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How To Adjust Torsion Bars Chevy Silverado (DIY Method : 2022)

If you have searched by writing, how to adjust torsion bars Chevy Silverado?

Then your quest ends now.

It is a technical question that involves a technical process.

You have come to the right place for the solution.

Imagine you are behind the wheel on a long journey and the torsion bars of your beloved Chevy Silverado develop a big issue!

You can create a large wheel gap between the tires and the fender.

You must first measure the wheel gap on both sides of the Chevy Silverado before making any attempt at adjusting the measurement.

How To Adjust Torsion Bars Chevy Silverado

We are going to divide the process into two broad sections.

They are the process of examining the car and the actual assignment of adjusting the bar.

Here we go!

The process of adjusting torsion in GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevy Silverado 1500 are the same.

  • Examining the Chevy Silverado

Pack the car on a level surface. The best way to know the exact situation of the height of your fender is to park the car on level ground.

Any change in measurement made on uneven ground will produce errors.

  • The allowance between tire and fender

You need a measuring instrument to take this gap.

Place the tape on any of the front tires and raise it up until it reaches the edge of the wheel gap.

Takedown the measurement on a sheet of clear paper.

  • Go to the opposite tire in front of your drive and repeat the same process.

The measurements should be exact under normal conditions in the car.

Where there are differences in the measurements, your car is at great risk.

You should not move an inch before resolving the problem.

  • The parallel control arms between the vehicles

If you notice any change in measurement, the next action is to locate a narrow pipe that runs horizontally under the car.

Take a look at it and get down your observations.

Turn to the other side and look under the car for the same pipe that runs on that side of the car.

The two are the command levers that are connected to the tension bars.

If you want to adjust the torsion bars on your Chevy 2500HD, you must note these two bars.

They must be in the same dimension.

In case you cannot locate the pipes, check the user manual of the car or call for a professional’s help.

  • Locate the torsion bar

Search underneath the car in the middle, to be specific. The target is a thick and rectangular crossbar.

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This is the instrument that holds the tension bar and it is connected to the two control arms of the Chevy Silverado.

There are front and rear tension bars here.

The front torsion bar is closer to the engine and is the target for the required change in the measurement.

Locate the little key in the center of the bar.

This is the control arm of the bar.

  • The change in bolt measurement

Now that you have gone this far, the next step to take is to observe the change in measurement that is to take place in the bolts.

They can be seen on both sides of the torsion bar.

There are bolts on both sides of the tires.

You can use them to adjust the tires that they are attached to.

You can then tweak the right tire to make corresponding adjustments.

You will need the recommended tools by the manufacturer to necessary changes in measurement.

Now that you have examined your car, you now move on to the next line of action.

The Actual Adjustment Of the Bar

Step 01:

Increasing the Chevy Silverado’s Height

  • Lift the car’s frame
  • Place a jack under the crossbar of your car and lift the tires at least 2.5 centimeters above level ground. You must not put too much force on the crossbar during the process of torsion.
  • It is advised that you make use of a stand jack that will lift the car completely above contact with the road.
  • If you lift one side of the car at a time, you will still achieve your purpose. But, the distance above ground level must not put pressure on the wheel area.
  • It is important to jack your car. This will protect sensitive areas in your car.

Step 02:

Get under the car

Now that you have raised the car to a particular height, you can now go under it with the tools required.

Use the control arm of the car to identify the problem bar.

Locate the bolt that is closest to you and then place the tool on top of the bolt.

  • You can use any ratchet wrench that is the size of the bolt-on your car.
  • Make the torsion bolt move in the direction of the clock.
  • Take your wrench and work it in a clockwise direction to raise the car. You have to be gentle with the movement of the wrench. A turn of 180 degrees is enough to achieve results.
  • Mark the number of times you turn the wrench because the procedure will be repeated on the other side of the car.
  • Allow the bolt to complete at least two full circle movements. You can now examine the wheel distance allowance.

Step 03:

  • Turn the bolt counterclockwise.
  • If you want to lower the rim, then you must turn the bolt in an anticlockwise direction. The same process used in the clockwise direction must be used to lower the rim of the car.
  • The process involved in adjusting torsion bars on chevy Silverado must follow the outline that we have described so far. This will make things easier and results will be achieved with ease.

Step 04:

  • Remove the car jack and turn to the other side.
  • After you have completed the process on one side of the car, remove the jack.
  • Get to the other side of the car and repeat the same process.
  • Safety measures should be observed. Do not remove the jack until you come out from underneath the car.
  • The jack is a safety tool that must be kept handy. Even when you are handling a minor decrease in measurement, the jack must be kept handy.
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Step 05:

  • Repeat the process on the torsion bolt.
  • The process of change in the measurement that was carried out on the torsion bolt should be repeated on this side.
  • You must turn the bolt in a clockwise direction like you did on the other side of the car. This will raise the car.
  • When you turn it in an anticlockwise direction, it will lower the car.

Step 06:

The tire’s wheel gap

  • Take your tape and obtain readings on the wheel gap. The same process earlier described must be followed.
  • Compare the allowance between the two measurements that you have before you.
  • If there are differences in measurement between the two, you have an issue to settle.


When you discover that the measurements on the wheel balance do not correspond with each other, never drive the car.

If you drive the car like this, then then the steering of the car will vibrate like this at 80/90 kmh.

Step 07:

Extra adjustments

  • When you discover differences in the gap, use your wrench to make more adjustments.
  • If the gap between the two tires is on the high side, go under the car and fix all the problem areas.
  • Before you restart your engine, double-check the torsion bars of both sides are even.

Run a test

When you are through with the process above, get behind the wheel and drive for a short distance.

Turn and swerve the car in small amounts.

When you realize the balance in your car, it is a sign that the torsion bars on your Chevy 2500HD or Silverado 1500, or GMC Sierra 1500 have been adjusted.

The signs that show your tire needs torsion measurement review

It is possible to avoid the damage done by uneven torsion to the car if pay heed to early warning signals.

Now that you know what to do to correct the imbalance.

We want to let you know the signs that there are issues with your wheel.

  • Check your tires before you get behind the wheel. When you notice uneven wear in the tires, torsion is not balanced in the wheels.
  • When you are driving and you notice vibrations on the steering wheel, it is a red light that you are driving a wheel that is not balanced.
  • If you notice an uneven vibration in your floorboard or seat, you must check your wheel.
  • When a part of your tire trembles, it is a sign that the area needs wheel balancing.
  • If the steering wheel begins to vibrate when you increase the speed of your car, you are advised to check the balance of the wheel.
  • Check your tire treads. If they are wearing out faster than expected, you must act on the torsion of your car.
  • If you notice that your car is pulling to one side of the road while you are behind the wheel, check the torsion balance on your car.
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If you notice any of the red signals above, then you are advised to take quick action.

It will save you from serious embarrassment while you are behind the wheel.

Damage to the torsion of your car will also be put under check.

Advantages of Torsion Bar measurement review

When you take immediate action after noticing the red signals mentioned above, you are going to have the following benefits:

  • It will prevent premature wear of the tread on your tires.
  • Your Chevy Silverado will consume less fuel.
  • The handling of the car will be better.

The benefits above are huge. Everything must be put in place to ensure that steps are taken to right the wrongs before issues set in.

You can prolong the lifespan of the torsion on the wheels forever if adequate maintenance tips are included in the care of the torsion wheels.


how to adjust torsion bars on chevy 2500hd?

You have to follow the same process exactly as mentioned above or you can watch the videos provided in this article.

How can I remove torsion bars on a 2001 Chevy 1500hd 4wd?

Crawl under the truck and take a look at the torsion bars.

Repeat the process that we discussed above and you will resolve the problem.

If you are not sure of anything, consult the manufacturer’s manual.

Does a 2wd 2000 1500 Silverado have torsion bars?

No, In the place of torsion bars, it has coil-over and shocks.

How do you install torsion bar keys on a 2005 Silverado?

Raise the front end of the vehicle.

Drop the two bolts out of the torsion keys. Go ahead and knock both bars out.

You can now install your new keys.

How do wheels get out of balance?

Everyday wear and tear on the tires of the car as it glides on the road contributes to the imbalance.

There are also factory errors that cause imbalance.

When tires and wheels do not have equal weight distribution, an imbalance will take place.

For Visual

If you are still having doubts about the written explanation of how to adjust the Torsion Bars on the Chevy Silverado, we have something special for you.

There are several YouTube videos that you can watch online.

We have one of the precise and most educative ones here.

You can watch them through the link below:

After reading this article or watching this video, you don’t need to search on google or youtube by writing, ‘How To Adjust Torsion Keys Chevy Silverado?’


The steps involved in the measurement review of the torsion in the Chevy Silverado have been reviewed above.

When you go through the eight steps above, results will come your way.

The process is easy, as can be seen in the explanation above.

There is a danger of uneven torsion in the car; it causes damage.

The red light signals that can help prevent these big issues have been detailed above.

This is a complete guide that will help even a newbie solve all issues relating to the torsion in your Chevy Silverado.

So, now your quest on how to adjust torsion bars Chevy Silverado is over I hope.

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