The Easiest 06 Steps Method On How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy Silverado 1500/2500

Have you encountered issues with resetting the transmission control module in Chevy Silverado?

No need to be anxious! You can carry out this reset in simple DIY steps, which we will list in this article.

It is important to carry out other checks to ensure your vehicle is properly functioning.

This article will examine the definition of a transmission control module, its importance, signs to look for, and steps on how to reset the transmission control module Chevy Silverado 1500/2500.

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy Silverado 1500/2500 in 06 Steps

You would usually need to reset the transmission control module of your Chevy Silverado when you just replaced it with a new one.

This method involves resetting and teaching your car TCM to function efficiently and effectively.

In the subsequent list, we shall briefly list and explain steps to follow to reset the TCM of your Chevy vehicle:

So, how do you reset a transmission control module?

Follow these steps to reset the TCM.

Step 01: Insert Key and Turn to Position 2

how to reset transmission control module chevy silverado

The first step in resetting your Chevy Silverado’s transmission control module is to first slide your key in the ignition and set it to position 2.

In this first step, you do not need to start your vehicle.

Ensure that the dashboard light is lit up.

Also, ensure that your key is indeed positioned to 2.

To do this, listen to the click as you turn the key.

The second click is position 2.

If there are any error lights, they will appear here.

Step 02:  Step on the Accelerator Pedal

how to reset transmission control module chevy silverado

It is also known as the gas pedal. Place a foot on the pedal and gently press down.

Make sure that you have pressed the pedal down.

Keep your leg on the depressed pedal to activate the kick-down switch, and don’t lift your leg till about 15 to 30 seconds.

Step 03: Turn Off the Key Without Lifting Your Leg From a Pedal

how to reset transmission control module chevy silverado

After pressing your key on the pedal for about 15-30 seconds, go ahead and turn off the key.

Do this without lifting your leg from the accelerator pedal.

Once you have shifted the key back to position 0, you have completed step 3 of this reset and are ready for step 4.

Step 04: Release the Acceleration Pedal.

how to reset transmission control module chevy silverado

Remember to turn your key to position zero before performing this step.

Failure to do this will mean you will have to start this procedure again to work effectively.

Now, if you wonder whether to remove your foot from the pedal slowly or hurriedly do so, there are no worries here.

There is no specific way to remove your foot here, so feel free to pick any method as long as the key is turned to position zero before taking your foot off the pedal.

That being done, we can move to the next step.

This step will require your patience.

Step 05: Wait Patiently

It’s time to test your patience. The waiting period allows your Chevy Silverado to rest and simplify the procedure.

The rest period will usually take 3-5 minutes.

Any longer could mean that there is a physical fault on the TCM.

Make sure to take note of the waiting period.

It is important to emphasize that your car key is left in the ignition hole and put in position zero during this step.

If you have mistakenly removed the key during this process,  you can just carefully insert the key and start this process.

You may experience some delay, but that is okay.

Step 06: Drive and Calibrate

how to reset transmission control module chevy silverado

The last step to reset the TCM of your Chevy Silverado is to drive the vehicle.

Don’t get scared about the calibration.

Calibration is just a way of your vehicle telling its system and sensors to re-adjust and reset to work efficiently.

At this stage, we can say that your Chevy Silverado re-learns how you drive and control the vehicle.

The drive is expected to last between 10-15 minutes for the car to learn your driving method completely.

Take your time to drive slowly and allow your car to adapt carefully.

Compare this process to teaching a child how to walk.

However, you don’t need to take months to teach your car how to drive properly.

Just take it easy.

We also recommend keeping to a specific speed and avoiding acceleration during this final stage.

If there is no physical damage to your Chevy Silverado TCM, this method should easily solve the issue.

You can start driving your car as nothing happened.

What Causes the Vehicle’s TCM to Have Problems?

Many things could damage the transmission control module of your Chevy Silverado.

Firstly, excessive vibration can reduce the lifespan and, therefore, damage your TCM.

TCM is usually bolted on the vehicle chassis, and too much vibration will put excessive stress on the bolt, later leading to damage.

Many design analysts and engineers have argued that this vibration could lead to fatigue in the TCM.

Secondly,  water getting into the transmission control module could lead to short and eventual damage to the TCM.

Where there is water damage to your TCM, you may need to replace the TCM of your Chevy Silverado.

Next, Voltage overload could cause damage to your TCM.

This occurs when more voltage than the TCM is designed to carry is let into the device.

This will usually cause burnout or circuit burnout.

A repair could be done, but you will be required to replace the TCM in most cases.

Finally, when a short solenoid occurs.

This is the opposite of Overload.

This occurred when a lower voltage than the TCM was designed to damage the solenoid found in the TCM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Chevy Transmission Control Module Located?

The 4l60e transmission control module location is in the rear of the TCM case, underneath its cover just below the ECU.

Will disconnecting the battery reset the TCM?

Disconnecting your car battery will not reset your car’s TCM.

For you to reset your car’s TCM, we recommend following the steps listed in this article.

Battery disconnection is not capable of any gearing or TCM resets.

Will this work on all Chevy Silverado models?

Yes, this method listed in the article should work on all Chevy Silverado models.

If you face any difficulty resetting your Chevy Silverado’s TCM, we recommend taking your car to any Chevrolet service center to get it checked and properly reset.

Why Does the Transmission Control Module Need Resetting?

Most later models of the Chevy Silverado(the post-1990) came with a dedicated TCM mounted on the car.

This TCM spends time learning the driver’s technique and processing the data from the TCM.

Replacing the TCM with a new one will require the new one to adapt and learn many things.

The new TCM does this during resetting.

Failure to reset the transmission could lead to transmission failure.

How much time and money does it cost to reset the TCM of the Chevy Silverado?

Resetting the TCM of your Chevy Silverado will usually cost between $200 and $1000.

This will cover the cost of the new TCM and the installation cost.

A professional should complete the reset between 20-30 min.

A learner should complete the step.

How often should you perform this reset?

We recommend performing a reset if you have just replaced your TCM with a new one.

Also, where an error code was resolved, you are advised to carry out a reset.

Last Words

In this article, we have listed steps to reset the transmission control module in Chevy Silverado.

Readers who follow the steps listed should easily rest their TCM and get their vehicle working more efficiently.

You don’t need to be a mechanic or have any engineering knowledge to carry out these steps.

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