Top 10 Chevy s10 Blazer Lift Kits

When it comes to chevy 10 blazer lift kits, we go into deep research and through hundreds of reviews to come up with the very best.

We do this to help you make the right buying decision.

Lift kits help in increasing a vehicle’s off-road and on-road capability because it improves ground clearance.

Also, the vehicle will be able to better maneuver through bad spots and other obstacles on the road.

It also smoothens out bumps among many other functions.

After going through different reviews, we found the best-performing lift kits that are not only worth the money but also serve for a long time.

A List of Top 10 Chevy s10 Blazer Lift Kit

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What is the best Lift Kit For Blazer S10 ?

The best lift kit for Chevy s10 Blazer is the MotoFab trail-3F-2R rear and front leveling Lift Kit.

Many buyers used MotoFab and wrote reviews.

Fitting with your vehicle is the main issue that you will face if the lift kit doesn’t fit on your vehicle.

In this case, MotFab fits perfectly on s10 Blazer.

Secondly, It has a standard built quality.

So, it will have a long lifespan on the s10 blazer.

Pricing is one of the major things to consider while buying a lift kit for s10 Blazer.

The price of MotoFab is not intolerable.

That’s why we choose MotoFab as the best lift kit for the Chevy s10 Blazer.

Why MotoFab is the best lift kit brand for S10 Blazer?

This is because it offers ideal lifting for your S10’s front and rear ends.

It is made of high-quality billet aluminum grade steel and machined by CNC.

It is black-coated to blend in with your existing factory suspension.

It has been tested over time and confirmed to work effectively and last for many years.

Plus, the installation takes less than 2 hours which is less time-consuming and easy to install compared to the other lift kits.

Top 10 Best Chevy S10 Blazer Lift Kits Reviews

chevy s10 blazer lift kit

01. MotoFab Trail-3F-2R Rear and Front Leveling Lift Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • Black coated powder finish texture
  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • 2 rear coil spacers
  • 2 front coil spacers
  • Complete hardware and instructions

The MotoFab Trail-3F-2R features both a 2” rear and 3” front leveling lift kit that is perfect for your trucks, especially for Envoy 3 or Chevy Trailblazer GMC.

Made from billet aluminum of high-grade steel that is machined by CNC, this lift is powder-coated with black to suit your existing factory suspension.

Unlike other s10 blazer suspension lift kits, this kit does not require any coil disassembly or strut.

This is why it can be installed in just under 2 hours.

It comes ready with all the instructions and hardware you need to get your lift installed and working perfectly.

Made in the USA and with a lifetime warranty, these spacers are about the strongest you can get in the market.

This lift kit not only lifts your vehicle but also gives it that aggressive look or stance you want for your trailblazer.

If you are looking to fit in wider or taller tires, this lift kit will do the job as it gives more lift both for the front and rear lifts.

It is also great for anyone struggling with coils and struts that are yet to settle in properly which leads to forward rake when driving.

When installing the front struts, you should make use of spring compressors to make things easy.

“Some users have complained of getting 2” rear and 2” front instead of 2” rear and 3” front rear lift as stated. However, this can always be rectified when you contact the seller.”


  • Made with high-quality billet aluminum steel
  • Easy installation with instructions
  • Black powder-coated to match factory suspension
  • Comes with all necessary hardware


  • The kit might contain the wrong lift specification

 02. Rear Shackle Rear Steel Adjustable Leveling Lift

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Highlighted Features:

  • 2-3” leveling adjustable lift kit
  • Carbon steel and heat-treated
  • 2 rear shackles and a steel lift
  • Black electrophoretic coating

Coming in at number 2 is this rear shackle and rear steel leveling lift made to be compatible with S10 Blazer, GMC, and Chevy S10 Lift Kit 4WDs.

It features a carbon steel lift that is heat-treated and machined to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle.

No need for any type of modification like welding, cutting, or extra shock absorbers as it is a complete bolt-on lift kit.

This product offers optimal fitment and durability.

It is also designed to remain solid and not be susceptible to warping or bending when under stress.

Additionally, this is the lift that will perfectly level out your vehicle ride height and still accommodate tires with larger diameters.

Coming from the stables of RockTrix, this company only manufacturers leveling lift kits after a depth and thorough study of the specification.

Also, with its adjustable capacity, this rear shackle and rear steel lift will help in balancing out your vehicle stance and return it to its original geometry.

That means no sagging look when carrying extra weight.

“Although it is a bolt-on leveling unit, this lift calls for professional installation and not for an amateur to handle”


  • Offers up to 2” to 3” adjustable lift height
  • Balances out vehicle stance for a better look
  • No need for any form of modification
  • Designed for optimal fitment and durability
  • Does not warp or bend under stress


  • Cannot be installed without professional help

03. Rough country Leveling kit Suspension System

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Highlighted Features:

  • Upper strut front spacers
  • Rear coil spring spacers
  • 2” leveling kit
  • Smooth exterior

The Rough Country suspension lift kit offers you a 2” increase for your vehicle.

Looking for a perfect combination of protection, performance, and style for your Envoy Trailblazer or S10 Blazer?

This lift kit suspension system will not disappoint.

Featuring a bolt-on installation that can be done at home, the Rough Country lift kit offers you noticeable increase for your ground clearance especially when met with off and on-road obstacles.

When installed, this product restores your OEM smooth ride-effect by leveling out the front with the rear.

Well made with great fit, this suspension lift comes with very clear and simple to follow instructions.

It can raise your Trailblazer by up to 3” for the front as well as 1” for the rear.

The presentation features small rubber spacers for the back and large metal spacers for the front.

You are sure to give your truck that much-needed facelift with the Rough Country’s leveling kit.

And with its lifetime replacement warranty, you have that extra peace of mind you crave for.

It comes with upper strut and coil spring spacers.


  • Sustains vehicle factory-like ride
  • Provides perfect blend of protection and performance
  • Increases vehicle ground clearance
  • Levels out both the front and rear sides


  • The studs may not fit for some vehicle models

04. Supreme Suspensions Front Adjustable Levelling Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • 2 adjustable carbon steel torsion keys
  • Suspensions pro pack
  • MAX-Torsion cold-forged steel keys
  • Complete installation instructions

This is another s10 blazer suspension lift kits from the stables of Supreme Suspensions and it is a front adjustable leveling kit designed to fit Chevrolet Blazer S10 4-W drives.

If features two cold-forged steel with Max-torsion keys. It can be adjusted from 1” up to 3” for the front suspension lift.

Complete with full installation instructions, the Supreme Suspensions can be installed within 2 hours.

You get to experience smooth and enjoyable ride just like the original parts.

You will need a 5ton gear puller or torsion bar tool if you are carrying out the disassembly by yourself.

The front Max-torsion keys offer increased strength than original keys as well as improved ground clearance and height level.

That means that you can use larger tires with this adjustable lift from Supreme Suspensions for an enhanced and powerful-looking ride.

Additionally, this product is not just designed by in-house ASE specialists, but has also undergone rigorous testing to make sure they meet the standard requirement.

Fashioned out of high-strength carbon steel material, these keys can take whatever pressure your truck brings.

No need to worry about corrosion as it is coated with special powder for premium resistance.

It is tempered with not less than 60,000 psi strength to offer your vehicle maximum durability and fitting.


  • Provides adjustable height lift up to 3”
  • Allows for larger custom tires and rims
  • Improves ground clearance
  • Offers increased strength
  • Made with high-quality material


  • None was recorded by users as at the time of this review

05. Performance Accessories PN-152 for GMC S-Series Blazer Lift Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • High-pressured fiberglass lift blocks
  • Zinc plated fittings
  • Complete installation manual
  • Front relocation bumper brackets

Making it to number 5 on our list is the Performance Accessories that is designed to provide 2” lift for Chevy S10 Lift Kit, GMC and S-series Blazer vehicles.

Made to fit from 1998 model to 2003 model, it is manufactured in the USA and meets all international standards.

Not only do you add an extra 2” to your vehicle’s height, the best part is that you won’t need to modify your original suspension components.

With this lift, you can use larger factory rims and tires to achieve an increased ground clearance.

And you are sure to enjoy even better and smoother ride.

Another thing, the Performance Accessories lift kit does not in any way alter the control parameters of the stability control or the OEM suspension geometry.

Your truck also gets a lower center of gravity more than what other suspension lifts have to offer.

It is designed with high-pressure fiberglass that is also reinforced with nylon lift blocks.

The thickness of the front which is zinc-plated is 1/18” to help with brackets for bumper relocation.

Also used in the production of this lift kit are extension brackets and high-powered hardware.

If you need to hide any gaps that may be in between the frame and body of your truck, you can also request urethane wheel-well extensions from them for a perfect finish.

The relocation brackets for the front bumper are powder-coated and laser cut.

It is also plated with zinc brackets and fittings.


  • Made with high-quality fiberglass lift blocks
  • High-power extension brackets and hardware
  • Gives room for larger factory rims and diameter tires
  • Sustains original factory real ride
  • No alteration of factory stability or OEM suspension geometry


  • The instruction manual is not very easy to understand

06. Street Dirt Track 3” Front Adjustable leveling lift kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • Front adjustable 3” leveling lift kit
  • 2 forged adjustable torsion keys
  • Installation instruction manual
  • Material made of carbon steel

Here comes another great option for your s10 blazer lift kits from the stables of Street Dirt Track (SDT).

It can also serve Chevrolet Blazer of 1983 to 2005.

And if your vehicle model is GMC Jimmy or Sonoma S-15, then this is a good replacement.

It is made of high-quality torsion forged keys (2 pieces) that are also adjustable so that your truck can achieve up to 3” increase in height.

Because there is no need for any welding or cutting,

this lift can be easily installed with the help of common hand tools.

Plus, there is an installation instruction included to ease the process.

Machined and engineered for precision and strength,

SDT lift kits is a mixture of durability and performance to meet up with the demands of every day rigorous driving.

The adjustable front torsion keys are designed with high-power carbon steel.

Also, like other lift kits, this product offers improved ground clearance even as it allows for larger tires.

Having undergone thorough testing by experts, you are sure of experiencing better ride comfort and quality.

You will need to carry out a proper alignment after installing this kit so as to unleash your truck’s full potentials on the road.

And yes, it comes with a lifetime warranty that is transferable.


  • Can withstand harsh off and on the road conditions
  • Improves vehicle ground clearance
  • Made with high-strength carbon steel
  • Improves ride comfort and quality
  • Allows for larger tires installation


  • No complain has been made of this product from users

07. Rough Country 2” Suspension System Lift Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • Suspension lift kit
  • Lifted coil front springs
  • Add-a-leaf-springs rear
  • Installation instructions

The Rough Country 2” suspension system lift kit is another perfect mix of style, performance and protection for your S10 Blazer, GMC S15 Jimmy and other vehicle models.

It is a great option for leveling out the rear part of your vehicle with the front.

It promises to provide you with unmatched ground clearance as if you just got your truck new.

Backed by Rough Country’s stamp of quality,

you also get to enjoy better ride quality when you have this lift key installed.

The installation can also be done at home or by a car technician in your neighborhood.

Also, the N3 shock absorbers from this company ensure that you get the best off-road or on-road performance.

This product comes with some peace of mind as it is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty from Rough Country.

And if you decide to add the struts or shocks, you also get a 3 years warranty as well.

“The only problem that some users have complained about this product is that you may have to order some ball point spacers to get a proper alignment or some custom control arms. And that it should have been included in the kit. Nevertheless, we think it is a good buy at a great price.”


  • Offers good ground clearance
  • Improves ride quality
  • Backed by a lifetime replacement warranty
  • Levels out vehicle’s rear with the front
  • Easy installation


  • You may need to purchase other parts to get a proper alignment

08. RTZ Full Front Adjustable Lift Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • Bolt-on and direct drop-in installation
  • One forged pair of 1-3” torsion key
  • Adjustable 3-4” rear lift shackles
  • Decal included

The RTZ full front adjustable lift kit is made with forge torsion lift to provide your vehicle with great lift of up to 4”.

And it is compatible with Chevrolet S10 Blazer series, as well as GMC S10 to S15 Pickup 4-wheel drives.

One of the benefits of this kit is that it ensures that you keep enjoying your original factory ride.

There is no need for welding, cutting or getting any extra parts as it features a direct bolt-on and drop-in installation.

And if you carry out a proper vehicle alignment after you are done with the installation, you will have your vehicle looking like a super ride.

Made in the USA, the quality of this product is not in question as it meets all standard and international requirements.

Plus, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty to give you some peace of mind.

Also, you won’t have to worry about this product rusting anytime soon because it is specially powder-coated to prevent such from happening.

For the compatible 4-wheel drives, this adjustable lift kit is capable of lifting the front part of your vehicle with up to 3” in height.

And this is due to the forged keys.

Then for the rear, the adjustable shackles formed, rolled and laser cut with robotic precision to provide a good lift for your pickup.

“One user had complained of having to grind the upper part of the torsion bars before it could slide into the new keys.”


  • No need for welding, cutting or any modifications
  • Enhances the appearance of your vehicle
  • Sustains factory comparable ride
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust
  • Offers increased vehicle height


  • Some grinding may be needed to allow the torsion bars fit

09. Performance Accessories 3” Lift Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • Steering relocation column brackets
  • Clutch cable extension
  • High power cable
  • Nylon lift blocks

Number 09 on our list is another good product from Performance Accessories.

This one offers a 3” body lifts and is compatible with GMC S15 Jimmy, Chevrolet S10 Blazer of 1982 to 1994.

Like every other product from Performance Accessories, this product is made in USA with the best quality material.

Just like most truck owners, you definitely want some lift but without modifying any existing components.

This is why this lift kit is a great option for that.

It allows you to fit in factory rims and larger diameter tires so that you can get a higher ground clearance.

What more? It also does not alter the control factory stability parameters or the OEM suspension geometry.

When compared to other suspension lifts, this kit ensures that your truck maintains a lower center of gravity.

It also helps in sustaining the original factory ride.

Included in the kit is steering relocation column brackets, reinforced lift nylon blocks made from high-pressure fiberglass.

You also get a clutch extension cable, high power hardware, and more extension brackets.

And if you need something to conceal gaps that may result from installing this kit, they also have urethane wheel-well extensions for a clean finish.

For the installation, this kit can be installed within 7 hours and is fully equipped with all you need.


  • Does not require any modification
  • Made in the USA with quality materials
  • Complete installation guide
  • Allows for use of larger diameter tires
  • Zinc plated laser cut fittings


  • No complaints have been made by the users yet

10. Rough Country 243.20 Torsion Drop 6” Lift Kit

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Highlighted Features:

  • Beefy crossmember and steel skid plate
  • CNC laser parts
  • Different fabricated brackets
  • Torsion bar brackets
  • Steering link and shock mount
  • Upper and lower u-bolt plates, etc

And last but definitely not the least is the Rough County 243.20 6” lift kit designed to suit Chevrolet S10 Blazer Jimmy 4WD of 94-04 and Sonoma 2DR.

It comes equipped with N3 shocks, torsion drop and all accessories you need to smoothly glide through mud holes and go off pavements.

Engineered by the renowned Rough Country, this kit features different hardware and brackets to ensure that your vehicle maintains factory ride quality.

Your vehicle also gets to maintain maximum angles of all the components after installation and lifting.

Also, the optimum component angles and factory geometry will remain the same.

Additionally, this kit comes with other parts like beefy crossmember, fabricated brackets, steel skid plate (3/16 grade-50) and CNC laser parts.

All these parts at pocket-friendly price.

With a 6” increase in ride height, you can install a 265/75-16 tires and a wheel of 16×8 with no issues.

Durability is another thing that this product promises, and with its lifetime replacement warranty as well as 3 years warranty on shocks, you can’t go wrong with it.

For the N3 premium shock absorbers, you are assured of getting off-road and on-road performance at its peak.

“One thing that may be of concern to buyers is that fact that the N3 shocks need to be cut and drilled before it can work effectively. But to many, this might not really be an issue.”


  • Huge 6” increase in ride height
  • Multiple accessories for versatile use
  • Improved ground clearance
  • No modification to original components
  • Lifetime warranty for more assurance


  • The N3 shocks calls for some cutting and drilling

Purchasing Facts for the s10 Blazer Lift Kits

Having gone through the Top 10 s10 blazer lift kits for your truck, it will help you in making a buying decision.

However, you may still need some clarification of things to look out for before deciding what to buy.

Here are some things to check on your list before settling for a lift kit.

It should match the specifications

This is the first thing you should check for before even deciding to buy.

Because a lift kit is stated to suit your vehicle brand does not mean it will work for yours.

There is always a space where the models that the lift is compatible with are listed.

You should do well to check it and make sure that your vehicle is clearly listed.

In this review, we took time to state some of the models that each lift kit we mentioned covers, but you should not stop there.

If you can, do well to go through reviews and questions when you follow our link to find out from other buyers too.

The lift should be to your expectations

Most times, when you go for a lift kit, you do so because you want to give your truck some form of lift height.

Every lift kit seller states the number of inches their kit can give to your vehicle.

Sometimes, the front and rear lift have different levels of inches.

Therefore, this should be one thing to check to make sure it meets to your expectations.

Installation requirements

Another important thing to check out is the installation process needed for the lift kit you have in mind.

Some people enjoy fixing things themselves and would prefer a product that they can fix at home with no or minimal home hand tools.

For that reason, they will be better off going for a product that comes with full installation manual and possibly videos to back it up.

But if you don’t mind having a professional install it for you, then this point is not very vital.

Affordability and quality

Without any argument, your buying decision will hugely depend on how much you are willing to spend to get a lift kit.

If you want to buy the best quality you can find, but if you are constrained by your budget, you won’t have a choice than to go for the next available option.

It’s true that some expensive lift kits are that way because of their quality and durability.

Nevertheless, there are still good products that won’t have you spending so much and yet serve you well.

Our review covers most budgets and you will definitely find something to suit yours.

Relevant Questions

Now that we are done with the buying considerations you should check off your list before buying the suitable s10 blazer lift kit

You may still have some questions that beg for answers.

Here are the most common questions buyers always ask regarding a lift kit-

Does brand name matter?

A brand name does not necessarily mean that the product they design is the best.

Some people have had complains about products they bought from very famous brands.

But, we have to state clearly that there are some brands that have succeeded in setting high standards when manufacturing their product.

Such brands care about their reputation and go all out to use the best materials that have undergone various tests.

If you can afford one, go for renowned brands.

Does warranty matter?

Warranty goes a long way in helping you make your buying decision.

At least, it gives you some peace of mind that the product you are going for is backed with limited or lifetime warranty and that you can return it if anything goes wrong.

Also, companies that offer such warranties know that they used the best quality in manufacturing their lift kit.

So, you should definitely go for a product that is backed by such to save you from buying non-effective lift kit.

Does it level out your truck?

It is true you want some lift for your truck when going for a lift kit.

But, there are some lift kits that leave one part of the vehicle looking higher than the other part.

For instance, the front might be more lifted than the rear.

Not only does it give a weird look, but the vehicle will not be well balanced.

You should make sure that the lift you settle for has good center of gravity.

Should I consider tire height?

Yes, you should because you don’t want to end up with a lift kit that won’t allow you install the type of tires you want.

Some lift kits work very well but will not accommodate larger diameter tires.

If you intend to use tires bigger than your truck’s original diameter, make sure that the lift kit allows for such.

Here is a short video of what a lift kit can do for your S10 Blazer-

Last Words

Choosing the right s10 Blazer lift kits for your vehicle is not something you do in haste.

It is also not something you just go by intuition.

It calls for time to look into the details because you don’t want to get the wrong product for your vehicle.

If you are painstakingly searching the web and online stores for the best lift kit, you will end up with confusion.

But with our list, you can get all the information you need to aid your buying decision.

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