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Best CV Axle for Silverado 1500 [Top 08 Picks with Buying Guide : 2022]

When it comes to choosing the right cv axle for your Silverado 1500, it could be tricky.

This is largely owed to the numerous cv axle products today.

It is quite easy to buy the wrong axle for your truck.

It is important to know about choosing the best cv axle for Silverado 1500.

You should understand that the numerous cv axle brands available today are made to suit some specific car models.

We advise you to look at the list of vehicles that the axle you are choosing is compatible with.

Here are some of the best cv axles for the Silverado 1500 and the cv axle brand that we consider the best for the truck.

All of these 08 CV axles will fit perfectly in GMC Sierra 1500.

So, these are the best CV axle for GMC Sierra 1500 also.

Top 08 Best CV Axle for Silverado 1500 : 2022

Auto Shack
Detroit Axle


What is the Best CV Axle for Silverado 1500?

The Bodeman axle is seen as the best axle for the Silverado 1500, and this is because of the numerous features that it has that no other brand has.

The Bodeman is a perfect fit for the Silverado 1500.

Unlike other brands of cv axle, which may or may not be perfect for this truck, you can be sure that the Bodeman will fit.

The Bodeman stands out among many other brands, making it highly sought in the market.

Professionals recommend this axle part to their clients because of the wide variety of benefits to give your Silverado 1500.

Apart from the Bodeman axle, there are still other axle brands that will be perfect for your Silverado 1500.

One of which is the DTA GM61126112.

The DTA axle has a lot of benefits to give your Silverado 1500.

It gives your truck a smooth driving experience and is also very durable.

Compared with the Bodeman axle, it may not be a perfect fit for all Silverado trucks.

It is best to check the list of cars that the DTA axle fits before buying.

This will save you a lot of time and money.

Why Bodeman is the Best CV Axle Brand for Silverado 1500?

Many aspects of the Bodeman cv axle make it a perfect match with the Silverado 1500.

One of the features that makes it the best for your Silverado 1500 is that it is a perfect fit for the truck.

You do not need to re-adjust the axle or go under any stress just to make the axle fit in, like with many axle brands.

The axle also gives your truck a unique and smooth driving experience, like you just bought the truck.

The axle is built in such a way to perform better than the OEM axle of the truck.

Bodeman experts have studied the problems of getting an axle.

They ensure that once their axle is installed in your truck, you do not experience those problems.

Another reason this axle is perfect for your truck is that it is durable.

It is made from special steel that makes it stronger and lasts longer.

It is also heat and rust-resistant.

Detailed Reviews of the Top 08 Best CV Axle for Silverado 1500

01. Bodeman GC-8-8684


Highlighted Features

  • Fits both sides
  • Features fast transmission of torque
  • 2 axle shaft
  • High heat tolerance

Bodeman is one of the best aftermarket cv axles available for sale today.

It offers a completely compatible 2-pair front CV axle for your Silverado truck.

This feature is what makes it very popular among truck users.

The cv axle has one of the highest compatibility rates compared to other cv axle brands, which makes it highly demanded, especially among professionals.

The Bodeman cv axle is made by a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that have taken it upon themselves to give out good services.

They can properly bring together every part of this axle to make it properly suit your Silverado truck.

Another feature that makes this cv axle stand out is the body structure that makes it easy to install.

The makers of this axle have it in that it could be difficult to install these parts most times.

With this in mind, they have been able to structure the axle to be easier to install.

So, if you are installing the cv axle yourself, you should consider the Bodeman GC-8-8684.

Check the model year of your vehicle and place the order.

Model YearBrandDetail



  • Cheaper price
  • Highly compatible
  • Fully assembled components
  • Easy installation
  • High-performance results


  • It does not feature ABS

02. DTA GM61126112


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with stock parts
  • Heat tolerance ‘
  • Quality steel parts
  • Quality certified

The DTA  GM61126112 is another quality aftermarket cv axle that is in high demand in the market.

The axle is highly compatible with the Chevy Silverado and GMC Terrain trucks.

This brand of cv axle comes with 2 cv units, which will fit into each side of the front axle.

It also comes with extra ABS rings, bolts, and a dust shield.

These cv axles have a special feature that allows users to install them at the driver’s or passenger’s side.

It is designed to be easy to install, making it simpler for you if you will be installing it yourself.

It is a perfect solution to help completely get rid of noises and vibrations that may be coming from your wheel.

Another amazing thing about this axle is that it is made to function perfectly with the stock parts of your truck.

You also do not need any special tools or professional assistance in the installation process.

This means you do not need to change any part of your Silverado truck during the installation.

The only problem with this axle is that it may have compatibility issues; we advise that you check specified vehicles it is compatible with before buying.

There are 02 models of DTA CV axels that perfectly fit in Silverado 1500 & GMC Sierra 1500.

Click here to check the price

Model NumberBrandDetail
DT 1611261121DTA
GM 61126112DTA



  • Easy installation
  • It gets rid of sound and vibrations
  • Nice design
  • High performance
  • High heat resistance


  • Compatibility issues

 03. AutoShack DSK052052


Highlighted Features

  • Manual and automatic transmission type
  • Includes axle nuts
  • Molybdenum disulfide lithium grease type
  • Black coating

The AutoShack DSK052052 cv axle is a high-performance axle that gives your Silverado truck a smooth ride.

It is best used with a 4-wheel drive Silverado truck.

The axle comes with extra axle bolts and other accessories.

One aspect that makes this axle highly sort is quite affordable.

This AutoShack has a cheaper price when compared to other types of axles.

A team of experts carefully assembles this aftermarket part.

AutoShack is a company that deals with car parts with over 40 years of experience.

With this experience, they have created some of the best aftermarket auto parts.

Their aftermarket cv axle has great reviews by customers.

It is also popular for being a great fit for GMC and Silverado trucks that it is compatible with.

Check your Silverado 1500’s manufactured year for a perfect fit.

Model YearBrandDetail
1999-2006Auto Shack
2007-2022Auto Shack



  • High resistance to heat
  • Not rebuilt, completely new parts.
  • High resistance to pressure
  • High performance
  • Affordable


  • Compatibility issue

04. Detroit Axle 2X1900511-DA


Highlighted Features

  • Can-shaped interior
  • 33 outer splines
  • 6 bolt-on for inner spline
  • Moly grease

The Detroit Axle is a popular brand among professionals and car users.

They are known for delivering some of the best auto parts, and the Detroit Axle 2X1900511-DA is one of them.

The axle is well designed with solid features.

It features 2 axle shafts, that is, for both sides of the vehicle.

The axle is meant for front-wheel-drive trucks.

It also has premium neoprene boots, which ensure that the axle is not affected by high temperatures when driving.

The axle is designed to surpass the OEM axle’s durability, performance, and design.

It is built to be heavier and has better features than many other axle products.

Another feature that makes this axle a great option is that it is easy to install.

It is important to note when installing this axle, you should ensure that all screws should be tightened properly and the joints should be properly placed.

The problem with this type of axle is that it is not wholly assembled and may not be compatible with all vehicles.


  • Easy installation
  • Impressive design
  • Durable
  • Well packed
  • Properly greased parts


  • It is not the best fit for all cars
  • Not assemble wholly

05. BuyAutoParts 90-900832D


Highlighted Features

  • Best fits for compatible vehicles
  • Fully assemble
  • 2 axle crankshaft

The BuyAutoParts 90-900832D is a new cv axle product in the market that has become increasingly popular.

It is the best fit for the Chevy 1500 truck and many other Chevy and Escalade trucks.

It is a high-performance part that provides good handling and a smooth ride for your truck.

The axle also has a coating that helps prevent rust and adds to its durability.

The axle part is designed to work perfectly with your OEM.

It is a design that guarantees easy installation and does not require professional help.

One major problem with this axle is that it is not suitable for lifted vehicles.


  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Durability
  • High performance
  • Suitable with OEM parts


  • It is not suitable with lifted vehicles
  • May not be compatible with all vehicles

06. TRQ ‎CSA82439


Highlighted Features

  • 2 axle shaft
  • 2 years warranty
  • Direct fit
  • Certified part

TRQ is a well-known auto parts company that has made some of the unique auto parts used today.

Their parts are high in demand due to their unique design.

The TRQ ‎CSA82439 is not an exemption to their works.

This cv axle is made to replace your faulted axle perfectly in your Chevy Silverado properly.

The axle, when installed, will make your car good as new.

It gives your Silverado truck a smooth and stressful ride.

It also eliminates noise that your vehicle may have developed due to a bad axle.

The axle is built under a state-of-the-art facility by combining the parts made by made from premium quality materials that have been tested.

It is also quite affordable compared to other axles and its quality.

You can easily install this axle just like the previously mentioned brands.

Due to its design, it allows for less complicated installation and fast installation.

You do not need professional help or complicated tools to install this axle.

It also has some special material components with anti-heat features that allow the axle to last longer.


  • Heat resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Best fit for compatible vehicles


  • It does not fit all vehicles.

07. ODM GC-8-8690


Highlighted Features

  • Verified through OE standards
  • Wholly assembled
  • Best fit for compatible vehicles
  • 2 axle shaft

ODM is equally a nice product with a perfect fit for Silverado trucks.

The ODM is a major auto parts company that pays attention to details when making its products.

They are seen as problem solvers and do waste time finding new ways to solve problems in cars.

This feature makes them stand out from other brands of auto parts makers.

They are specified in making auto parts that best fit GMC and Chevy Silverado trucks.

This axle has a great review from buyers online.

Some of the reviews point out that the axle is one of the easiest to install.

Reviews from buyers also show that it is durable.

It is also resistant to heat and corrosion, which is the secret to its durability.

Like many other axle products, one problem faced by this axle is that it is not the best fit for all vehicles. You should check the list of vehicles that it is compatible with before buying the axle.


  • Heat resistant
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Fully assembled
  • Features extra accessories


  • Compatibility issues

08. CCIYU 831798


Highlighted Features

  • Assembled parts
  • 2 axle driveshaft
  • Molybdenum greasing

The CCIYU 831798 is an excellent choice for Silverado trucks.

It offers best-fit compatibility with the Chevy Silverado 1500, Chevy Tahoe, and many other amazing Chevy and GMC trucks.

It guarantees high performance once installed.

It features a special molybdenum greasing that allows for the durability of the parts.

You can expect a smooth drive and a total elimination of sounds coming from the wheels when installed.


  • Durability
  • High performance
  • Easy installation
  • Well greased parts


  • Compatibility issue

Buying Consideration for the Best CV Axle for Silverado 1500

Before buying an aftermarket cv axle, it is important that you consider some necessary factors.

Some of these factors include-

01. Performance and functionality

You must consider the function and performance of the cv axle you have decided to buy.

This is very important because you do not want to get an axle that does not work properly for your vehicle.

The question is, how do you know if an axle product will perform well?

The answer is through reviews.

Getting reviews from people who have used the axle you are getting will give you an insight into what you should expect.

If you will be buying online, scroll down to the review section and read through the comments if you buy online.

If you are buying from a store, get someone who used the brand on a similar vehicle like yours and ask questions.

You can also visit a professional for advice.

02. Fit

Fit is another aspect of the axle that should be considered.

There are different types of cv axles, and they are made to fit into different models of cars.

It is important to know the type of axle that will fit your car perfectly before opting for one.

You can know by referring to your car manual.

Buying the wrong axle could make you lose a lot of money, especially when buying an expensive one.

You must look at the various vehicles that the axle can work with and ensure that your vehicle is among them.

03. Durability

Durability is one of the essential factors to consider before buying an axle.

You do not want to have to change the axle all the time, and this is why you need to get an axle with a long-lasting feature.

Many axle products out in the market are prone to overheat and get rust easily.

You have an axle with an anti-rust rust and heat component.

Axle products like the Bodeman axle are made with special steel that does not allow the axle to get heated easily.

The axle also has a protective coating that helps keep foreign materials out and protects against rusting or corrosion.

04. Price

It is a popular belief that expensive products give the best quality.

This is not always true in the case of the cv axle.

Yes, many expensive cv axle products offer great and unique features for your vehicle to enjoy.

There are still some axle products that are affordable and also give out some of the best features.

You should create a budget for your axle, which will prevent you from spending too much.

05. Installation

Installation is one-factor people forget to consider when buying an aftermarket product.

It is essential because it can save you a lot of stress and money.

If you install the axle yourself, you should get an axle with a less complicated installation process.

FAQs About the Best CV Axle for Silverado 1500

01. What are the signs of a bad axle?

It is important to take note of signs that your vehicle might be showing off a bad axle.

It is why you need to have the proper knowledge of how to identify these signs.

The first sign of a vehicle with a bad axle is the clicking noise from the wheel(s).

The clicking noise may advance to a knocking sound if not checked properly.

Another sign of a bad cv axle is vibration coming from the wheels.

If the vibration comes with a bouncing feeling when driving, you need to get your vehicle checked.

You should note that these symptoms could also result from other factors.

It is why you should have proper diagnostic don on the vehicle.

02. Can you drive a Silverado without a CV axle?

You can not drive a Silverado truck without a cv axle.

The cv axle is an important part of the vehicle and places an important role in the vehicle’s movement.

It acts as a device that collects power from the vehicle’s transmission and then sends it to the wheels, allowing it to move.

Without the cv axle, your Silverado will either have difficulty moving or will not move at all.

It is important that once the cv axle of your Silverado gets damaged, you repair it immediately.

Delay in repair could further damage other parts of the wheel.

03. What happens when the CV axle goes bad?

Driving a car with a damaged cv axle is very risky and should be checked before further damage is done to the car.

Once the cv axle starts to go bad back, the vehicle’s wheels will be pulled to one side.

The car will not look stable, and you will begin to lose handling because the wheels no longer have power.

A further effect is that the cv joint breaks and the wheels completely stop moving.

It could cause a serious accident and can be dangerous to the driver and passengers if this happens while the car is in motion.

04. Who makes the best replacement CV Axles for a 2006 Silverado 2500hd?

If you are looking for the best cv axle for the 2006 Silverado 2500hd, the Bodeman cv axle is yours.

The axle is perfect for heavy-duty cars has it has a structure that can withstand any form of environment it is driving in.

It is also a perfect fit for the Silverado trucks and durable too.

Final Thought

As we know, choosing the best cv axle for Silverado 1500 can be tricky; we can make it a bit easier for you to choose.

We consider the Bodeman the best cv axle for the Silverado 1500.

It is because the axle part offers the best compatibility for this truck.

Comparing it with other axle products stands out in terms of compatibility and is the best fit.

Also, the Bodeman gives a lot of features that other axle products do not offer.

It is one of the easiest to install, which will help you save about $100 in hiring a professional.

The axle also gives the Silverado truck a better driving experience.

So, when you are looking for the best cv axle for your Silverado 1500, be sure to get the Bodeman cv axle.

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