06 Causes with Solutions | What Causes High Oil Pressure in a Chevy Truck

what causes high oil pressure in a chevy truck

Oil pressure is one of the most important factors determining the longevity of an engine’s internal combustion. Today, we will discuss the causes and solutions for a Chevy truck’s high and low oil pressure. Don’t worry. we will also discuss what causes low oil pressure. There are two types of engine oil pressure- Low Oil …

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11 Comparison Between Chevy 502 Vs 454

chevy 502 vs 454

The battle between the Chevy 502 vs 454 existed in the 70s in the automotive industry. Both engines are great and offer different performances to fit specific uses. Chevy 502 and 454 engines are great engines made by the Chevrolet flagship and are used by many of their models, such as the Corvette and Chevelle. …

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Chevy Suburban Liftgate Problems and Solutions

chevy suburban liftgate problem

If you are a Chevy or GM owner, you might have encountered common liftgate problems. This problem is basically the liftgate is not opening with the lock key. If you have this problem with your vehicle, you are not alone. Many Chevy owners have had the same problem. However, no need to worry as the …

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07 Differences and Similarities Between Silverado v6 Vs v8

silverado v6 vs v8

Chevy Silverado v6 and v8 engines are some of the most popular and loved engines among automotive users. They offer some of the best performance for trucks and have developed into a rivalry among truck lovers as to which one is the best for the Silverado truck. Both of them have some ups and downs. …

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Will a Bad Fan Clutch Cause AC Problems [+Symptoms of Bad Fan Clutch]

will a bad fan clutch cause ac problems

You may be wondering, Will a bad or worn fan clutch cause AC problems? Well, today, we will provide a detailed answer to that and every other question you may have about your vehicle’s fan clutch. Car and truck owners have ignored fan clutches much to their detriment and we have seen this countless times. …

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