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Top 05 Best 4l60e Torque Converter (Reviews & Buying Guide : 2022)

If your vehicle’s transmission is slipping or you’re dealing with speed changes, then you probably need the best 4l60e torque converter.

A good 4l60e torque converter allows the torque to be transmitted to the vehicle’s transmission system.

When your vehicle with a 4l60e transmission needs a torque converter, choosing one that fits your car is essential.

This guide will cover the top 4l60e torque converters for your vehicle.


A Comparison Table of Top 05 Torque Converter For 4l60e

‎Shift Rite

What is the Best 4l60e Torque Converter?

After extensive research, the top 4l60e torque converter for your vehicle is the TORCO GM Chevy GMC Torque Converter.

Torco is a well-known brand in the torque converters market, and a leading manufacturer of precision machined parts, known for their high quality and cost-efficient designs.

The company has been running for over 27 years and boasts ninety-nine percent satisfied customers.

What makes Torco stand out from other torque converters is its balanced design that prevents vibration while you drive.

Why Torco is the Best Brand for 4l60e Torque Converter?

A 4l60e torque converter must provide stable transmission, and Torco understands this assignment well.

With its balanced converters, you can enjoy your vehicle better without disrupting your driving experience and even improve it.

Each part of this torque converter has gone through quality inspections to provide durable and high-quality performance so you can use it for a long time.

This powers your vehicle as you drive on- and off-road, preventing shaking, and slipping and speed changes.

Top 05 Torque Converter for 4l60e (Reviews & Buying Guide : 2022)

01. TORCO GM Chevy GMC Stock 12.5″ Diameter 300mm Torque Converter (Best Overall)


Highlighted Features:

  • 3-pad mounts.
  • 30-spline fix.
  • 5-inch diameter.
  • Ideal for stock and stall.

The Torco GM Chevy GMC Stock 12.5″ Diameter 300mm Torque Converter is a dependable device for your 4l60e transmission.

This is at the top of our best torque converter for towing 4l60e, and it goes through a five-step quality inspection and is remanufactured based on OEM specs.

With this torque converter, you can enjoy smoothness and cleanness as you drive.

It is pressure tested to prevent leaks and running out.

The converter is also balanced for vibration, providing more value for your money.

The Torco GM Chevy GMC Stock Torque Converter is a perfect option, whether you need a huge stall or stock for your vehicle.

It is fitted with a 3-pad mount and a 30-spline fix.


  • Balanced to prevent vibration while driving.
  • Works for huge stall and stock needs.
  • Parts go through a five-step quality inspection.
  • Pressure tested to avoid leaks.
  • Provides more value for your money.


  • A bit challenging to install.

02. TTC GM92 High Stall 4L60E Torque Converter (Best High Stall Unit)


Highlighted Features:

  • 2200-2500 Stall.
  • 30-spline input shaft.
  • Compatible with Chevy and GM RWD.

Next on our list is this 4l60e high stall converter, which would fit most Chevy or GM vehicles with 5.7L, 4.8L, 6.0L, and 5.3L engines.

This torque converter would wake your truck up while giving you good value for your money, and the stall is higher than the stock.

We added this to our best 4l60e torque converter units because of the super high stall and how it locks up just fine on your rear-wheel drive, offering up to 2500 stall and a 30-spline input shaft.

You can have up to 3000 to 3100 miles in it to surpass the stall numbers, and it would still work impressively.

It is also durable.


  • It can take up to 3000 miles.
  • Locks up tightly on your RWD.
  • Offers more stall than stock.
  • Highly durable.
  • Compatible with a wide range of engine types.


  • It might require a tuner.

03. TRANS_ONE Chevy GMC High Stall Torque Converter (Best for Heavy-Duty Operation)


Highlighted Features:

  • 12-inch diameter.
  • 30 spline count.
  • 3 pads mount.
  • 11-inch bolt circle.

The Trans One torque converter is a 3200 stall converter 4l60e, which stands out for its high stall heavy-duty operation.

The converter is only compatible with 5.3L and 6.0L Chevy and GMC engines but offers three pad mounts and a 12-inch diameter.

It is well designed for lockup and machined for a smooth surface for easy use and installation.

The converter is checked for runout and pressure tested to prevent leaks while it operates.

It is also spin checked using an input shaft and balances out your car by avoiding vibrations.


  • Offers heavy-duty operation.
  • Designed for smooth lockup.
  • No problems with leaks and runout.
  • Spin-checked with the input shaft.


  • Only compatible with two engine types.

04. Patriot Transmission & Performance 2 Piece Transmission (Best Value)


Highlighted Features:

  • Transmission and torque converter pair.
  • 275 HP provided.
  • Aluminum accumulators.

This Patriot Transmission & Performance 2 Piece transmission and the torque converter are next on our list, and it is a huge step up from previous models.

It is mainly a transmission system but comes with a free stock torque converter, offering up to 275 HP.

You can expect leading performance and long-lasting life from this 4l60e transmission torque converter.

The transmission is fitted with high energy clutches and features a brushing set.

Rather than plastic accumulators, it also comes with aluminum accumulators for better performance.

It has been redesigned for better lubrication, and the stock torque converter is dependable.


  • Highly durable aluminum accumulators.
  • Features high energy clutches.
  • Offers good lubrication.
  • Durable design.
  • Transmission and torque converter combo.


  • Transmission might not be needed.

05. Shift Rite Transmissions replacement for 4L60E Torque Converter (Best for Easy Installation)


Highlighted Features:

  • 1400 to 1600 medium stall.
  • Fits 300mm.
  • Lockup model.
  • Compatible with vans and trucks.

Finally, we have a 4l60e performance torque converter, the Shift Rite Transmissions model.

It is a lockup unit compatible with vans, trucks, and diesel, with engines of 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, and 6.0L.

You get up to 1600 stall with this converter, only fitting 300mm.

The best part about this remanufactured torque converter is its easy installation, as it comes ready to go from the box.

It features a core charge, so keep this in mind before purchasing.


  • Compatible with a wide range of engine types.
  • Easy to install.
  • Smooth lockup.
  • The medium stall is impressive.


  • Features a core charge.

Buying Guide

Before choosing one of our top torque converters for 4l60e, it’s essential to learn more about whether you need this and how you can select one that works best for your vehicle.

01. What is a Torque Converter?

Vehicles with automatic transmission don’t have a clutch that would disconnect the transmission from the engine.

Instead, they use a torque converter, which connects the transmission to the engine.

So if you use a 4l60e transmission, you need a corresponding converter.

02. How to Buy the Best 4l60e Torque Converter


It would be very disappointing to purchase a torque converter that doesn’t fit your car, but if you’re new to mechanics, then it would be a bit difficult to understand the size.

Thus, this is an essential factor to consider when choosing your torque converter.

The converters are usually between seven and twelve diameters, which are recommended sizes.

Keep in mind that the smaller the torque converter, the smaller the fluid pumped through.

With this, you get less drag on the inside of the converter.

Sometimes when you try to install a torque converter, it appears like it’s too big, but it can fit with a little more effort.

Engine Type

Another factor to consider is the type of engine your car is fitted in.

Torque converters usually include the engine types they are compatible with, and if your engine isn’t listed there, then it’s not advisable to purchase it.

You can also contact the manufacturer with your make, model and year details, so they give you a suitable converter.

It is also essential to have your stall speed and midrange coincide if you’re going for a stall, not a 4l60e stock torque converter.

Also, small torque converters won’t go well with big-block engines, so it’s best to look for larger units.

Tire Dimensions

The tire dimensions of your car also play an essential role in selecting a good torque converter.

These would influence the ratio of your gear axle and, therefore, affect the stall speed.

You can go for larger tires to increase the stock 4l60e torque converter stall speed.


There are different torque converters, so this is a good thing to look at if you’re choosing one.

There are stall and stock converters, and you can also see single disc lockup models or heavy-duty models with two discs.

The latter would be a better choice for those who want to go all-in.

A heavy-duty torque converter is a perfect choice if you need something that has a high capacity for massive levels of torque without being affected.

It would also increase the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

Stall Speed

One other factor you need to keep in mind is the torque converter’s stall speed.

In the specs, you can see 2600 stall converter 4l60e, which offers 2600 revolutions per minute.

Converters between 2,200 and 2700 rpm are compatible with a wide range of transmissions and engines.


One more critical factor is the budget that you are working with.

The good thing is torque converters are a relatively affordable car part.

So, you won’t have to break the bank to get one for your vehicle.

They are also usually easy to install, allowing you to save money.

03. How Do You Know You Need a New 4l60e Torque Converter?

You might need a new 4l60e torque converter if the one in your vehicle is going bad, but how do you tell?

Here are the main tell-tales that show you need a new one.

Strange Sounds

If you hear rattling or whining noises when you drive, this is a sign that your torque converter has gone bad.

In this case this video can help you.

It isn’t very loud when you park the vehicle, but it will become louder when you start driving from the car park to the road.

You should check the torque converter first if you hear these noises.

Shaky Vehicle

Another sign that you need a new torque converter for 4l60e is when your vehicle is shaky.

If you drive at 40 miles per hour or more, you can experience some shakiness, which shows that the converter is faulty.

Whenever this happens, you should get it checked out right away.

Shifting Issues

If you notice that your gear shift is feeling hard or rough, it shows that your torque converter is bad.

You can reverse this by purchasing a new torque converter.

This lowers the output pressure and delays your shift or makes it slow.

Speed Inconsistencies

As you drive, you might notice that your vehicle’s acceleration suddenly increases or decreases.

When this happens, you should check your torque converter first.

A faulty converter would cause inconsistent output, making your vehicle difficult to drive.

Slipping Transmission

A faulty 4l60e torque converter would not manage the flow of transmission fluid going into the transmission.

This causes it to send too much or too little transmission fluid, leading to a slipping transmission.

It would also reduce the fuel economy of the vehicle.

FAQ’s About Best 4l60e Torque Converter

01. How Does a Torque Converter Work?

A torque converter is located between the engine and transmission, with a flex plate in the area where it is installed.

Whenever the crankshaft moves, the flex plate would spin.

This leads to torque energy translating from the engine to the transmission for smooth driving on your automatic vehicle.

02. What is Stall Speed?

While checking the product descriptions, you would have noticed the best stall converter for 4l60e offered speeds between 1400 and 3100.

The stall speed is the speed at which the torque converter would restrict the engine speed when the transmission’s output is prevented.

The revolutions per minute of the engine would stall when the torque converter stops the transfer of engine power to the vehicle’s transmission.

03. How Do I Know that My Torque Converter Fits?

Three signs show your torque converter perfectly matches your engine and fuel pump.

For one, the length of the converter is an essential factor.

So, you should compare it to your converter.

If they are similar, then it works.

You can also check the inside diameter and the depth of the hub slot.

Most torque converters might look too big for the space but would fit in when you push it a little bit more.

04. Should I Get a Large or Small Diameter?

A small diameter on your torque converter would negatively affect your driving experience, prevent agile handling and dissipate the extra heat in slow and smooth driving.

If you drive a heavy street-use vehicle, then a big diameter with a low amount of stall speed would do the trick.

But, if you go for smaller diameters and higher stall speed, you get good suspension and traction as you drive.

So, before making a decision, you should check the dimensions of your vehicle or plan to modify the converter to increase the stall speed.

05. Can I Upgrade the Transmission Cooler and Install a New Torque Converter at the Same Time?

It’s advisable to get as much transmission cooler as you can fit while you install a new torque converter.

Higher stall speeds give off a lot of heat, which is caused because of increased fluid friction.

This heat causes the transmission fluid to reduce, thereby reducing its lubrication ability.

So, if you’re going higher than the cooling capacity of your engine, your car compensates with an additional cooler.

04. Why Should I Invest In the Best 4l60e Torque Converter?

It is dangerous to drive a car with a faulty torque converter, which is why it is essential to purchase a new one once you notice that yours is defective.

But buying any converter you see in the market is counterproductive, as this can lead to vibrations or leaking.

It also might not fit and would end up wasting your money.

This is why it is vital to research and purchase a good model.

05. Can I Install My 4l60e Torque Converter Myself?

Yes, you can.

If you know tools and DIY mechanics, you can follow the instructions manual and install your new 4l60e torque converter.

You can watch this video for visual process of installation.


Some converters also come assembled out of the box, so you must remove the previous unit and put the new one.

But if you’re not confident, it is advisable to ask for professional help.

To install it, first position the transmission on a workbench or garage floor.

Then, remove the original torque converter by pulling it towards you with a gentle rocking motion, like a steering wheel.

Take your new converter and fill a quarter of new fluid in it before installing it.

Follow the instructions manual and place the torque converter in your car.

06. What Factors Affect Purchase of Torque Converters?

When purchasing a torque converter, you need to consider the size, gear ratio, stall speed, engine type, type, tire dimensions, price, vehicle

weight, type of fuel system, compression ratio, engine displacement, cam profile, and the year and model of the automatic transmission.

You can call the manufacturer of your choice to ask if their torque converter would fit your vehicle’s make, model, and year and engine type.

07. What Happens If My Torque Converter is not well installed?

If you don’t install your torque converter properly, it causes the immediate failure of the fluid pump once you start your car.

Then, you would have to remove the transmission for repairs, leading to more costs on your vehicle.

It’s essential to leave this in the hands of an experienced professional rather than do it yourself if you’re not skilled with mechanics.

08. What Determines My Stall Speed?

The stall speed of your vehicle depends on the engine power of your car and the capability of the torque converter.

The best stall converter for 4l60e must translate the engine power into motion, making the transmission’s input shaft move the vehicle.

If you use a larger vehicle, the engine would need to give off more horsepower to accommodate the large size.

This can also increase the stall speed.

09. Is Stall Speed the Same for All Engines?

If you purchase a 4l60e torque converter with 2600 stall speed, it would be different for all engines, for example.

This is because the performance of a torque converter depends mainly on the engine output.

So, you should check what engines the torque converters you want to buy go well with before purchase.

10. Can I Get a Multi-Purpose Converter for Street Use?

You will have to make some compromises if you want a converter that powers your vehicle six days a week while working optimally on the day of your race.

But automatic transmission vehicles are known for being able to provide more stall speed while cruising comfortably with your clutch still locked up.

11. How Do I Know My Converter is a Lockup Model?

We included some lockup converters on our list, so this would clear up your question.

A lockup converter contains a clutch, which automatically engages with the engine while you accelerate.

It locks the engine with the transmission input shaft to give you a straightforward 1:1 drive ratio.

The manufacturers usually include lockup for those that offer this feature.

You can identify a lockup model by checking the specs.


Now that you know the best 4l60e torque converter choices, you know what to choose if and when your present torque converter is misbehaving.

You need to consider the crucial factors and compare our top five options to each other before deciding which one would work best for your vehicle.

It also helps to contact the manufacturer before making the final decision of which torque converter you need.

Remember that you need a high-quality unit if you want to enjoy driving your vehicle with 4l60e transmission.

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