What Does the Tow Haul Button Do On a Chevy? [With Video : 2022]

Everyone at one time has needed to transport some equipment or vehicle from one location to the other.

It is in these situations that your chevy truck shows how valuable it is to your garage as it was designed for this purpose specifically.

We have curated this post to answer every question you may have concerning your Silverado, like “what does the tow haul button do on a chevy?” and “what does a tow-haul mode do?”

So, let’s dive straight into it.

What Does Tow Haul Mean?

Different types of vehicles come with varying unique capabilities that are useful in their own right.

The tow-haul mode on the Chevy indicates a specific feature found in the vehicle that protects your vehicle’s transmission while you haul heavy loads.

With the tow-haul mode, you can easily take care of those heavier hauls while keeping you and your vehicle’s safety in mind.

It allows you to quickly adjust your Chevy’s shift patterns, thus reducing the overall number of shift cycles.

Use of the tow-haul mode automatically implies your vehicle will be in lower gear which provides an extra amount of torque for hauling.

When To Use the Tow Haul Mode Silverado 1500?

If this is your very first truck, then you aren’t conversant with the use of the tow-haul mode and you’re unsure about when to use it.

Firstly, we would like you to know that you gain better control of your vehicle with the tow-haul mode as you haul considerable loads up and down steep terrain.

This is why you need to know the different areas and situations where you can and cannot utilize this feature on your Chevy truck.

The tow-haul mode is very useful in hilly areas and anywhere that poses a threat to your vehicle’s transmission and brakes.

Two major factors affect your decision on whether to make use of your Chevy’s tow-haul mode or utilize the standard driving mode.

The first factor to be considered is the cargo’s weight and mass.

When you are planning to use your truck to move lightweight equipment like a motorcycle or bicycle carrier, the tow-haul mode is unnecessary.

This feature was designed into the vehicle to give it greater flexibility and extra carrying capacity to help you move heavy objects or equipment.

When you are hauling or towing heavy stuff like a trailer, boat, or another vehicle, this is when the extra capabilities offered by the tow-haul mode are required.

But because your Chevy truck is immensely powerful already in the regular driving mode, you usually don’t need to activate the tow-haul mode unless you’re performing heavy-duty towing.

We know that this may be a little complicated for you to understand, especially at first.

But as you continue to drive your truck with and without cargo in tow, you will gradually get a better sense of when the tow mode on your Chevy is required or not.

The second consideration is what road conditions and driving situations you are using your truck in and how you plan to manoeuvre it.

Most of the time, using tow-haul mode in rural areas is advisable as the terrain is usually unfavourable and your vehicle requires additional support.

You can traverse your vehicle off-road and on uneven roads with relative ease with the extra torque.

So, if you plan on hauling through a treacherous landscape, this is when you should activate the tow-haul feature on your truck.

It can also be useful in the city as the brake and transmission support will help you to start and stop your vehicle quicker.

What Does Tow Haul Mode Do?

If you are the outdoor type who loves to go camping or snowboarding with your family and loved ones, you know the importance of the tow haul mode.

Imagine you plan on camping in the woods and would like to take your trailer with you, you will need to move it somehow.

This is where your Chevy’s tow-haul mode comes in, it helps you haul all your fishing, skiing, biking or boating equipment along with you as you traverse your way to the destination.

This mode, when activated, protects your gears from the swift switch that occurs between gears when you move through hilly or sloppy terrain.

With the help of this feature, you safeguard your transmission as the electrical system automatically chooses the best gear ratio change point for the present situation.

So, you may be wondering, “what does a tow-haul mode do?”

Let’s find it.

01. Tows another vehicle

Even if you aren’t a fan of the outdoors, having a vehicle that can help you haul large cargo between locations is never a waste.

With the tow-haul mode on your truck, you can easily transport another vehicle that has broken down on the road or has run out of fuel.

This helpful feature ensures that when you make use of the truck’s high load-carrying capacity, it is done safely and economically.

02. Adds extra horsepower

When you activate the tow-haul mode on your Chevy Silverado, you can rest assured that your truck’s full capabilities have been unleashed.

With the extra load-bearing capacity and pulling power, you can transport even much heavier cargo than the already powerful truck can carry.

The tow-haul mode gives you the ability to haul load through steeper hills and more uneven terrain than it previously could.

03. Increases truck performance

The tow-haul mode, when activated, engages the electrical system of your Chevy truck, thus enhancing its ability to perform.

With the automatic gear shifts and limited strain on the engine, you are left with enough extra power to pull as much weight as it can carry without putting your vehicle at risk.

We assure you that you will be using the Chevy at its fullest capabilities when you activate this feature.

04. Improves overall carrying capacity

With it, you don’t need to keep switching gears as you ascend and descend hills with a heavy load in tow, which saves your transmission from excessive wear and tear.

It does this by modifying your Chevy’s transmission shift patterns, engaging the braking system, and increasing the torque to maximize your control while maneuvering the vehicle.

05. It consumes less gas

The tow-haul mode on your truck is designed to keep your truck from going into overdrive when a large load is in tow.

It cuts down the extra carrying capacity required from your Chevy while towing and this, in turn, helps you save more fuel.

This means that instead of moving both vehicles to the destination, you end up saving more fuel when you haul with your Chevy truck.

What Does the Tow Haul Button Do?

Do you already own a truck, or have you been in your friend’s Chevy? If so, you would have seen the tow haul button among the vehicle’s functions.

If you haven’t been on a tow operation, you may be wondering, What does the tow haul button do on a Chevy?

Well, simply put, the tow haul button is a function button that, when pressed, puts your vehicle in a lower gear and improves its stability and pulling capacity. It also-

01. Adds power to the truck

When you switch on the tow haul button on your vehicle and the light comes on, this means that certain changes are occurring in your truck.

Pressing the tow haul button helps your truck compensate for the load it is carrying while limiting the amount of extra load placed upon the engine.

Using this feature engages your vehicle’s electrical system and improves its capability of pulling heavier loads while still retaining safety measures.

It helps the truck and tow set up to stay in gear while moving which keeps it stable.

02. Protects the transmission and brakes

A green light will come on the indicator to show that the tow-haul mode has been activated and is ready for use when you push this button.

This makes the vehicle sturdier when driving up and down a hill as it gives you a wider range of control over the brakes.

This leads to a more efficient tow as it minimizes the downshift in the transmission that occurs when you drive down a hill.

As you use the tow haul button, the truck’s speed is reduced appropriately to fit what is required, ensuring that you don’t have to press hard on the brakes to stop and start effectively.

This feature keeps your vehicle from suffering a mechanical breakdown and requiring spare part replacement as it asserts full control over the RPMs.

03. Boosts truck efficiency

The tow-haul mode makes certain changes to the settings and parameters of your Chevy’s transmission system which enables it to handle towing and hauling more efficiently.

With these slight but important adjustments, you improve your truck’s capabilities, thus creating the perfect conditions for it to haul heavier loads.

Although the towing mode doesn’t boost your truck’s ability to carry loads that surpass its factory-designated capacity, it ensures that it gets the job done whenever you tow cargo that is within its capacity.

04. Gives you more control

The use of the tow haul button when hauling cargo gives you more flexibility as you gain more control over your towing setup.

When its manufacturers installed this extremely useful feature, they ensured that it disables the vehicle’s overdrive mode to protect the automatic transmission system.

How To Turn on Tow\Haul Mode on Silverado?

When you need a tow and would like to use the tow-haul feature, a simple procedure is required.

This usually takes approximately 10 minutes and is straightforward, it involves first locating and pushing the tow haul button.

This is located below your dashboard along with other functions with an indicator light on it.

When you press the button, the transmission automatically switches between different gears, utilizing all the engine’s cylinders.

Although the RPM will read higher than usual after turning it on, you can give it more juice by pushing the traction control button simultaneously.

After this, an LED light on the dashboard will indicate that the vehicle is ready for the tow, and then you can begin your haul.

How To Turn Off Tow\Haul Mode on Silverado?

The process involved in switching the tow-haul mode on your Chevy is just as simple as the switching on the procedure.

As soon as you are done towing and would like to revert to the regular driving mode, all you have to do is disengage the load and push the featured button.

When you do this, the light on the adjoining indicator will be switched off to show that the tow-haul mode has been deactivated.

You can do this while you are on flat, even ground that is favorable for standard driving with no long procedure to follow.

FAQs About What Does the Tow Haul Button Do On a Chevy?

01. Is it OK to drive in tow-haul mode?

There is a divide between car mechanics concerning the use of tow-haul features while driving.

However, we would like you to know that although it isn’t unsafe, it does make your truck run at a higher RPM.

02. How do you drive in tow-haul mode?

Driving in tow haul mode on your Chevy truck is easy by just pushing a button when required.

You don’t need it while driving on the highway but you should consider switching when driving in changing landscapes, busy streets, or rerouted paths.

03. Should I use the tow haul button?

Yes, and no. The tow-haul button when pressed activates the entire truck’s engine and uses its full capacity.

So, this feature should only be utilized when you need to haul some heavy cargo between locations.

04. What is the tow haul button used for?

The tow-haul button is used to switch on the features that help you to transport other vehicles and heavy equipment via your Silverado.

When it is switched off, you press it to activate the tow-haul mode and then you press the button again when you want to turn off the features.

05. What does towing capacity mean?

Towing capacity simply implies the capability that a truck possesses to carry and transport cargo.

The higher the towing capacity, the heavier the load your truck can move without damaging the transmission or engine.


The Chevy Silverado is an efficient towing machine that has a high load-bearing capacity for all your hauling needs.

With the help of this article, your question “what does a tow-haul button do on a chevy?” should be sufficiently answered.

If you are a new owner of this powerful machine, don’t worry about the specifics, as you will get better at deciding when this feature is needed as you continue to use the vehicle.

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