Engine Power Reduced Chevy Equinox (Cause & Solution : 2022)

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Chevrolet Equinox at first introduced by General Motors in 2004 at “Detroit Auto Show,” Michigan State.

From 2004 to 2022, It has been 18 years since GM is producing Chevy Equinox.

Since the production year, Equinox has achieved a reputation for durability.

Despite having many positive sides, Equinox has some drawbacks too.

Today, we will discuss some of the drawbacks related to the engine.

What Does ‘Engine Power Reduced’ Mean on Chevy Equinox?

“Engine Power is Reduced” is a warning shown on the instrument cluster when the Engine Control Sensor or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of your vehicle fails.

When your vehicle encounters this problem, it automatically goes to Limp Mode.

In ‘Limp Mode,’ your car can’t run more than 40 MPH.

That means there will be a drastic change in the performance of the engine of your car, which won’t allow you to drive faster due to Limp Mode.

Your radio or infotainment system may not work in this mode.

Why “Limp Mode” is activated automatically?

Your vehicle’s sensor activates the ‘Limp Mode’ automatically to save your engine from serious damage.

This mode is automatically triggered to let you know that your vehicle has an issue.

The engine performance is reduced to save the engine from major issues.

You can drive the car at 40 MPH for a short period.

You have to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic shop or home to fix the problem.

Causes & Solutions of Reduced Engine Power

Unlike the old car from the 18s or 19s, modern vehicles have many features to automatically detect any problem of your vehicle.

That’s why modern car companies use many sensors in their vehicles.

These sensors help the car detect major malfunction of some specific part of your vehicle.

Modern technology is used to detect any internal issues of the vehicle automatically.

Chevy Equinox uses many modern technologies to detect some internal or external malfunction of the vehicle.

To detect some internal problems, you need an OBDII Scanner to find the exact problem.

Here are some common issues that might have caused the warning “Engine Power is Reduced” on your instrument cluster.

01. O2 Sensor Problem

If the OBDII scanner shows code P0160, there is not enough oxygen in the exhaust required in the engine for proper airflow.

Air intake supplies the necessary amount of oxygen to the engine.

So, a sensor calculates the required amount of oxygen that needs to be provided in the engine.

Sometimes, this sensor miscalculates the airflow and causes the ‘engine power reduced’ indicator to pop up on your dashboard.

Solution: Turn off the engine of your car for half an hour. Maybe the O2 sensor somehow has overheated with the engine.

That’s why it’s causing a false sign.

If the OBD II scanner is showing the same result when the engine is cooled, you have to replace the O2 sensor since it has damaged & caused the wiring sign in the display.

“Keep in mind, O2 Sensor rarely causes the warning. From our experience, 95% of the time, O2 sensors are not liable for causing the warning sign.”

02. Throttle Body Problem

One of the most common reasons for the “Engine Power Reduced” sign is the dirty throttle body.

The throttle body needs to be cleaned after running every 50k mile.

But most of the time, users neglect to clean the throttle body.

To learn if the throttle body is clean or not, remove the inlet hose and check if any black or dirt build-up around the throttle body.

If positive, then you need to clean it.

Maybe dirty TB is causing the message to pop up in your dashboard.

Solution: If you find any dirt in the throttle body, clean it with a throttle body cleaner and a rag.

Don’t spray the cleaner directly into the throttle opening while the engine is turned on.

After cleaning, start the engine for 30 seconds, and you will see the cleaner will automatically clear out all the unnecessary material that gets into the air intake.

This video will guide you-

03. Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor Problem

APP is a very important part of your vehicle. Without APP you can’t accelerate your car.

It’s very important to function the accelerator pedal properly.

If any of the Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) sensors go out, the vehicle fails to respond properly and turns on the ‘Reduced Engine Power’ mode by itself.

Solution: Sensors can’t be repaired, so you have to replace the sensors.

04. Throttle Body Sensor Problem

There are 2 Throttle Positioning (TP) sensors in a chevy equinox.

TP is located on the bulkhead, which is above the accelerator pedal.

When one or both fail to function, the vehicle automatically goes to ‘Reduced Engine Power Mode.’

Solution: There is no way but to change the Throttle Positioning sensors if it goes too bad.

05. Faulty Wiring

If you are not an expert in wiring, you should never work on your vehicle’s wiring.

One should have a clear idea about the wiring of his vehicle if he wants to work on the wiring.

Faulty wiring is one of the main reasons for the ‘Reduced Engine Power’ mode.

If you or your mechanic paired a wire wrongly, it would trigger this mode.

Solution: Find out the faulty wiring first, then wire them rightly.

06. Dirty Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Problem

Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor fails to compute the airflow in the air intake.

As a result, the MAF sensor calculates the airflow incorrectly and activates the ‘Reduced Engine Power’ mode.

Solution: Sensors can’t be repaired, so you have to replace the sensors.

07. Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Problem

An ECU is located inside the chevy equinox, which controls several vehicle electronic systems.

Sometimes, it fails to function which triggers, engine power reduced on your Chevy Equinox.

Solution: Park your vehicle on the safe side of the road and turn off the engine for 20 to 30 minutes.

Sometimes, overheating causes the ECU to malfunction. It will function correctly after cooling down.

08. Poor Fuel Supply Problem

Poor fuel supply can also cause this problem, but it’s very uncommon.

Solution: Increase the viscosity of the oil. It may solve the problem.

If you need to find out and solve the problem visually; then this video will help you-


Is Displaying ‘Engine Power Reduced’ on Chevy Equinox a Common Problem?

People often search by typing; engine power reduced chevy equinox because It’s a very common problem for Equinox’s owners.

Your vehicle will go to Limp Mode, but you can drive for a while in this mode.

So, don’t panic.

Why does the “Engine Power Reduced” Mode Turn on Automatically?

When this warning is displayed in the instrument cluster, in that case, that means you may have an issue with the throttle body, throttle position sensor, O2 sensors, accelerator pedal position sensor, wiring, or with the ECU or PCM.

We have mentioned some major factors which cause this mode in the above of this article.

Is It Safe to Drive with ‘Reduced Engine Power’ Mode On?

Yes, it’s safe to drive in this mode.

But the vehicle will stop running after a while.

In this mode, the engine power is greatly reduced.

So, you can’t drive your vehicle at more than 40 MPH speed.

Driving at 40 MPH on highways or in cities is very risky.

So, it would be best if you did not drive for a long time on the road in this mode.

Rather you should pull your vehicle aside from the road.

Try to find out the malfunction which is triggering this mode.

Don’t drive too far cause it may damage the performance of your engine.

What Should I Do If the ‘Reduced Engine Power’ message pops up?

You should not drive for a long time cause your vehicle will only run for a while,

then it will stop totally if this message pops up on your screen.

So, go to the nearest mechanic shop or home.

If your vehicle stops, then pull aside and call an expert mechanic.

Should I Rebuild an Engine or Replace It?

Amongst all the repairing costs, engine replacement is the most expensive.

If you are thinking of replacing your engine,

you may consider rebuilding the engine by yourself or fixing your engine with the help of an expert mechanic.

It takes a lot of time to rebuild an engine but saves a lot of money.

Is It Expensive to Fix an ‘Engine Power Reduced’ Problem?

Many factors cause this problem.

We have to use an OBDII scan tool to find the specific issue.

Then we can tell how much it will cost to fix the problem.

For example, if a dirty Throttle Body is causing the malfunction,

you will need to spend $150 to $250 to clean the Throttle Body to fix the problem.

So, no one can assume how much it will cost to fix the problem.

Because at first, you need to identify the problem causing the Engine Power Reduced Chevy Equinox.

Will Cleaning Throttle Body Solve This Problem?

Sometimes, a dirty Throttle Body causes Engine Power Reduced.

So, yes, it will solve the problem if caused by the dirty throttle body.

If a dirty throttle body doesn’t cause it, it won’t solve it.

What is the accurate Gas mileage of Chevy Equinox?

Usually, there are two engine options in Chevy Equinox-1.5L & 2.4L.

Both of them are 4 cylinders and come with 6-speed automatic transmission.

There are two types of driving options in Chevy Equinox-

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) & All Wheel Drive (AWD), which is also known as 4WD (4 Wheel Drive).

We have tested the mileage of both driving systems. Here is the result-

(a) 1.5L, FWD: Around 32 MPG on the highway & 26 MPG in the city.

(b) 1.5L, AWD: Around 31 MPG on the highway & 25 MPG in the city.

(c) 2.4L, FWD: Around 30 MPG on the highway & 25 MPG in the city.

(d) 2.4L, AWD: Around 28 MPG on the highway & 24 MPG in the city.

On average, the performance of both (1.5L & 2.4L) engines and both driving options (FWD & AWD) are not so different.

There is only a slight change in gas mileage.

We can say, on average, that the gas mileage is 29 on the highway and 25 in the city.

Without any doubt, Chevy Equinox is the best choice for you if you want to save gas money for your vehicle.

Equinox is incredibly an efficient vehicle for fuel economy.

Which Is the Best Chevy Equinox Engine?

There are two types of engines in Chevy Equinox-

(a) 1.5L (6-speed automatic transmission)

(b) 2.4L (6-speed automatic transmission)

Amongst these, 2.4L is the most used engine in the Chevy Equinox.

It’s been used in most Equinox vehicles from the 2011 to 2022 model.

On the other hand, the 1.5L engine is mostly used from the 2004 to 2010 model.

Chevy Equinox 1.5L Engine produces 170 HP @ 5,600 RPM while the 2.4L produces 182 HP @ 6700 RPM.


Every vehicle has its pros and cons.

Equinox has great mileage and durability. But it has some cons too.

Its engine sensors fail to function properly sometimes. If you think of your car as a human body.

Then the car should be checked up sometimes like the human body to ensure a safe and sound ride.

It’s very important that; the skilled and experienced mechanic should check up on the vehicle.

Every rider should learn about the basic function of their cars to diagnose any malfunction by themselves to solve the issues before the situation goes out of hand.

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