Best Muffler for Silverado 5.3 [Top 08 Muffler Review With Pros & Cons]

Your vehicle’s exhaust setup is not complete without the integration of a muffler.

Adding a muffler or replacing a faulty design is one of the easiest integrations anyone can make on their vehicle.

In most states, vehicle owners can’t drive around if they don’t have a muffler installed in their car.

This component is a legal requirement, and everyone has to follow suit or adhere to the standards.

The best muffler for 5.3 Silverado helps in noise control.

It minimizes noise pollution generated by vehicles.

At the same time, the catalytic converter handles the process of reducing chemical emissions that may affect or cause pollution to the environment.

Considering their noise-control capabilities, driving around in a vehicle with a damaged or faulty muffler can result in an unpleasant situation or occurrence.

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Our Pick of Top 08 Mufflers for Silverado 5.3

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What is the best muffler for a 5.3 Silverado?

Choosing the most preferred option is not always easy when several solid/quality products are on a list.

On the other hand, no two designs are similar.

There are always some unique or differentiating properties that position one ahead of others.

After several considerations and comparisons, the Black Horse Racing comes ahead of the other 6 designs on our list.

The construction material quality, deep sound, and improvement in key areas of the vehicle are exciting attributes that set it aside.

Although it is not as popular as some other household brands,

the makers have focused exclusively on building quality products that solve many vehicle owners’ problems at a reasonable price.

Why is Black Horse Racing the best muffler brand for 5.3 Silverado?

Black Horse Racing is built from quality aluminized steel.

The construction material offers uncompromised durability and performance.

Installers can expect long-lasting use since rust attacks cannot compromise its quality.

At the same time, enjoy the wide range of upgrades it offers to their vehicle.

Asides from equipping the Silverado (the compatible models) with a deep, aggressive sound.

It also contributes substantially to an incredible improvement in the exhaust flow.

In the end, your vehicle will achieve a significant increase in performance and efficient fuel use.

Over the years, the manufacturer has significantly improved its service delivery by listening to customers’ complaints and paying attention to recommendations.

Top 08 Best Muffler for Silverado 5.3 In-Depth Review

best muffler for silverado 5.3

There is more to what a muffler can do, asides from noise control.

Its overall action adds an extra boost to performance and power.

While it significantly alters how a car sounds, the results or outcomes are not always the same.

Some designs are built to generate deep, vigorous rumble.

On the other hand, other options are made to keep the vehicle as quiet as it can/should be.

Irrespective of what you need, either the best sounding muffler for 5.3 Silverado or the quiet designs;

There are several options available to choose from.

The idea is that everyone understands what they need, most especially choosing a muffler that delivers on their sound expectations and complements their vehicle significantly.

Whatever the need for a muffler replacement (fixing a damaged component or just an upgrade).

We have identified eight (8) designs/brands that are the top considerations among Silverado owners: the loudest muffler for 5.3 Silverado and the quiet ones.

These brands include Black Horse Racing, Flowmaster, Borla, Walker, Dynomax, Smileracing, and ‎SYKRSS.

01. Black Horse Racing ‎ER39201-1

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Highlighted Features 

  • Aluminized steel
  • Two (2) muffler units are included in the pack
  • 13.3 x 9.75 x 8.8 inches in dimension
  • 12.12 pounds in weight
  • K1500, K2500, 1500, and 2500 Silverado

Why strain your budget or finances for popular/expensive mufflers when you can get an affordable design that offers a similar or even better overall performance?

Although Black Horse Racing may sound strange to some people, especially individuals replacing their mufflers for the first time.

The top-quality performance delivery has been a significant boost to the little popularity and growing adoption it has gathered over the years.

With an average of 4.6-star out of 5 from over a thousand three hundred reviews, this alone is enough proof of the Black Horse Racing ‎ER39201-1 remarkable quality.

These mufflers (2 units) are designed to slot in without a glitch, making it easy for anyone to install them on their vehicles.

Even though the mufflers are built as a universal fit, we recommend paying attention to the Silverado models they support.

While some users certified the sound output as fantastic.

Considering the fact that its aggressive roar doesn’t disturb the neighborhood.

Others believed the sound could have been louder and more aggressive.

The integration of the Black Horse Racing ‎ER39201-1does more than reduce the engine’s noise.

It also improves torque, throttle response, power, and exhaust flow.

These numerous attributes are enough justifications to be named the best muffler for 5.3 Silverado on our list.


  • Deep, aggressive sound
  • The design facilitates efficient exhaust flow and improvement in power
  • Throttle response becomes more effective, increasing airflow in the process


  • Some users believe the sound could be more aggressive

02. Flowmaster 953047

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Highlighted Features 

  • 16 gauge aluminized steel
  • Oval shape
  • Completely MIG welded
  • Painted exterior
  • 10 pounds in weight

The Flowmaster is a popular name.

Not only among experienced vehicle owners but even among individuals who haven’t purchased or replaced any vehicle component before.

The brand is a force to reckon with when it comes to engine replacement components.

Over the years, several muffler models or designs have been built and made available to vehicle owners, spreading across various price points.

The Flowmaster 953047 is a highly-rated affordable muffler from its long list of performance-optimizing options.

Its larger case has contributed significantly to the improved sound and performance it offers.

The deep, aggressive sound is noticeable in the cabin/interior.

Nevertheless, the sound is controlled (not too loud) and smooth, ensuring everyone in the vehicle can appreciate or resonate with its quality & awesomeness.

According to some users, the Flowmaster 953047 can easily slot in as the best sounding muffler for 5.3 Silverado, considering the balance in offers (not excessively loud, but sufficient to make your presence felt). So, they consider it as the best flowmaster muffler for 5.3 silverado.

Also, the aluminized steel (16 gauge), combined with the MIG welding, guarantees maximum strength/durability.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly muffler for the value, no other brand fits this definition better than what we have here.


  • Deep & aggressive sound
  • Designed to improve vehicle’s horsepower for improved performance
  • Slots in without stress
  • An affordable option for quality reserved Silverado owners


  • The product’s dimension is not indicated
  • Compatibility details are not provided

03. BORLA 40359

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Highlighted Features 

  • Stainless steel (300 series) construction
  • Universal design
  • Centered inlet-outlet configuration
  • 3-inch exhaust opening
  • 6.0 x 21.0 x 11.0 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

Borla is another famous name in the engine components industry.

Over the years, the manufacturer has stayed committed to constructing/engineering performance-enhancing mufflers.

Enticingly, the BORLA 40359 is built to improve key component areas of the vehicle’s operations at a very reasonable price.

The attachment adds more power to the engine and brings more lives to the throttle performance.

In addition, your Silverado also enjoys the brand’s exhaust signature sound (deep, mellow, and not excessively aggressive), adding to other vital improvements.

According to the manufacturer, the 40359 is designed as a universal muffler.

This is achievable through the centered inlet-outlet pattern/structure.

If a Silverado owner decides to add custom pipe tips, the muffler’s shape (oval) and its three (3) inches exhaust opening make the integration achievable.

One major complaint among users is the inability of the aluminum finish to stay glued/intact after a few years of use.

Once the finish starts to fade, it lowers the muffler’s attractiveness.

This problem aside, the performance upgrade it offers is terrific, compared to how much Silverado owners pay for it.


  • Delivers extra horsepower, better throttle response, and efficient fuel mileage
  • Impressive exhaust sound (deep, mellow note)
  • Eliminates drone completely
  • An excellent choice that doesn’t break the bank


  • Degradation in the aluminum finish after a few years

04. Cherry Bomb 87522

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Highlighted Features 

  • welded construction
  • simple straight-thru design
  • well finished red painting
  • easy installation
  • compact body size

Cherry Bomb 87522CB is most budget friendly muffler for Silverado 5.3.

It cost around $30. It has only one color option (red). The painting is very good looking and attractive.

AP exhaust is manufacturing Cherry Bomb since 1968. Cherry Bomb has legendary deep & mellow sound.

Those who love loud sound Cherry Bomb is the perfect choice for them.

In some states of the US, you can’t install Cherry Bomb since it has a very loud sound like a bomb.

So, make sure you don’t live in one of those states before buying it.


  • sounds great & clear
  • good looking
  • easy to install
  • increase horsepower
  • very cheap


  • too much loud

05. Walker 18138

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Highlighted Features 

  • A direct fit for 99-07 Silverado
  • Aluminized steel construction
  • OE-style spot welds
  • Internal drainage system
  • Internal partitions & mechanically joined tubes
  • 30.5 x 10 x 7.8 inches in dimension

One of the popular recommendations vehicle owners receive when shopping for the best components to add or install on their vehicle is to stay true to budget.

In a true sense, the primary purpose of the advice is to restate the fact that the best products do not always have to break a leg and an arm. The Walker 18138 is an appropriate proof of this claim.

If you are looking for the best performance muffler for Silverado 1500 to buy at a very affordable price.

There is no better pick or alternative out there.

For less than $50, yes, just that little.

Anyone can pick it up and attach it to the vehicle to eliminate noisy, shaky, or rough sound.

It fits in excellently, revitalizing the engine’s performance and sound in the process.

The installation is easy.

It has proven to be a good fit for the 1st Silverado generation.

Silverado owners who own/drive the 1999 to 2007 model can easily install the muffler without any need for amendments of fabrication.

Although a thin layer of lubricant prevents corrosion on the exterior, that won’t last for a long time.

The lubricant evaporates a few drives after installation.

We recommend adding a quality coating over the exterior for long-lasting use and performance, especially for users living in a wet region where they can’t do away with salt and excessive rain & snow.


  • Excellent sound upgrade/improvement
  • Very affordable
  • Slots in seamlessly on compatible Silverado models
  • Expandable bushings to promote seamless integration


  • You may need to add an extra coating to prevent rust attacks
  • Integration may require fabrication or welding in some vehicles

06. Dynomax 17233

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Highlighted Features 

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) technology
  • 100% welded design for supreme durability
  • 27 x 10.5 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 10.5 pounds in weight

Dynomax 17233 is another reliable design for individuals who desire a pocket-friendly muffler for their Silverado.

There have been several views across the board when it comes to the sound quality.

First, we must admit that everyone should clearly define their needs and state what they are looking for.

It may not be the right pick if you are intentional about a thunderous and rumbling sound.

On the other hand, individuals looking for a loud but not so aggressive sound can easily settle for this.

The manufacturer has failed to declare the list of compatible Silverado models.

However, it claimed it is a universal design.

While going through users’ reviews on Amazon, it is evident that it makes a superb fit for the 2019 model.

To know more about the other compatible models (without any need for welding or fabrications), do not hesitate to speak directly to the seller.

The installation is pretty fast and straightforward.

When integrated into the suitable vehicles, the process takes about thirty (30) minutes from start to completion.

Other notable mentions include the authenticity of the construction material.

The stainless steel is designed to last a lifetime.

Also, you will experience a reasonable upgrade in fuel efficiency for better mileage.


  • Engineered for strength/built to last
  • Guarantees a deep performance tone
  • Supports unrestricted exhaust flow


  • The sound is not as loud as some users would have wanted
  • Compatibility details are not included
  • Integration may require fabrication or welding in some vehicles

07. Smile Racing ‎DG9206

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Highlighted Features 

  • Aluminized steel construction
  • 2.5-inch dual inlet & outlet
  • Supports both race & off-road application
  • 14.33 x 9.76 x 4.53 inches in dimension
  • 6.49 pounds in weight

Smileracing is one of the brands/manufacturers spearheading the wide acceptability of unpopular yet quality vehicle components in the market.

The Smileracing ‎DG9206, one of the maker’s exceptional designs, has won the heart of many vehicle owners for its incredible quality at a reasonable price.

Its aluminized construction is authentic, which withstands heat and corrosion for an adequate protective function.

If you desire a deep and very aggressive sound suitable for off-road adventures or racing.

This is a top-rated item that should be considered.

In addition to the deep sound output, the vehicle will also achieve an improved or efficient airflow for a smoother throttle performance.

The product description doesn’t communicate or include the list of compatible Silverado models.

As a result, interested buyers are advised to contact the seller and ask helpful questions to guide their purchase decision.


  • Resistant to heat and rust
  • Improved airflow for better throttle response
  • Deep and aggressive sound
  • Efficient elimination of exhaust gas from the engine


  • Compatibility information is not provided

08. SYKRSS ‎2AMZES00856S4.0

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Highlighted Features 

  • Stainless steel
  • 4-inch inlet and outlet
  • 13.7-inch overall length
  • 18.4 x 5.5 x 5.4 inches in dimension
  • 2.97 pounds in weight

SYKRSS ‎2AMZES00856S4.0 is where we wrap up our product review of the best muffler for Chevy Silverado 1500 anyone can buy for intense value.

The attractiveness and high-quality construction are the major highlights it possesses.

The well-made stainless steel offers outstanding rust control, ensuring more excellent durability in the long run.

Now to the sound quality or output.

This muffler is exclusively designed for vehicle owners satisfied with a not too loud growling sound.

If you live in a region where noise pollution is greatly restricted yet want a growling sound that wouldn’t disturb the neighborhood.

Here is a decent purchase for the money.

Although it is designed as a universal fit, there are still notable rules to follow or consider before making a purchase.

It is advised that interested vehicle owners should take the diameter measurement of their exhaust pipe to ascertain fitment before forging ahead with order placement & confirmation.

Alternatively, the seller can be contacted via Amazon mail, making it easy to ask relevant questions about this design, most importantly compatibility & fitment.

The package doesn’t include the instructions manual.

To avoid any form of stress, especially car owners who do not have adequate knowledge/experience to guide them through the installation process.

We advise you get in touch with a professional to get the integration done at an agreed rate.


  • Well-polished exterior for an attractive appearance and extra durability
  • Produces a low and smooth growl sound
  • Guarantees unrestricted airflow for better throttle response


  • Not suitable for individuals who desire very loud & deep sound
  • No instructions to guide the installation process

How to Choose the Muffler for 5.3 Silverado


Every time anyone decides to purchase a product, the first thing that comes to mind is price.

For instance, “how much would this product cost?”

One thing is to know the price; another is affordability.

In the real sense, any product that would disrupt your finances or possibly affect other financial commitments upon purchase is expensive.

There have been instances where people invest in a product only to realize that they can’t afford it.

This is where a financial plan/budget comes in.

A budget is what puts you on track.

It is a clear indication of how much a buyer can afford to invest in a product without crossing the line.

A budget can either be sufficient (high) or low, depending on the financial class one belongs to.

Irrespective of the budget, the idea is to have a price target and stick to the amount no matter what.

However, you must have a realistic budget.

A realistic budget must be adequate, most especially within the market average.


Stainless steel and aluminized steel are two primary materials used in muffler construction.

When it comes to price, stainless steel mufflers are more expensive.

However, the high price is justified by the durability, attractiveness, and adequate protection it guarantees.

The stainless steel is not affected by rust/corrosion.

This makes it an excellent pick for Silverado owners who live in regions with extreme conditions such as heavy downfalls, excessive snow, and salted roads.

On the other hand, aluminized steel is more affordable.

However, aluminized steel mufflers are not as durable as stainless steel-made mufflers.

While the steel is coated with aluminum to offer protection against corrosion, the defense only lasts for how long the coating remains intact or unscratched.

Once the aluminum coating begins to peel off, the muffler becomes highly susceptible to rust attack.


Before anyone picks up a muffler for their vehicle, an important question you need to ask yourself is, “would it fit?”

A muffler not designed for your vehicle wastes time and other associated resources.

Also, a design that won’t slot in easily without major adjustments or modifications doesn’t worth the money.

Every vehicle owner must read the product description and determine if the product is an ideal pick for their Silverado.

Check if your vehicle’s model is mentioned on the compatibility list.

The list may not be included on the product page in some cases.

We advise you reach out to the seller to know if it is a suitable pick.


Depending on the type of sound you want.

A muffler can either produce a very loud & aggressive noise or keep things minimal (not extremely loud).

It is recommended that everyone know what they want and choose a design that offers such an outcome.

Our product list contains mufflers that produce the loudest sound and those that are not as loud as waking the neighborhood up when you drive along.


The exhaust configuration is another crucial point to look at while making a purchase decision.

A vehicle designed with dual exhausts from the factory will possibly need two (2) mufflers. In contrast, a single exhaust configuration needs only one.


The popular brands didn’t achieve the huge following and patronage they enjoy today on a platter of gold.

It took years of continuous innovation & improvement, listening to users’ opinions and suggestions, and being committed to consistent production of quality and performance-elevating products that fulfill every user’s basic needs.

While many vehicle owners understand/acknowledge the quality standard of the products made from popular brands.

Sometimes, they seek cheaper or more affordable alternatives under the impression of saving costs.

The gamble may be worth it for the lucky buyers in the long run.

Nevertheless, the unlucky ones end up with regrets and disappointments.

Don’t get us wrong, not all unpopular products or the ones offered at “too good to be true” prices are not worth the pick.

The whole point is that the risk involved is really high, especially if you do not have adequate knowledge of the product or have enough time to conduct the necessary research.

Good enough, a lot of these popular brands now have top-quality components and accessories to cater to buyers across the various financial class.

So, instead of going for a brand that you can’t verify its identity, especially the features the manufacturer claims it offers.

Choose a design/model that falls within your budget from any household name.

Related FAQs

What benefits does the muffler offer to the vehicle?

A vehicle without an adequate muffler or doesn’t have at all would produce unbearable/unfiltered sound, resulting in noise pollution.

The muffler’s main job is to keep the sound escaping through the chambers within a bearable level.

In addition, it supports adequate/efficient airflow for improved throttle performance and horsepower.

Another great benefit the integration of a muffler adds or brings to the Silverado 5.3 is improved mileage.

Since it offers adequate air circulation in the engine, fuel usage becomes optimized or more efficient.

How much does a muffler cost?

Depending on the type of performance a vehicle owner wants.

A muffler can cost as low as $40 and as high as $300.

Mufflers offered between $100 and $300 are famous for the additional output in power, throttle, and fuel usage.

Most importantly, they are made from authentic stainless steel for improved durability and longevity since they can’t be attacked by rust.

Who can install a muffler?

Individuals who have basic mechanical knowledge, especially if they are fascinated by DIY, can attempt to attach the muffler independently at home, provided the installation doesn’t require welding.

Also, ensure there is a clear instruction manual to guide the process.

However, a muffler that needs to be attached through welding may be somewhat tricky.

You need to possess adequate welding equipment or be a certified welder to conduct such an action.

If you do not have the needed tools, hiring a professional would be a great approach to consider.

What’s the ideal tubing size?

Ideally, a three (3) inches pipe is considered adequate.

However, some designs are offered at 2.5-inch dual inlet & outlet or less in some cases.

It is recommended that every installer goes through their vehicle’s manual to confirm the specification to find the ideal option to settle for.

What is the role of tailpipes?

The primary responsibility of tailpipes is to enhance exhaust gases management by directing them away from the vehicle.

How far can a top-quality muffle go?

Top-quality mufflers are made from the best materials, irrespective of the type.

With adequate/regular maintenance, five to seven years of reliable performance is guaranteed.

Which is the best Flowmaster muffler for 5.3 Silverado?

According to most of the users, Flowmaster 953047 is considered as the best flowmaster muffler for 5.3 Silverado.

Can I install the muffler all by myself?

Yes. Installing a muffler is not very difficult.

you can install the muffler by yourself.

Here is a video to guide you-

Final Thoughts

The major challenge most vehicle owners face when purchasing a muffler is getting the ideal design.

They either do not have adequate information to guide their selection process or find it challenging to choose a design from the numerous available options.

We hope the info/details in this article are adequate to guide you through your next purchase.

For vehicle owners who do not have enough time to go through each stage of the selection process but desire the right muffler for their Silverado 5.3, they can find around.

Do not hesitate to go through our list of top-rated mufflers on the market.

Check through each design and choose the one that fits your vehicle model, performance expectations, and, most importantly, budget.

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