Top 07 Best Wheel Spacers For Silverado 1500 (Reviews & Buying Guide : 2022)

It can be challenging to get the best wheel spacers for Silverado 1500 and get the right look for your vehicle.

This is why we have compiled this extensive review to help you guide your purchase.

There are many wheel spacer options in the market for the Silverado 1500.

So, it’s important to choose only the best ones after carefully considering various factors.

A Table of Top 07 Best Wheel Spacers For Silverado 1500

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What is the Best Wheel Spacer for Silverado 1500?

The best wheel spacer for Silverado 1500 is KSP (KS-6310K).

KSP is a leading brand in lifting and leveling tools and wheel spacers for vehicles.

What makes this model unique is the focus on ensuring it doesn’t affect the ride quality of your vehicle.

Simultaneously, they enhance your car’s performance.

Plus, the company focuses on innovation and unique technologies that set them apart from the competition.

Why is KSP is the Best Brand for Silverado 1500?

The whole point of a wheel spacer for your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is to improve your driving experience.

KSP seems to understand this very well.

If you choose this model, you can enjoy running wider custom tires and rims and improve the look of your vehicle.

It can also widen your track width while driving.

A Brief Review of Top 07 Best Wheel Spacers for Silverado 1500

01. KSP Spacers KS-6310K: (Good for Stable Wheels)

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Highlighted Features

  • Hub-centric design.
  • Increases tire clearance.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction.

The KSP wheel spacers come with a unique and impressive hub-centric design, making them stand out from other spacers on our list.

Asides from giving your vehicle a slightly more intimidating look, it would also increase tire clearance to prevent accidents or rolling to the side while cornering or making a complete turn.

The hub-centric spacers are installed on the hub lip and not the studs, which means that you can enjoy driving without worrying about shaky or vibrating tires or wheels.

Driving at highway speed is also great with these spacers.

As for the construction, the wheel spacers are corrosion-resistant and highly durable, as they are made with heat-treated and hardened materials.

The installation is easy for anyone to carry out, and you can purchase black or blue spacers depending on your preferences.

In general, these wheel spacers are perfect for those who want to enjoy their driving experience with new tires.


  • Prevents vibration while driving.
  • Ideal for highway speed.
  • Offers easy installation.
  • Made with durable and heat-treated materials.
  • Two-color choices to select from.


  • Installation requires cutting the factory studs.

02. DC VAMOUS Hub Centric: (Best for Aggressive Look)

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Highlighted Features

  • Enhances vehicle trek and width.
  • They are made with aerospace alloy aluminum.
  • Accommodates larger tires and wheels.

If you want your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 to look more aggressive, the DCVAMOUS Hubcentric wheel spacers are just what you need.

While making your exterior attractive, it also improves the width and trek on your vehicle’s stance, eventually enhancing the performance.

You can use the Hubcentric wheel spacers for a long time, as they are made with high-quality aerospace alloy aluminum for durability.

The surface is finished with hard oxidation to prevent rusting and wearing out quickly.

As one of the best wheel spacers for Silverado 1500, it’s not surprising it also gets rid of rubbing and accommodates larger rims and wheels.

As for the installation, the wheel spacers come with a complete kit, including studs, lug nuts, and more.

Considering this model, you should keep in mind that it isn’t the best at highway speeds.

Regardless of this, it’s a fantastic choice for your Silverado 1500, especially if you want a better-looking car.


  • Makes the vehicle exterior attractive.
  • Durable and rust-resistant.
  • Comes with an installation kit.
  • Gets rid of tire rubbing.
  • Enhances vehicle handling and performance.


  • Low-quality driving at highway speeds.

03. Titan Wheel Spacers: (Best for Durable Construction)

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Highlighted Features

  • Durable and rugged design.
  • Ideal for large and oversize wheels.
  • Gives vehicles a muscular stance.

The wheel spacers from Titan Wheel Accessories would considerably increase the performance of your Silverado 1500.

Asides from the ride quality, it can also give your vehicle a beefy stance.

You can enhance your handling performance while driving with your dream tires with these spacers.

The 3-inch wheel spacers are durable enough to handle accidents and are protected with a black coating to prevent rusting and wear and tear.

The installation process is also a bit straightforward, although you might have to trim some parts of your tires for them to fit perfectly.

Although it seems like three-inch spacers are too wide, the Titan Wheel Spacers are a perfect fit for the large and oversized wheels or rims that you want to fit on your vehicle.

Since they are highly durable, you can reduce costs on repairs or replacements.


  • Improves vehicle performance.
  • Makes your vehicle more sturdy and stable.
  • Can hold up in accidents.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • Spacers fit your dream large tires.


  • Installation might require a professional.

04. Supreme Suspensions: (For Reliable Wheel)

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Highlighted Features

  • Set your tire 1.5 inches outwards.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • Reduces vibrations while driving.

Supreme Suspensions is at the top of our list, with an innovative design and promise of durability from a leading brand.

The Supreme Suspensions wheel spacers can set your wheels up to 1.5 inches outdoors, which solves the problem of fitting wider wheels or rims.

The wheel spacers come with an installation kit and require no extra tools, so anyone can get it done with ease.

As one of the top 1.5 inch wheel spacers Silverado, it’s not surprising that your riding quality is highly improved.

For one, you can drive on wider track widths with the spacers and enjoy a better cornering ability and handling on the road.

It can also fix rubbing problems with your tire.

With the hydraulic pre-pressed studs, the wheel spacers would reduce vibrations as you drive.

Plus, it makes your vehicle’s exterior look even better, giving you the overall experience of adding spacers to your car.


  • Improve your vehicle track width.
  • Enhances driving experience.
  • Reduces vibrations while driving.
  • Easy installation with no hassle.
  • Improves the overall exterior look of your Silverado 1500.


  • Might have to trim your studs for it to work correctly.

05. Richeer Wheel Spacers: (Best for Easy Installation)

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Highlighted Features

  • Positions wheels at 1.25 inches outdoors.
  • Made with CNC automatic processing.
  • Comes with straightforward installation rules.

If you want to fit your tire without having to buy new rims ideally, the Richeer model is one of the top wheel spacers for Silverado 1500.

These 1.25-inch thick wheel spacers position the wheels on a Silverado 1500 outwards.

It can also accommodate wider tires and widens the track-width of the vehicle.

These spacers are made with CNC automatic processing, ensuring they are stable and precise when installed.

The installation process is pretty straightforward, so anyone can get it done.

Customers would find an instruction manual with step-by-step installation processes in the package, and it does not require any trimming.

If you’re not familiar with tools, a professional can install them.

As for your vehicle stance, you can expect an upright and muscular look.

The Richeer Wheel Spacers don’t affect the exterior design or driving performance adversely.

Instead, they can even enhance the torque and don’t rub against the tires of a Chevrolet Silverado.

Overall, the Richeer Wheel Spacers offer convenience, especially installation and driving.


  • Fits a wide range of tire sizes.
  • Offers high precision and stability.
  • Easy to install with no trimming.
  • Does not rub against the tires.
  • Gives vehicles a decent, muscular look.


  • Hub is a little snug and requires extra tightening.

06. Rying Wheel Spacers: (Best for Rugged Quality)

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Highlighted Features

  • Made with forged aluminum alloy.
  • CNC automatic processing is involved in manufacture.
  • Increases brake clearance.

Another highly recommended wheel spacer for Silverado 1500 is the Rying Wheel Spacer, which is also a good option for giving your vehicle a meaner stance.

The main point of these spacers is that they can provide large, wide, or oversized tires with more clearance under your Chevrolet Silverado, all while improving vehicle handling and ride.

The Rying model is also great for improving your brake clearance and cornering, so you can enjoy driving, whether off or on the road.

In terms of installation, they are pretty easy to do with the help of the manual.

The quality products are lightweight and sturdy, so the driving quality is not adversely affected if correctly installed.

But, if you’re going at highway speed, you need to be careful to avoid shaky steering wheels and other parts.

These spacers also excel in their construction, as they are made from forged aluminum alloy material, which is rugged enough to handle all harsh situations.

The pre-installed studs are also heat treated to add more quality to the spacers, and the entire model is constructed with CNC automatic processing.

With all these features, you have solid and reliable spacers on your Silverado 1500.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Features pre-installed studs.
  • Improves cornering and brake clearance.
  • Gives bigger tires more clearance.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.


  • Customers complain of shaky steering at highway speed.

07. Rough Country Spacers: (Best for Value)

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Highlighted Features

  • Accommodates wider tires.
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • Constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum.

The Rough Country Spacers might be the final item on our list, but they are in no way the least of the models.

They promise a more intimidating look if that’s what you’re looking for.

Still, they also do the primary job of off-setting your wheels or rims outward the Silverado’s suspension so that you can use oversized tires and enjoy your riding experience.

Installation is pretty basic with a hub-centric design and pre-installed studs, but you should keep in mind that there are also lug-centric models.

For maximum strength, the spacers are constructed with aluminum to last long.

They are also corrosion-resistant.

The low price of the Rough Country Spacers might surprise you, but don’t let that discourage you.

The wheel spacers would give you more value for your money.

With these spacers on, even driving at max speed won’t affect your ride quality.


  • Off-set wheels and rims outward for larger tires.
  • Includes pre-installed studs.
  • Durable construction and corrosion-resistant.
  • Can handle highway speeds.
  • More value for your money.


  • Spacers are hub-centric and lug-centric at once.

Buying Guide Of Best Wheel Spacers For Silverado 1500

Now that we’ve explored the top 2020 Silverado wheel spacers, all that’s left is for you to select one that works best for you and your vehicle.

But, this might be a bit difficult as there are many options to choose from.

This section will explore essential factors that would assist in purchasing a new spacer.

01. What exactly are Wheel Spacers, and Why Does Your Silverado 1500 Need Them?

Wheel spacers are an aftermarket part that would move the wheels outwards from your vehicle’s body.

Wheel spacers aim to create a more significant gap between the wheel well and the wheel itself so that you can use larger wheels.

They can be purchased for off-road and on-road cars.

A lot of benefits come with combining a Chevy Silverado with wheel spacers.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Takes in Bigger Wheels Without Rubbing

This is the main reason why people purchase wheel spacers for their Chevy 1500.

If you’re going off-roading or need a larger tire for any other reason, you need to make up space, so the wheels don’t rub the fender flares or wells. This is where spacers come in.

  • Better Driving Performance

Wheel spacers also provide better handling to drivers in terms of grip, handling, and cornering.

Since they make the wheels farther apart, you can enjoy a better ride quality.

  • Brake Clearance and Large Calipers

Besides improving your brake clearance, having wheel spacers on your Silverado 1500 allows for larger performance brakes that might not have fit before.

  • Meaner Vehicle Stance

And the extra benefit that any driver is pleased about is the meaner or beefy stance that a wheel spacer gives a Chevrolet Silverado.

02. Types of Wheel Spacers

Knowing the different types before considering other factors to choose your wheel spacers is essential. They include:

  • 1-inch

The smallest length you can push your wheels outwards on the Chevy 1500 is one inch or 25mm.

This would give your vehicle a noticeably different stance and stable wheels.

  • 1.5-inch

1.5-inch spacers are the most popular type because they add new handling features and better performance to the improved aggressive look and stable tires.

If you’re unsure about what is best for a Silverado 1500, no one goes wrong with 1.5-inch spacers.

  • 2-inch

If you want even more clearance for wheels and tires, you can move up to the 2-inch models.

2-inch wheel spacers offer better road grip and traction. It’s especially great for off-road vehicles.

  • 3-inch

For those who want to fit massive and oversize tires and wheels, a 3-inch wheel spacer would do the trick.

There are also 4 inch wheel spacers Silverado, but those are big.

These massive spacers combine all the smaller ones’ features and are ideal for off-roading.

03. How to Choose a Wheel Spacer for Silverado 1500

Here are some factors to consider when selecting wheel spacers for your Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

  • Thickness

The first thing to think about is how thick you want your wheel spacers to be.

We mean the different types explored above by wheel spacer thickness, from 1-inch to 3/4-inch.

The consistency you choose depends on the kind of result you are looking for, whether a daily-driving vehicle or an aggressive off-road car.

Keep in mind that Chevy 1500 do better with mid-range spacers.

  • Size

Different methods come in handy when checking your vehicle’s right wheel spacer size.

You can check the distance between the suspension and car body by removing the wheel and putting washers around the lug nuts.

You can keep removing the wheel and placing washers until it reaches the length you want, and then check it for future reference.

Or, you can use a tape measure to check the length between the edge of the fender where the wheel is close to and the outside wheel.

If you’re still unsure, you can ask your neighborhood mechanic to check it.

  • Lug-Centric or Hub-Centric

Another factor that you have to consider is whether you are going for a lug-centric or hub-centric wheel spacer for your Silverado 1500.

The lug-centric spacers are installed in the center and kept in place by lug nuts.

With this type, you need conical lug nuts and cross-checking to ensure it is well secure.

As for hub-centric spacers, you install them at the wheel hub.

Then the hole connected to the hub would be fitted to the spacers.

  • Budget

Finally, you need to check your budget and purchase wheel spacers that don’t break the bank.

There are plenty of 2019 Silverado wheel spacers and other model years which offer more value for your money, like those on our list.

FAQ’s About Best Wheel Spacers For Silverado 1500

01. Which is better in hub-centric and lug-centric spacers?

Hub-centric wheel spacers are considered a better option for Silverado 1500 vehicles.

This is because the weight of your car is held, not by the bolts or lugs, but by the hub of the wheels.

And, since the Silverado 1500 model is heavier than other cars, it would be better to have hub-centric spacers.

With hub-centric spacers, you are assured of a better driving experience.

Chevy users with lug-centric wheel spacers usually complain of having less stable wheels and more vibrations while driving.

So, hub-centric spacers are recommended for this vehicle type.

02. How much wheel off-set can a Silverado 1500 take?

The length you can off-set the wheel of your Silverado 1500 depends mainly on the type of wheel spacer that you purchase.

The higher the thickness, the more you are off-setting the wheels.

It’s advisable to use 1.5-inch spacers for on-road driving and 3-inch spacers if you’re planning many off-road adventures.

With the Silverado, it’s not advisable to take it past three inches.

If you use very big spacers, you also get massive tires that drastically affect your vehicle’s design.

So, you might end up with wear and tear on your tires earlier than expected, more steering effort, difficult cornering, and a less effective spring on your wheel.

03. Will I need a leveling kit after installation?

If you install wheel spacers on your Silverado 1500, you don’t need a leveling kit.

On the other hand, you would need wheel spacers if what you installed was a leveling kit in the first place.

This is because a leveling kit would push your wheels inwards the bigger it is.

So, you need wheel spacers to bring the wheels out and improve ride quality.

04. How can I install wheel spacers on my Chevy 1500?

This might differ based on the model you are buying, whether it is lug-centric or hub-centric, and the condition of your car.

It’s essential to check the manual of your Chevrolet and the wheel spacers that you purchased before installing it.

And, if you’re handy with tools, it’s best to hire a professional. Regardless of that, they are generally easy to install.

The installation starts by jacking up the vehicle and removing the wheels, lug nuts, and clips.

Then, you can either install the spacers on the hub of the wheel or the center to be secured by lug nuts.

Once you have installed the wheel spacers, you can return the tires.

Ensure the spacers are well-installed before you get on the road.

05. What can I install in my Silverado 1500 after adding spacers?

Although the main point of spacers is to add larger tires on your Chevrolet Silverado, you can make other changes and upgrades to your vehicle with the addition of spacers.

One of them is large brake calipers, which enhance your clearance and ride quality.

You might also decide to retain the stock wheels from Chevrolet even after adding the wheel spacers, as they also fit.

06. What are the pros and cons of wheel spacers?

While there are a lot of benefits of using wheel spacers, there are also a few cons.

The main benefits are the enhanced handling and ride quality and the unique and aggressive look they give to vehicles.

Also, they accommodate larger tires and brake calipers and are easy to install.

They are also widely accessible for purchase and are relatively affordable.

On the other hand, you have to put more effort into steering your Chevy when you add wheel spacers.

The vehicles would also suffer more suspension wear since the wheels are far away from each other.

07. Are wheel spacers safe?

As long as they have been properly installed, then yes, wheel spacers are entirely safe.

The wheel spacers must be secure and high-quality for you to be assured of safety.

This involves ensuring that the outer edge of your tire isn’t rubbing against your car, as this is a severe issue.

But, it’s essential to check your local laws to see what the rules say about having wheels on your car that are not covered by the wells or fender flares. In some cases, this is illegal.

Even if wheel spacers because your suspension will wear out faster than it should, this is only a long-term problem and does not make your vehicle unsafe.

08. Are wheel adapters the same as wheel spacers?

Although both have very similar features, wheel adapters and spacers are not exactly the same.

On the one hand, the wheel spacers are used to move a tire outwards for whatever reason.

On the other, the wheel adapters would change the lug nut pattern of the wheel while making it possible to move the tire outwards.

With a wheel adapter, you can completely change the wheels and install those that meet your needs.

You can also find wheel spacers that come with an adapter.

09. How big should wheel spacers for Chevy 1500 trail boss wheels be?

If you fit your Chevrolet 1500 with trail boss wheels, it’s best to go for 1.5 to 2 inches for your wheel spacer.

By going any higher, the lug bolts will be sticking out, which leads to a lot of trimming.

To avoid cutting, you should stick with the 1.5-inch wheel spacer.

Before and after Silverado, you can check out the difference between 2 & 3-inch wheel spacers.

10. Can I go off-roading with wheel spacers on my Silverado 1500?

Yes, you can. You can still go off-roading as long as the spacers are properly installed.

It’s essential to know the tolerance levels of your Chevy and stay within them so that you can benefit from the improved traction and handling offered with 1.5-inch or 2-inch wheel spacers.

Most failures that happen while off-roading with spacers is caused by driver errors, so it’s essential to stay alert.


After careful consideration, we have chosen the best wheel spacers for Silverado 1500.

These wheel spacers offer top-quality construction, fantastic handling and clearance, and easy installation, allowing you to fit all the massive tires you’ve always wanted to ride with.

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