Toyota Crown 2023 Price in the United States

The ever-green car of Toyota is discussed here. If you are thinking about the Toyota Crown, then you are right. The car has been on the market for years. Toyota Crown 2023 model has been launched in the country. Like every year, Toyota has proven itself as one of the emerging car brands in the United States. The market share of the brand has gone high in recent years. Previously the company’s market share was going down, and the sales were also declining due to certain reasons.

The brand has been giving the same thing again and again in different shapes. Although the shape of the cars was up to the mark and people liked it a lot when it came to features, when people came for a test drive, or later after the purchase, they regretted their decisions. It was because the brand was only focusing on the shape and design of the car but not the specifications and features of the car.

Later on, the brand improved the cars in terms of specifications, and as we can see that the cars of the brand have a good reputation in the market, and the brand has grabbed good sales in the last few months, making the share prices of the company even higher now. Let’s see what innovation the brand has bought this year by launching this amazing car. The price at which the car is seen selling across the country is as follows:

Toyota Crown Price in the United States:

The price of Toyota Crown, as announced by Toyota for the year 2023, is PKR $39,950. Remember, when we tell you the price of a car, it is usually the starting price of the car for a base variant. The more you add features to your car, the more your car will be advanced in terms of technology, causing a massive increase in price. The below list shows all the variants of this car with the current prices as demanded by Toyota for this year:

XLE $39,950
LIMITED $45,550
PLATINUM $52,350

Toyota Crown 2023 Colors:

There are plenty of colours available for this car in the United States. The available colours for this car in the United States are as under:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White With Bi Tone
  • Metallic Silver
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Heavy Metal

Here heavy metal and bronze are newly announced colours for this car. Toyota thinks that when they are improving everything at the same time addition of new colours to the car will also be a great option. In this way, the users may be able to explore more colours for this car, and the brand, in return, may experience more sales.

Toyota Crown Safety Features:

For safety purposes, the company has added blind spot monitoring and cross-traffic alert in the car. This feature is quite convenient when it comes to crossing from the way where the driver cannot see the coming traffic. This feature instantly tells the driver about the upcoming traffic, which he cannot see while sitting inside the car and saves him from any kind of accident happening. Along with this, the company has added passenger and driver airbags to this car to make the safety of the users a priority.

Toyota Crown Shape and Design:

The shape and design of this car has been improved a lot. When it comes to the shape of this car, it has been improved a lot since the time when the car was launched first time in the market. Here the car from the front side has been totally changed this year by the addition of a beautiful grill along with LED lights that makes the look of the car more extraordinary, especially when one is driving it at night.

Toyota Crown Shape and Design

Toyota Crown Engine:

The Crown series of Toyota always comes with a good engine capacity. Talking about the engine of this car specifically, we want our users to know that the brand has provided a 2.4-liter engine that is equipped with 4 cylinders. The trend of the addition of 4 cylinders in cars is back these days. So, Toyota thought, why should they be left behind? So, the brand also offered four cylinders engine in this car and may add it to some of their upcoming cars. It depends on the response they get regarding this engine from the consumer’s side.

Toyota Crown Engine

Toyota Crown Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as follows:

Quad-LED Headlights
Tyre Pressure Monitor
Collision Sensors
Hill Start Assist
Antitheft System
Toyota Safety Sense
Side-impact Door Beams
Wireless Chargers
JBL Premium Speakers
Safety Connect
Service Connect
Remote Connect
Safe Exit Assist
Backup Camera

These are all the features added to the car by Toyota.

Toyota Crown Specifications:

The specifications offered against this car by Toyota are as follows:

Length 196.1 Inches
Width 72.4 Inches
Height 60.6 Inches
Wheelbase 112.2 Inches
Ground Clearance 5.8 Inches
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission

This chart clearly states all the specifications added by the brand to this car.

Toyota Crown 2023 Availability in the United States:

Buying a Toyota Crown in the United States has never been a problem. Toyota is an old car brand in the United States, and people being familiar with the brand for a long time know where the official dealerships are in the country. So, search for the nearest Toyota car showroom in your area and get a deal. This was all about Toyota Crown 2023 Prices in the United States.

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