Top 3 Chevy 4.3 Stroker Kit (+3 Common Problems With Solution : 2022)

The Chevy 4.3 stroker kit is sturdy, reliable, and considerably powerful.

However, some issues may come up that could render it useless.

It’s up to the user to tackle these issues accordingly to keep enjoying the several benefits the kit offers.

That’s the purpose for today. Here, I’ll talk about the different types of issues that this kit may face.

Additionally, I’ll go over a few potential solutions to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Before getting into that, let’s start by discussing why getting one of these kits is a good idea.

Why Get a 4.3 Stroker Kit?

The biggest drawback of these kits is their price.

Some consider them too pricey for what they have to offer,

but there are other reasons to love them.

These are only a few of the benefits provided by the 4.3 stroke kit.

Faster Crankshaft Rotation

This stroker kit improves the internal stroke of the engine.

The said process involves covering the distance in the cylinder bore by the piston.

As a result, the engine’s crankshaft has better and faster rotation.

Better Acceleration

The kit also helps with the acceleration of the vehicle.

This possible due to the lightening holes found in the rod journals.

These reduce the inertia of the crankshaft, and thus, the acceleration is better.

Long-Lasting Performance

The chevy 4.3 stroker kit can be super tough and durable.

With high-quality materials used to create the hardware, their longevity is fantastic.

This includes the crankshafts, the forged pistons, and more.

With all of that in mind, it’s obvious to assume the kit is reliable.

03 Best Chevy 4.3 Stroker Kit Reviews of 2022

In this section, I’ll briefly go over the top three Chevy 4.3 stroker kit picks.

These kits delivered an excellent performance through high-quality hardware and top-notch design.

Thus, they’re some of the highest-rated currently out there.

So, if you’re thinking about getting one, these may be what you’re looking for.

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01. Lunati 34005VRK02 Voodoo Forged 347 Small Block Stroker Kit – (Best Overall)

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Highlighted Features:

  • Steel Crankshafts
  • ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
  • Aluminum Alloy Pistons
  • Micro-polished Journals

The first pick is a small block stroker kit featuring quality components for increased durability and acceleration.

This is visible from the moment you install it, as the car gains major improvement in both of those areas.

There are many things to love about this kit, but two things stand out above the rest.

Those two things are the H-Beam rods and the crankshafts.

The quality of the H-Beam road is just fantastic.

Featuring forged steel, these components are tough and durable.

Plus, they go through a stress-relieving process to get rid of internal stresses.

Combined with a magnafluxed test that points out any flaws,

the manufacturer guarantees these parts arrive in perfect shape.

As for the crankshaft, there’s also a lot to say.

Primarily, the rod journals allow reducing crankshaft inertia weight flawlessly.

Therefore, the rotation time is much faster and smoother.

“When compared to the others, this is the most expensive kit. So, make sure this is the equipment you need for your vehicle. Also, keep in mind that it fits Ford Small Block engines and the 351 Windsor featuring 302 mains.”

What We Liked

  • Provides terrific acceleration
  • Long-lasting & durable parts
  • Reliable for speed race applications
  • Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • The most expensive pick

02. Lunati 37502VRK06 Voodoo Forged 383 Small Block Stroker Kit – (Runner-Up)

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Highlighted Features:

  • 4340 Steel Build
  • Forged Pistons
  • Profiled Counterweights
  • Stress Relieved

Created with quality materials, this stroker kit is ideal for high-performance applications.

The 4340-non twist forgings are top-notch, delivering strength, durability, and resistance.

Here, the Voodoo rods, made with the same material, also play a huge role.

They go through several procedures that make the steel weight match to a gram for an easy installation.

The rest of the hardware is equally as good.

Besides the crankshafts, you get ARP rod bolts classified 2000 7/16-Inch, and King or Clevite high-load mains.

All of this amounts to a pretty straightforward mounting on the kits on several vehicle models.

That includes the Chevrolet Small Block engines featuring the two-piece rear main seals and 350 mains.

“As for downsides, there isn’t really any. Some would argue that the kit is a bit pricey after considering its capabilities. However, the cost of these parts seems in line with what it can do.”

What We Liked

  • Created with strong & durable materials
  • A fantastic choice for street performance & race
  • It includes everything needed, from the crankshaft to pistons
  • No chance of cracking under heavy loads

What We Didn’t Like

  • It may come off as a bit expensive for some

03. Lunati 40002VRK04 Voodoo Forged Chevrolet 434 Small Block Stroker Kit – (Contender)

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Highlighted Features:

  • 4340 Steel Parts
  • Shot-Peened Rods
  • Machined Crown
  • Crown Thickness

While this kit is not as capable as the others, it still puts up a satisfying performance.

Most of the features offered are just the same, so it isn’t easy to tell the differences.

However, these become clear after testing the vehicle with this kit mounted.

To further improve its performance, the kit has nitride heat-treated components.

This includes the crankshaft, which gains terrific sturdiness because of that.

Other things worth mentioning about this kit are the materials used for their build.

With 4340 forged steel utilized to create the crankshafts and the H-Beam rods, their quality is unquestionable.

“While there’s nothing negative to say about this kit, it does feel a bit underwhelming after comparing it to the rest. In addition, its capabilities aren’t just the same, as the parts don’t feel as smooth when you’re driving.”

What We Liked

  • Trustworthy build materials
  • Super durable & strong to withstand challenges
  • Maintains decent acceleration
  • Reliable performance

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as good as the other two

3 Common Chevy 4.3 Stroker Kit Problems (+Solutions)

The following are some of the most common issues people have after installing the kit.

I also mention a few possible solutions that may get the vehicle out of those scenarios.

01. Not Enough Horsepower

The Chevy 4.3 v6 stroker kit offers incredible horsepower, but many still don’t consider it a high-end unit.

In fact, you may notice a significant reduction in its horsepower capacity as time passes.

This problem could be happening for different reasons.

Let’s talk about potential solutions you can try.

These will keep you from spending a ton of money on new heads or exhaust systems.

  • Replace the air filter: Over time, this filter can get nasty with dirt, effectively blocking proper airflow into the engine. Air is an essential element for the engine, just like gas. Try changing the old filter with a reusable air filter instead. This is a quick, simple, and effective solution that may get more horsepower out of the engine.

Add a performance chip: It may be possible for you to replace the ROM chip of the vehicle.

If this is the case, install a performance chip in exchange.

This should allow the engine to get a new and improved boost in horsepower gains.

  • Alternatively, reprogram the computer: This method is an alternative to installing the performance chip.In this case, try connecting a programmer to the car’s computer. Afterward, use it to reprogram the computer to get better performance.
  • Try higher octane gas: Here’s another inexpensive yet valuable way to improve horsepower gains in 4.3 engines. Usually, the highest octane you can get is 93 to 94. Another option would be to use a better lubricant. Lastly, as a final measure, some cars have better horsepower gains after changing to synthetic oil.

02. Oil Filter Issues

Another issue often brought up has to do with the oil system.

Besides tuning the kit, you may struggle to change the oil or replace the filter after the installation.

Nonetheless, there are several steps you can follow to solve these issues easily.

  • Use the jack to raise the vehicle’s front end, then lower it down over the two jack stands. Next, put yourself in a position facing up towards the engine. Then, place the oil drain pan below the drain plug on the oil pan’s underside.
  • With the ratchet set, proceed to take out the drain plug from the oil pan’s underside. Let the oil run until it dries completely. Then, go to the bottom of the oil pan and replace the drain plug. Finish this step by tightening it via the ratchet set.
  • Next, put the oil drain pan below the oil filter. This is visible on the engine at the same side of the driver’s seat. Continue by placing the tool to remove the oil filter around it. Get a firm grip on the handle, and pull back. By doing this, the toll will tighten around the filter. After turning the oil filter in a counterclockwise manner, get it off the car’s engine.
  • Supply the newly attached oil filter with the corresponding oil and screw it as tight as possible. Use your hands for this. Get your tools and yourself from below the vehicle.

03. Full-Size Supercharger Problems

After installing a supercharger for the Chevy 4.3 l stroker kit in full size, you may deal with poor HP gains and awful sounds.

Is there a way to solve this issue?

  • Try adding a new cam to it, a new intake, and install twin turbos. After doing this, the motor should be both faster and quieter. Again, this is a simple yet effective solution.

FAQs About Chevy 4.3 Stroker Kit

01. How much HP does the 4.3 handle?

The power of a 4.3 can often surprise a lot of people.

Realistically, it can deal with as much as 650hp, but some conditions apply.

For example, you have to know what you’re doing and get the most out of the kits.

Sometimes, this includes spending as much money as needed and not being cheap about it.

02. Is the Chevy 4.3 a good engine?

The Chevy 4.3 is a decent engine, and you can set up the big block Chevy stroker kit to make it more powerful.

This engine is also reliable, as proven by all of the years it has been in the market.

As long as you treat it correctly and with suitable accommodations, it can last up to 300,000 miles.

03. Are 4.3 blocks all the same?

For the most part, yes, they are. For instance, all from 1985 and some coming in 1986 feature the two-piece rear main seals.

As a result, people tend to stay away from them as much as possible.

Years later, GM started producing 4.3’s with counter shafts designed to balance out the vibrations.

These were the “W” motors, a name that came from the VIN digit that was just a W.

04. Should I use turbo or supercharger with 4.3?

It’s all about the limitations of each system.

Primarily, the biggest issue with a turbo is the boost lag it suffers.

On the contrary, the supercharger deals with efficiency problems.

These use the power of the very own engine to spin, making the power siphon in the process.

This goes on and on while the engine revs climb.

Therefore, engines with a supercharger can be less fuel-efficient.

05. Do 350 pistons work in a 383?

Depends. If you work with 400 rods, then using 350 pistons is a possibility.

The 350 features a 5.7-inch rod, and the 383 with the shorter 400 rods use equal pistons.

Final Words

While the Chevy 4.3 stroker kit isn’t one of the most popular, it still provides decent gains in vehicles.

But, like with most equipment, problems are sometimes impossible to avoid.

The best thing to do is to be ready to tackle those issues and solve them quickly.

As long as you do that, there will be a lot of advantages from it.

The engine will perform better, with more acceleration and tremendous HP gains.

All of this contributes to a healthier vehicle with a new and improved performance like never before.

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