Top 06 Best Throttle Body Spacer For 5.3 Vortec (Reviews & Buying Guide: 2022)

Getting the best throttle body spacer for 5.3 Vortec might be a bit difficult since you have to get the best fit.

If your horsepower, torque, and even fuel economy mean anything to you, a throttle body spacer should be of necessity.

Different throttle body spacers are flooding the market daily.

Choosing the best throttle body spacer should be a priority.

In that regard, we have compiled this comprehensive best throttle body spacers review for you.

A Comparison Table of Top 06 Throttle Body Spacers For 5.3 Vortec

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What is the Best Throttle Body Spacer for 5.3 Vortec?

The best throttle body spacer for 5.3 is Airaid 200-543 Power Aid.

Airaid is a prominent brand in improving low-end torque and throttle response.

This model is appraised the best because of the focus charged on horsepower increase.

The general wellbeing of your throttle body is also of high importance.

Airaid is the overall best for better engine performance.

Also, the manufacturers of this product make sure to use the best aluminum material for a longer life span.

Why Airaid is the Best Throttle Body Brand for 5.3 Vortec?

The whole essence of a throttle body spacer is to increase torque, horsepower, and economy.

Airraid understands this assignment perfectly.

If you’re looking to improve high-rpm power, increase your throttle response, and have a healthy engine, then you should go for this.

This Airaid throttle body has a less than one-hour installation process.

It requires no need for drilling and cutting.

Prepare yourself for a better driving experience.

Top 06 Best Throttle Body Spacer For 5.3 Vortec (Reviews & Buying Guide: 2021)

01. Airaid 200-543 PowerAid (Best Overall)

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Highlighted Features

  • Less than an hour of installation.
  • No drilling or cutting is required.
  • Improves low-end torque, and throttle response.

Airaid 200-543 throttle body spacer is the first on our list. It was established with the ability to improve torques that are off-idle.

The enhancement can go from 800 rpm to almost 3,000 rpm.

This body spacer has a unique patented Helix Bore design which it utilizes.

The patented Helix Bore is used in spinning the charge of incoming air that passes through this throttle body spacer.

The velocity of this incoming air gets boosted by the spinning air action.

It also adds to the atomization of both fuel and air mixture amidst the air charge entering the combustion chamber.

At the end of all these, individuals will notice a change or improvement in the mid-range power as well as more part-throttle torque.

For the aluminum used in making this throttle body spacer, an aircraft quality billet 6061-T6 was the best pick.

In the spacer, there are gaskets, precision brackets, and hardware.

Using this body spacer assures you of a tougher mid-range power.


  • It is super simple to install.
  • It enhances throttle response.
  • Smooth accelerating feel.
  • It has a good air intake and spacer.
  • Better sound and increase in MPGs.


  • No whistle sound.
  • There’s little mileage increase.

02. Rough Country (Best for Performance)

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Highlighted Features

  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Easy installation for bolt-on.
  • An improved torque performance.

Rough Country has proven to be a unique throttle spacer.

The spacer was designed with a spiraling Helix design.

Good quality and durable aluminum were part of the materials present in making this throttle spacer.

The incoming air is forced into a high-velocity vortex.

It turns out to be a helper of an efficient and very potent fuel combustion process.

The whole process comes with a well-improved torque that performs better.

The fuel economy has never been better with throttle body spacers like Rough Country.

Using an OEM style rubber O-Ring Gasket which is superior to paper gaskets, installation should be smooth.

This gasket is present in the inferior kits.

With the 100% bolt-on installation, the modification will be easy.

Attaching all parts of the 5.3 throttle body spacer would be easy no need to worry.

The best part of this throttle spacer is that it works with as many engine sizes as 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L.


  • Life replacement warranty.
  • Proper assembling procedure.
  • Nice whistling sound.
  • It has a reasonable increment in throttle response.
  • Worth the price.


  • It might need cleaning and deburring.
  • The whistle might get old fast.

03. 2007-2013 Chevrado Silverado 1500 (Best for Heavy Duty)

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Highlighted Features

  • It needs no cutting or drilling.
  • It offers heavy-duty mid-range power.
  • Better low-end torque.

The throttle body spacer 5.3 Silverado comes with an enhancement of off-idle torque.

The off-idle torque will go from 800rpm to 3,000rpm approximately.

With the uniqueness of the spacer, it utilizes its patented Helix Bore design.

Its utilization comes in handy when it is time to spin the charge of incoming air that goes through the body spacer.

With this 2014 Silverado throttle body spacer, the velocity of any incoming air gets a boost by the spinning air action.

It also contributes to better atomization of air and fuel mixture as combustion chamber get air charge.

Expect better throttle response and maximization of fuel efficiency with this throttle body spacer.

After the installation, it will result in more part-throttle torque and improved mid-range power.

Aside from the 2014 Silverado, it is also compatible with several automobiles.

They include 2015 Silverado throttle body spacer, 2016 Silverado throttle body spacer, Tahoe and Avalanche 2007- 2014, Chevrolet Suburban, ESV, EXT, and Cadillac Escalade 2007-2013, and so on.


  • Improved performance.
  • Easy installation method.
  • Increased acceleration.
  • Value worthy.
  • Great gas mileage.


  • No difference in airflow noise.

04. Volant 725153 (Best for Value)

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Highlighted Features

  • 2003-2006 Silverado SS 0L
  • 2001-2006 Avalanche 5.3L Escalade 6.0L
  • 1999-1007 Classic ONLY

Making it the list is the Volant throttle-body spacers.

Volant was designed with the mission of proving that there can be an additional performance with the Volant’s Cool Air Intake system.

Volant comes with different materials like glass-filled nylon composite.

Those looking for powerful spacers can turn to Volant.

Due to the materials used in production, it is lightweight.

Install this behind your vehicle’s throttle body to promote a better throttle response.

The throttle body spacer also improves fuel efficiency but in a light way.


  • Smooth throttle response.
  • It comes with great improvement on low-end torque.
  • Increased MPGs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Little or no whistling.


  • Longer bolt for upper driver side hole.
  • Only fits the electronic throttle body.

05. Spectre Performance 11256 (Best for Easy Installation)

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Highlighted Features

  • Easy installation process.
  • High aluminum quality.

This best throttle body spacer for 5.3 Vortec was made from an aluminum material that has proven to be of high quality.

The engine performance of compatible vehicles is improved with Spectre throttle body spacers.

The body spacer utilizes the Venturi effect that increases the airflow speed to the intake manifold.

Utilization is done when there is an added volume to the intake manifold and the air is directed through a tapered internal constriction.

The throttle body spacer has kits that prove to fit specific applications in a wide range.

In each kit lies gaskets and hardware which are necessary to bolt the factory components directly.

All these make the installation process simple, and quick.


  • Increased intake volume.
  • Instant throttle response.
  • Noticeable MPG difference.
  • Good performance level.


  • Not worth the value and price.
  • Not compatible with new high-tech engines.

06. Rodafar Avalanche Silverado (Best for Compatibility)

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Highlighted Features

  • Great compatibility level.
  • High-performance level.
  • Great advantages.

This is one of the best throttle body spacers for 5.3 chevy. Rodafar is compatible with several throttle gaskets.

When it comes to high performance, Rodafar can be trusted. It was designed with solid billet aluminum that extends its life span.

The throttle body spacer is the best for improving low-end torque and boosting your throttle response.

There are several advantages of Rodafar. Some include creating a swirl of air like that of a tornado just in the intake manifold.

This is tornado-like experience is meant to deliver better fuel atomization.

The atomization is solely dependent on the construction and type of engine involved.

Any engine with throttle body injection will benefit from the addition unlike engines with multiport inject.

Throttle body spacers are supposed to fit over the nubs when assembling them.

They are designed to take up any extra physical slack, which results in throttles that are easy to modulate and more responsive.

Check the model of your vehicle before purchasing this throttle body spacer.


  • It improves low torque.
  • Designed to fit over nubs.
  • The kit enhances the accuracy of rev-matched downshifts.
  • Very responsive throttle.


  • Have to check the vehicle model before

Buying Guide For Best Throttle Body Spacers For 5.3 Chevy

We are through with our review of the best 5.3 Vortec throttle body spacers, the ball is on your court.

Choose the one that best appeals to you and works perfectly for your engine.

There are options to choose from so making a choice might prove difficult.

This part of our guide will oversee the vital factors to consider when buying a body spacer.

At What Point Should You Consider Changing Your Body Spacer?

When you start noticing some changes in engine power and noise, it calls for an alarm.

Some sounds should not come from a vehicle so pay attention to every sound your engine makes.

Reduced horsepower and gas mileage are reasons you might want to change your throttle body spacer.

Driving a vehicle with a slow throttle can be frustrating, but a new throttle body will help in boosting the responsiveness of your throttle.

Instead of changing the whole engine right away, consider changing the parts one after another.

Why should you change your throttle body spacer?

There are several benefits of a throttle body spacer.

These benefits would be evident after installation.

A new throttle body has high support of horsepower increase.

This is done by reducing the air restrictions in your engine.

Throttle response is another benefit as it ensures that the engine gets up and stays awake.

A change of throttle body spacer will give the engine more breathing space as it makes power to work with.

How to Make the Right Choice for the Best Throttle Body Spacer?

Type of engine and vehicle

A throttle spacer is selected if the engine and vehicle type are known.

Individuals need to pay attention to little details of such to avoid situations like returning.

To save yourself the stress of going through return policies, check the compatibility of the throttle with your vehicle.

There are only a few body spacers with high compatibility, one of those is mentioned above.

Make sure that the year and name of your vehicle are filled rightly during the purchasing moment.

Most spacers are better used with older engines.

New engines might not find a match for throttle body spacers.


Different vehicles come with different throttle size.

Your throttle body spacer size can be checked using easy steps.

This is done by measuring just through the bay for the thickness.

Throttle body spacers has a wide point on a double application.

If you’re familiar with a spacer measuring tool, try using the tool to measure the throttle body size.

This has proven to be an accurate way to measure a throttle body size.


Without a budget, you might get find yourself in a shopping loop.

Since every throttle has some unique features, you might be tempted to go for more than what is needed.

There are a lot of throttle body spacers for 5.3 Vortec and so many other models with great value for money.

Follow your budget as you consider which body spacer to purchase.

Throttle Kit

The throttle kits hold spacers needed for the throttle.

Thanks to the throttle kits, throttles can be modified into any riding condition.

These throttle kits come in small sizes.

They also contain other parts which increase the performance level of the vehicle.

Getting a kit that suits your engine model is of the essence.


Are throttle body spacers reliable?

Yes, throttle body spacers are reliable. The units are designed with solid billet aluminum which makes them very strong and competent.

The installation comes easily and is smooth.

The throttle body spacer can last for as long as your engine goes.

Be sure to purchase that which matches your vehicle to avoid returning and complaints.

What is a throttle body spacer?

The small circle metal that gets installed in the place of a throttle body gasket is called a throttle body spacer.

This circle is placed amid the intake system and the throttle body.

The body spacer can create extra space for air (no matter how small, and lengthen the intake manifold effectively.

Note that the extra space created does not lead to so much air intake. Instead, it provides a way for the high-pressure wave that goes through the intake runner.

Without the same damage, thus offers quite the same benefits seen from a variable intake runner.

What does a throttle body spacer do?

Throttle body spacers are designed to increase the performance of your engine and throttle.

The small ring of metal helps in fuel economy improvement.

With the simple sample design, both drivers and dynos might start to wonder how well these spacers work.

Believing that the heavy-duty done by some of these body spacers is difficult.

However, individuals can be sure of a good amount of improvement.

The modifications and functions of the throttle need to be understood before one can understand how it works.

Is horsepower increased by throttle body spacers?

The modifications on the engine have the gains from the throttle body spacer dependent on it.

Horsepower automatically increases each time there is an addition of a throttle body.

The added horsepower ranges from five to twenty-five horsepower sometimes, but it depends on the work done by other modifications to this engine.

It is important to note that the gains from this throttle body spacer vary.

Some individuals believe that a throttle body spacer gives an aesthetic feeling instead of doing its actual work.

However, people install throttle body spacers because of an increment in gas mileage, as well as better throttle response.

Do throttle body spacers make sounds?

There are throttle body spacers that make weird sounds after being installed.

Be aware of any sound that seems to be a noise or a whistle.

The noise might sound like a small turbo.

Every product comes with a product description that should tell if the throttle body spacer should make any form of sound.

Can a throttle body spacer increase gas mileage?

One of the beautiful parts of a throttle body spacer is an improvement in fuel economy.

Although the increase in gas mileage might seem minimal, it helps the engine function better.

Throttle body spacers come with different fuel economizations.

The throttle body spacer you get can either help your engine or hurt it.

It is with regard to fuel economy.

Improved engine performance might spell doom for fuel economy.

And a less improved engine performance will result in increased gas mileage.

Is Silverado’s throttle body spacer worth it?

There are many things the Silverado throttle body spacer does, and there are great benefits as well.

To start with, the throttle body spacer 5.3 enhances an off-idle torque.

An increase between 800rpm and 3000rpm will be very significant.

Along with the enhancement, the Silverado throttle body spacer boosts velocity.

Carry out this boost by using a spinning action.

The air charge and combustion relation make the atomization of fuel and air possible.

Now it is right to say that the Silverado body spacer is worth every penny you spend on it.

Would throttle body spacers need a tune?

Take note that the overall performance of your engine as well as its delivery of air or fuel is not affected by the throttle body spacers.

Not all spacers come with a great performance level.

Both high and low-performance spacers do not exactly need a tune after installation.

Some vehicles that require a tune would be identified.

The pre-2005 vehicles do not require a tune when a fresh throttle body is added.

But for vehicles of 2005 and above, we recommend a tune when throttle body spacers are changed.

Can throttle body spacers increase the responsiveness of a throttle?

Of course! Throttle body spacers surely increase throttle response.

In the actual sense of it, the spacers are in charge of the level of responsiveness of the throttle.

Along with this, the throttle also improves low to mid-range power and also increases fuel economy.

The throttle body spacers were designed to achieve all these features through some means.

Some of these means include spinning the air and speeding up this process just as the air enters the engine.

What is an intake manifold spacer?

Through the throttle body spacer, air flows into the intake manifold.

It is then circulated accordingly to the combustion cylinders.

In this combustion cylinder, the mixture of air-fuel is kindled.

All these cause an explosion which now moves the pistons and probably your car engine.

When the intake valve closes, a high-pressure wave is formed.

It then figures a way through the intake runners but away from the cylinder.

There are some similarities between the throttle body spacers and variable intake manifolds.

The thought that body spacers claim to be working by increasing turbulence is one of the similarities.

How can I install a throttle body spacer?

An extra amount of horsepower and performance is gotten from installing a throttle body spacer.

A cold air intake system is vital during this installation process as well.

Before installing a throttle body spacer, you need rags, a socket wrench, and a cleaning solution.

Instructions attached to a throttle body spacer have to be examined before installation.

This way everything will be alright; nuts would be placed in the right hole, and so on.


This guide has explained throttle body spacers in full term.

Using the list above, the buying guide, and FAQs, it is safe to say that the best throttle body spacer for 5.3 Vortec is Airaid 200-543 PowerAid.

However, these spacers offer easy installation methods, improve low-end torque, enhance throttle response, and give you the best engine experience.

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