids or older members who drive around with them regularly.

While the primary benefit of the best running boards for Chevy Silverado is to provide increased support/stability for individuals getting in and out of the cabin, they also improve the vehicle’s appearance substantially.

Another top benefit the best nerf bars for Chevy Silverado offers is convenience.

For instance, Silverado owners can stand on the nerf bars trying to fit/install their roof rack while preparing for road trips or camping.

In the end, they would be able to conveniently reach the roof and load your luggage without straining their back or relying on an external object to get things done.

A Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Nerf Bars for Silverado

Tyger Auto
Max Mate
Yita Motor
HD Ridez


What is the best nerf bars for Silverado?

Tyger Auto wins the No1 position race ahead of the nine (9) other designs.

If you are fascinated by a unique style, especially a design that makes passerby turn their heads in admiration, these nerf pads are made to deliver exactly that.

The brand’s logo is exclusively crafted on it, solidifying its identity.

Wherever you go, people would quickly identify with the brand and appreciate your choice of taste.

The Tyger Auto isn’t one of the designs that do not have any concrete justification for the amount vehicle owners have to cough out to get them.

Irrespective of how much you pay for the Tyger Auto nerf bars, great satisfaction and value are assured.

Why is Tyger Auto the best brand for Silverado nerf bar?

There are various reasons why vehicle owners appreciate the Tyger Auto nerf bars.

Over the years, it has been a benchmark for other designs.

While choosing an alternative, vehicle owners who can’t afford these nerf bars refer to it.

For instance, “I can’t afford a Tyger Auto, but I would appreciate a design that offers a similar quality or something close.”

This tells you what a highly-rated design it is, most especially the uniqueness of its style, coupled with the long-lasting construction.

These nerf bars are built to last a lifetime and perform exceptionally across all conditions.

The installation is also straightforward.

Anyone can easily attach them to their vehicle (confirm compatibility) without any form of adjustments or modifications.

Top 10 Best Nerf Bars for Silverado (Review & Buying Guide: 2022)

We have prepared a list of the most reliable nerf bars for Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and Double Cab that anyone can make their selection from.

These step pads are easy to install, attractive, built to last, and do not strain the pocket.

Our list of highly-rated nerf bars spread across top brands such as Tyger Auto, MaxMate, TAC, YITAMOTOR, COMNOVA, HD Ridez, ONINE, OEDRO, APS, and Westin.

So, for Silverado, owners planning to integrate nerf bars into their vehicle setup but are confused or unsure about the design to settle for to attain the best performance.

01. Tyger Auto TG-SS2C35068 (Overall the Best)


Highlighted Features 

  • Heavy textured powder finish
  • 19-22 Chevy Silverado
  • 3.5-inch wide step pad
  • 90.5 x 10.25 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 46.9 pounds in weight

Just like every other vehicle owner who has installed the Tyger Auto TG-SS2C35068 on their vehicle, we couldn’t hold back our admiration after we realized the overall quality these nerf bars possess.

If we could describe this product in one word, it would be “perfect.”

Its impressive ratings and reviews seem to be in alignment with our perception.

With an average rating of 4.8/5 from over a thousand reviews, that is enough proof to validate our decision on why we picked it as our most-preferred design.

The packaging is excellent, ensuring it could withstand the pressure of shipping while keeping the nerf pads protected from damage and retaining all the necessary components required for its integration on compatible vehicles.

The installation is pretty smooth and fast.

It is the easiest anyone would experience with any design.

These nerf bars can easily slot into the vehicle’s pre-threaded spots/pre-drilled holes.

You won’t have to make adjustments or modifications to have them attached.

On average, it takes between 30-45 minutes to mount the two units, and installers do not necessarily need the help of a third-party, irrespective of their experience.

Overall, the construction looks well-made.

The step pads are wide enough to sustain the feet of your passengers, and they offer adequate grip to avoid slipping even in extreme conditions.

If you are looking for nerf bars for Chevy Silverado Crew Cab at a reasonable price, no other design comes close.


  • A wide step pad for stability and enhanced grip
  • Adequate protection against external attack (dust & rust)
  • Built to offer uncompromised performance across all seasons
  • Inexpensive, stylish, long-lasting, and easy to attach


  • Compatible with Crew Cab only

02. MaxMate WB2C35007


Highlighted Features 

  • 1999-2018 Chevy Silverado
  • Stainless steel
  • 3-inch wide surface
  • Complete mounting hardware & DIY instruction
  • 79 x 7 x 13 inches in dimension
  • 41 pounds in weight

MaxMate WB2C35007 is made for everyone.

It doesn’t matter the need or purpose for nerf bars integration; this design is built to deliver on every vehicle owner’s expectations.

For instance, if you are recuperating from operation or injury, need stable support to aid ease of entry and exit from the vehicle, or desire an extra lift while trying to load your holiday/camping accessories on the roof.

All the above needs and even more are what these step pads guarantee.

The style is impressive, and the build material is robust, making it a suitable design for all kinds of weather conditions.

These nerf bars do not corrode.

However, it is advised that car owners wash them regularly, especially if you live in a region with salted roads to enhance further the protection they offer against corrosion.

Users have been able to testify to how strongly it holds together, providing maximum stability and support during use.

The surface remains firm and well secure during rainfall and heavy snow, ensuring passengers’ feet are intact and unshakable for optimum security and safety.

Installation is not complex. You do not need any technical knowledge or experience to integrate them successfully.

Now to the Individuals looking for the best running boards for Chevy Silverado, especially a design that combines attributes such as ease of installation, sturdiness, and value for money.

MaxMate WB2C35007 is a suitable option to look at.


  • DIY installation. No drilling is required
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting performance
  • Guarantees improved convenience for an exciting lifestyle


  • Not compatible with Crew Cab with 4 full-size doors

03. TAC ‎T2-02A-C212


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎2001-2018 Chevy Silverado
  • Stainless steel & powder coating layer
  • Easy bolt-on mounting
  • 3-inch wide step surface
  • 88 x 12 x 8 inches in dimension
  • 35 pounds in weight

When choosing the best nerf bars for your vehicle, all the major/essential attributes must be present and accessible.

The TAC ‎T2-02A-C212 has successfully incorporated all the features Chevy Silverado owners desire or appreciate in their choice of design.

The packing quality is excellent, which keeps all the accessories safe and intact until they get delivered to respective buyers.

Also, the heavy-duty stainless steel construction optimizes performance, durability, and protection.

We find the lightweight property convenient.

It enhances installation, ensuring installers do not need to rely on a third-party’s support or assistance to achieve a trouble-free integration.

The instructions manual is easy to understand/use, allowing everyone, especially beginners, to take a clue or two about the installation process.

Although it’s solid enough to hold substantial weight, for the price, you should not expect a similar performance that the top-end designs offer.

Nevertheless, it holds well when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

We expect it to hold at least 300 pounds of weight just like other similar products in its category.

Also, the surface doesn’t slip.

On the other hand, we advise that you reach out to the seller to confirm this detail before moving forward with the purchase.


  • Durable & heavy-duty polished stainless steel
  • Fights off rust/corrosion attacks for extra protection
  • Improved convenience while getting in/out of the vehicle
  • Outstanding appearance & ease of attachment


  • The maximum weight capacity is not mentioned



Highlighted Features 

  • 19-21 (500 Crew Cab) & 20-21 2(500HD 3500HD Crew Cab)
  • Aluminum construction & black powder coatings
  • 6-inch wide step pad
  • 450 pounds maximum load capabilities
  • 82 x 6 x 1.97 inches in dimension
  • 40.3 pounds in weight

YITAMOTOR ‎CEETSS3005 is an excellent option for individuals who are on the market searching for 2021 Silverado running boards at an affordable price.

The aluminum construction offered incredible durability and robustness needed to handle the demands of everyday use.

Its supported weight/load capacity of 450 pounds accurately represents how much strength it provides.

When it comes to protection and longevity, the black powder coating works actively with the construction material to resist external elements that may reduce the quality.

For instance, rust/corrosion are adequately controlled to deliver a long-lasting performance.

However, it is essential to pay attention to the state/condition of the exterior/coating from time to time.

Do not leave the affected part unattended in case of a scratch or peel-off.

Ensure the affected surface is recoated accordingly.

You do not want to give rust a chance.

We are also impressed by the width of the step pads.

The 6-inch wide anti-slip surface provided adequate clearance when in use.

Users won’t have to worry about possible foot displacement when getting in and out of the vehicle.

Now to the installation part.

The bolt-on mounting style eliminates the need to cut or drill any part of the vehicle before the pads slot in.

All the bolts are designed to seamlessly fit into the pre-drilled/factory holes on the vehicle to guarantee timely completion.

It takes about an hour to complete the integration of both nerf bars.


  • Corrosion/rust resistant
  • Precise instructions manual for effortless attachment
  • No drilling/cutting required


  • The instructions could be more precise

05. COMNOVA H6-89-SS UB6-15835-8


Highlighted Features 

  • 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado (1500 Crew Cab)
  • Stainless steel
  • 6-inch wide step pads
  • 500 pounds maximum load capacity
  • ‎88 x 10 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 49 pounds in weight

We are always excited when we see new/unpopular brands giving the well-established and household makers a run for their money.

COMNOVA is not your everyday brand.

However, its products are designed to meet what the high-end nerf bars do and even more.

We have included it on our list of the best nerf bars for Chevy Silverado to establish further that vehicle owners do not have to go overboard with their budget, especially if they can’t conveniently pay for such accessories/products.

Over the years, this design has won the heart of many Chevy Silverado owners, especially people who own the 2021 model for its adequate strength.

The nerf bars’ ability to withstand up to 500 pounds of weight is an enticing selling point.

It further restates the sturdiness and heavy-duty properties of the construction material.

Also, the chrome plating eliminates corrosion, aids easy cleaning & maintenance, and improves the attractiveness of the step pads.

The hardware (washers & bolts) that are integral to the successful attachment of these pads are packed in the box.

Impressively, they all slot into the installation spots (pre-drilled holes) on your vehicle.

All being said, COMNOVA H6-89-SS UB6-15835-8 is an impressive design that anyone can pick up for enhanced access in/out of the vehicle.

If you are a parent, your kids will fall in love with it.


  • Guarantees secure footing (wide & anti-slip surface)
  • Installation doesn’t need any modification/adjustment to the vehicle’s part
  • Impressive weight capacity


  • The bolts could be more durable
  • The instruction manual isn’t installer’s friendly

06. HD Ridez ‎HDR-IA27N8282


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎19-21 (Crew Cab & 1500 LTD) & 20-22 (2500 & 3500)
  • Side Armor Drop Step (6.5-inch)
  • Aluminum & alloy steel materials
  • 300 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 84 x 12 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 57.9 pounds in weight

HD Ridez is yet another unpopular brand trying to penetrate the step pads market with its numerous quality and competitive designs.

The HD Ridez ‎HDR-IA27N8282 is one of these top-end designs.

Right from the first contact, there is this conviction that comes to the mind of the installer.

The welds appear well-engineered, and the finish combines two (2) significant properties: durability and attractiveness.

If you are looking for rugged step pads that don’t compromise safety, protection, and stability.

These pads are designed to deliver outstandingly in these major areas.

The installation is not complex; however, assembling steps into the railing to make them ready for integration could be time-consuming.

It’s worth the wait when you think about the significant upgrade they would bring to the vehicle.

Many vehicle owners are not satisfied with the instructions due to some errors about the installation spots on the vehicle.

Users are advised to identify the locations independently.

Once the assembling has been finalized, you can easily place the pads beneath the truck to check the ideal slot in the bolts.

Overall, these pads are attractive, a perfect fit on compatible models, and are pretty functional.


  • Corrosion & rust proof design
  • Desirable across all weather conditions
  • Guarantees uncompromised footing
  • Attractive & superior welds


  • The assembly may be time-consuming
  • Installation instructions are not convincing enough

07. ONINE ‎O9-08S830110


Highlighted Features 

  • ‎2019-2022 (1500) & 2020-2022 (2500/3500) Silverado
  • 6-inch wide surface
  • Aluminum construction & mirror polished exterior
  • 350 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 44.1 pounds in weight

From inception, ONINE ‎has been committed to building durable, top-end, and superior quality vehicle components across various truck brands/models.

Over the years, the maker has been able to walk its way to the top, becoming one of the industry leaders in nerf bars production.

The attributes/features commonly associated with ONINE’s running boards, including the ONINE ‎O9-08S830110, include durability, strength, attractiveness, stability, and ease of installation.

Its 6-inch running boards guarantee adequate clearance, providing enough space to accommodate passengers’ feet and support uncompromised grip.

The boards fit in incredibly without stress when installed on a compatible vehicle.

The installation is uncomplicated, allowing installers, including beginners, to finalize the integration in about an hour.

The aluminum construction and the mirror-polished exterior combine powerfully for superior strength and protection.

As a result, the running boards can adequately hold up to two persons consecutively, provided the maximum load capacity of 350 pounds is adhered to.

However, an additional mount/bracket to the three (3) that comes with the kit would have gone a long way in adding extra strength to the setup.

Also, ONINE ‎O9-08S830110 offers efficient control over corrosion and ultraviolet ray, ensuring quality remains intact or uncompromised for an extended period.


  • Designed/built for ruggedness and strength
  • Mounting accessories complement pre-drilled holes on the vehicle
  • Effective ultraviolet ray & corrosion control


  • Comes with three (3) mounting brackets instead of four (4)



Highlighted Features 

  • ‎07-18 (1500) & 07-19 (2500/3500) Silverado
  • Aluminum alloy & stainless steel materials
  • 350 pounds maximum load capacity
  • Black powder coating
  • Surface width: 6.5-inch
  • 79.53 x 7.08 x 9.05 inches in dimension
  • 40.8 pounds in weight

OERDO has been in the market for a long time. Over time, they have analyzed customers’ needs and designed quality products that provide exciting outcomes.

If you are looking for the best nerf bars for 2014 Silverado, OEDRO OROETESS-0039 is a top design that comes to mind.

Since its introduction into the market, it has enjoyed great reviews and recommendations from Silverado owners.

Its superior rigidity allows it to withstand whatever the environment throws at it without adversely affecting functionality and quality.

For instance, its construction materials and the black powder coating work combined excellently to withstand users’ weight up to 350 pounds.

The boards can handle frequent use without any sign of weakness, and they are efficiently protected from rust/corrosion.

The bolt-in mounting style ensures integration can be achieved without any difficulties when it comes to installation.

Installers can easily attach the customized mounting brackets to the ideal spots on the vehicle.

Vehicle owners must take additional maintenance precautions for enhanced longevity or extended use.

Chevy Silverado owners who live in a region where the roads are salted or with excessive dust particles should ensure they wash their vehicles regularly to prevent quality degradation or running boards discoloration.


  • Top-class construction for uncompromised rigidity
  • Guarantees safety and convenience when getting in/out of the truck
  • Customized mounting brackets are for easy installation.


  • The boards collect dirt easily

09. APS ‎IB-C5071A


Highlighted Features 

  • 2007-2018 (1500) & 2019 (2500 3500) Silverado Crew Cab
  • 6061-T6 aluminum construction & polished finish
  • 300 pounds load limit
  • 5-inch wide surface
  • 88 x 10 x 7.7 inches in dimension
  • 42.5 pounds in weight

APS ‎IB-C5071A comes with two (2) top-quality running boards designed to provide adequate convenience and protection for every member of the family (young, adult, and old).

The installation is easy, but it may be time-consuming when you do not have a clear idea or understanding.

For instance, the board designed for the driver’s side slots in seamlessly, while the passenger’s side doesn’t if you do not own/drive the diesel Silverado version.

As a result, users would have to piece together the front passenger bracket before working on their application.

Alternatively, a visit to the hardware store to get the ideal bracket would solve the issue.

We recommend that every installer or Silverado owner go through the instructions manual and check the list of materials or tools required to complete the task before commencing the integration.

Also, some users indicated that they find the installation videos on YouTube helpful, especially while figuring out how the front passenger bracket can be modified.

Nevertheless, they fit great on compatible vehicles, providing adequate support and strength at every use.


  • Relevant integration accessories for easy DIY
  • Reliable protection against rust/corrosion
  • Guarantees adequate reliability & strength
  • Wide surface step pads for secure/firm footing


  • The boards produce loud when driving through rain puddles
  • Ordering descriptions may be confusing to some vehicle owners
  • Instructions manual could be more precise or clearer

10. Westin 21-23715

Highlighted Features 

  • ‎2014-2018 (1500), 2019 Silverado LD & 2015-2019 ( 2500/3500)
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Powder-coating finish
  • Integration accessories included
  • 5 x 78 x 18 inches in dimension
  • 50 pounds in weight

Westin 21-23715 is designed for a wide range of applications.

Nevertheless, ensure you follow the information in the product’s description.

Silverado owners who have their vehicle lifted can consider this design as the best nerf bars for lifted Silverado they would find around.

The nerf bars are made from alloy steel for superior strength and durability.

The powder-coating finish further enhances protection, ensuring corrosion or rust is adequately controlled, even in wet regions.

Its packaging quality is also impressive.

The box is built to withstand various stress it passes through until it gets to the user.

This way, the boards are adequately protected from possible damage.

Not only that, all the integration accessories remain intact/complete.

The installation is easy once you find out what exactly is expected.

We recommend that the nerf bars are placed/positioned rightly before the bolts are tightened.

Overall, the boards are adequate.

They improve the vehicle’s attractiveness and provide a reliable and convenient means of getting in/out of the truck.


  • Installation is smooth and efficient (no drill is required)
  • Sealed tube ends control debris & moisture for efficient corrosion protection
  • Inexpensive design
  • Solid construction and appealing appearance


  • Instructions are not precise
  • The load limit isn’t stated

Buying Considerations for Best Nerf Bars for Silverado

01. Price

Nerf bars are available at various prices.

Technically, there is a design to match everyone’s budget.

The job of every Chevy Silverado owner is to agree on the best price they can invest in running boards and find a design that is offered at that price.

However, it is crucial to consider the functionality and other performance-enhancing features such design possesses before purchasing.

One thing is to find the step pads offered within your budget; another is to confirm if they can deliver on your needs.

This is where product reviews like ours come in.

All the products were selected after thoroughly considering all the essential features, price inclusive.

Irrespective of the price of the nerf pads on our list.

They are all equipped to provide adequate support, safety, and protection to passengers and even the vehicle itself.

02. Material

Running boards are commonly made from two (2) materials.

These are steel & aluminum.

When you compare the solidness or durability of both materials, steel offers better performance.

Although the aluminum nerfs pads are durable, they are not well-equipped for regions with extreme weather conditions.

For instance, if you live in a part of the country where it rains or snows for a more significant part of the year, steel-made designs are your best bet.

03. Size

The surface where the foot lands should be wide enough.

The wider the platform, the more comfortable the foot feels when placed on it.

The whole purpose of adding nerf pads to your vehicle is to promote convenience and ease of access.

If the foot of the passenger can’t sit firmly on the platform while finding their way into the interior, such design should be avoided.

Also, the traction should be considered.

The surface must offer adequate grip, preventing possible slip, especially in extreme conditions.

04. Brand

Due to inadequate experience on the part of many Chevy Silverado owners when it comes to finding the ideal components for their vehicle.

It is recommended that unpopular brands be avoided, especially those you can’t verify their adequacies.

Instead, choose from any of the top names that you can lay your hands on.

Good enough, nerf bars from the top brands are now available at various prices.

This ensures that those looking for an affordable yet reliable design can get the best quality out there for the money.

05. Installation

One of the many ways you can save money for product purchase and integration is by getting a design that allows independent or DIY installation.

Choose the nerf bars that can be attached with convenience right at the center of your garage or driveway with some of your basic maintenance tools.

Hard to mount nerf bars can be frustrating and draining.

In the end, a professional would have to be hired at a specific price to sort it out.

An expense that wasn’t planned or considered while coming up with the purchase budget.

Also, the various installation accessories must be adequate (complete and best match) to avoid extra investment or an unplanned visit to the hardware store.

06. Weight capacity

Nerf bars are designed to accommodate a specific weight limit.

The weight limit is an accurate indication of the amount of load placed or positioned on it at a particular time.

When looking for a design to choose, look beyond personal body weight.

It is important to make extra reservations for other people/passengers who weigh more than you.

For instance, if your body weight is 300 pounds, choose a design to accommodate at least 350 to 500 pounds.

The extra weight extends the functionality.

FAQ About Best Nerf Bars for Silverado

01. What size nerf bars should I get?

The major consideration is length regarding size or nerfs bars to pick for your vehicle.

A Chevy Silverado owner may choose a design that extends across the cab’s length or extends from behind the front wheel to the front of the rear wheel.

In the end, the selection is dependent on your preferred look/appearance.

02. What is the major benefit of nerf bars?

The primary reason vehicle owners consider nerf bars is to provide adequate support while getting in/out of the truck.

If you have kids or the elderly around you, adding nerf bars to the vehicle provides an extra step for enhanced stability.

As a result, possible slip/fall is eliminated.

03. How much do nerf bars cost?

Nerf bars vary in price.

The affordable designs are offered within $200, while the expensive ones cost $300 and above.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that expensive designs offer better performance.

04. How wide should the surface be?

There are various sizes of nerf bars on the market.

Designs with at least a 3-inch platform size should be considered for best performance.

05. What are the essential nerf bars maintenance tips?

Irrespective of the durability and protection your nerf bars offer, the influence of maintenance is enhancing the quality, performance, and longevity that can’t be pushed aside.

When you wash the nerf bars regularly, especially when clouds of dust and dirt have accumulated beneath the construction or across the surface.

The finish or exterior coating is further protected from premature peel or scratches that may occur when left unattended for a long time.

If you live in a city known for its extreme weather conditions, ensure you wash the nerf bars after each drive, especially for areas with salted roads.

06. How long can nerf bars last?

Top-quality nerf bars can last for years, five (5) years, and more.

However, the significant boost is how well they are maintained and looked after.

If they are not well taken care of or washed regularly to eliminate dust/dirt build-up.

This may be an invitation to scratch or peel, resulting in rust/corrosion.

Also, the load capacity should be adhered to or followed duly to prevent bends or possible damage.

If all the manufacturer’s maintenance tips are applied appropriately, five (5) is just the beginning.

07. Can I install Nerf Bars on My Silverado?

Yes. You can install nerf bars easily on your vehicle.

This video will guide you-


So far, we have provided valuable information about how every Chevy Silverado owner can choose the best nerf bars for Silverado, irrespective of the model they drive.

We hope everyone finds the help, assistance, or guidance they need in making the best purchase decision.

If you do not have a specific design in mind, our list of top products may be the best place to start.

Irrespective of budget or performance needs, everyone has a design to try out.

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