Turn Signal Blinking Fast But Bulb is Good [Causes and Solutions]

It’s not just annoying if your blinker is working fast; it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your car and can be dangerous.

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to determine what’s causing the problem.

Some of the most common causes are simple and easy to fix.

Just take some time to locate the source of the problem and see if you can fix it before taking your car in for costly repairs.

You should know that some vehicles are designed to flash faster when one of the bulbs is burned out or disconnected.

Turn Signal Blinking Fast But Bulb is Good | 05 Causes With Solutions

turn signal blinking fast but bulb is good

If you own a car and have driven your vehicle more than 10K miles then it’s a very familiar phenomenon for you.

The turn signal lights have a certain lifespan of their own.

When the lifespan comes to an end or there is a problem that can affect the lifespan of the bulb then you will face this issue.

No worries we have got your back.

Let’s explore why this happens-

01. Burnt Light Bulb

turn signal blinking fast but bulb is good

If you have a burnt-out bulb, your turn signal will blink fast.

If one bulb isn’t working, replace both at once, so they’re both the same brightness.

You’ll also want to replace them with bulbs that are the same wattage as your original bulbs.

If you return a regular bulb with an LED bulb, this could cause problems with your wiring system.

Because LEDs require less power than standard incandescent bulbs.

02. Incorrect Bulb

turn signal blinking fast but bulb is good

This is the most common reason why your turn signal blinks fast and does not work.

When you insert the wrong bulb, your turn signal will flash faster than usual.

This happens because the incorrect bulb has higher resistance than the correct one.

As a result, it makes the turn signal flasher flash faster to signal a problem with the bulb or bulbs.

To fix this issue, you will need to find out which type of bulb your car needs and replace it with the correct one.

Check out our handy guide on how to change a car lightbulb if you need guidance.

03. Faulty Connections

turn signal blinking fast but bulb is good

Another reason behind this problem is faulty connections in your car’s lighting system.

Once there’s an issue with the wiring, it can cause issues with your car’s lighting system, such as fast-blinking turn signals and even non-working lights.

To fix this, you will have to check all connections in your car’s lighting system as well as fuses that may have blown out due to a power surge before replacing them if needed.

Get help from a professional mechanic if necessary.

04. Improper Relay

If there are issues regarding faulty then you can watch this video to solve the issues.

Cause 05: Ground Connection

Connect two wires and then ground them through a metal surface on your vehicle.

Turn Signal is Blinking Fast With New Bulb

Turn signals use a flasher unit that acts as a switch to power the lights.

The flasher is a relay that cycles on and off, which causes the lights to blink.

There are two types of flashers-

A) Standard flash

B) Electronic flash

A faulty turn signal relay, or flasher, will cause your turn signals to malfunction or not operate at all.

Check Turn Signal Bulb

Before troubleshooting the turn signal relay, check the fuse for the turn signal in the fuse box under the hood.

If it’s blown, replace it with a new fuse.

If it isn’t blown, check if the bulb is burned out.

If it is burned out, then replace it with a new bulb.

If you have returned the bulb and still get no response from your turn signals, then check your wiring connections and inspect the flasher unit itself.

Left Blinker Blinking Fast

turn signal blinking fast but bulb is good

If the turn blinker suddenly flashes red, it’s a good idea to check the status of the light.

If they’re not working, it could mean that something is not working correctly with your car.

Check Your Lights

Turn alerts need to be bright enough to be seen at night and in the rain or snow.

A burned-out bulb could indicate that you have a short somewhere in the electrical system or a problem with the wiring.

You can check the bulbs by turning on the lights and looking at them.

If one is dimmer than the other, it needs to be replaced.

Check Your Oil Levels

Low oil levels can cause problems with your engine and make it run hotter than it should.

When this happens, your blinkers will start to blink fast because there isn’t enough power being sent through the wires that control them.

To check for low oil levels, look under your hood and see if there’s any fluid on top of the engine block near where you add oil (it will usually be brownish).

If you find some juice here, pour more into your reservoir until it reaches its maximum capacity.

This should fix any issues you are having with blinking fast when driving around town or at highway speeds.

Check Your Tire Pressure.


Turn signal blinking fast, but the bulb is good, Silverado” What should I do?

If your turn blinker is blinking fast, but the bulb is good, a fuse has blown.

A variety of things can cause this.

If you just replaced the bulb and it’s still blinking fast, it’s probably because you bought the wrong bulb.

Make sure you buy the correct bulb for your vehicle.

The last person who replaced the bulb may not have put it incorrectly.

If this is the case, remove the old bulb and replace it with a new one.

If none of these are valid and your turn signal is still blinking fast, then there’s something wrong with your car’s wiring or fuses.

Replace the fuse or call an electrician to see if they can fix it for you.

What does it mean when the blinker blinks fast?

The most common reason for a fast-blinking turn blinker is a burnt-out bulb.

Turn signals are an essential safety feature of your vehicle.

They let other drivers know when you’re turning, changing lanes, or otherwise moving in a new direction.

They also play a role in helping you drive safely by showing you the direction your vehicle will be moving.

When your turn signal blinks fast, it usually means that one of the bulbs in the turn signal assembly has burnt out.

This can be very dangerous because other drivers may not see your turn signals, leading to collisions.

A fast-blinking turn signal is also an indication that one of your bulbs is burnt out, but it can also mean that one of your wires isn’t making good contact with your bulb.

A fully functional turn blinker will blink on and off smoothly and steadily at regular intervals.

If it starts to flash faster and more erratically, it could mean that one of your bulbs has burnt out (or there’s a problem with the wiring).

In this article, we’ll go over some of the reasons why your turn signals might be blinking fast.

Replaced turn signal bulb still blinking fast’ What to Do?

It is not necessary that you should have replaced the bulb with the wrong one.

The bulb may be of the right size, but it may not be in proper working condition.

When you buy a new bulb, carefully check the package and ensure it is in working condition.

Also, make sure that you replace the same-sized bulb you removed earlier.

It is also possible that the turn signal switch has gone wrong.

There may be a loose connection or some other fault with the button.

In this case, try to replace the turn signal switch as well.

What does it mean if my turn signal blinks fast?

A fast-blinking turn signal indicator signifies that one of your bulbs has burned out.

If you’ve noticed that your turn signal is blinking more quickly than usual, then you should get this fixed as soon as possible.

Most cars have their turn signals blink at the same rate whether they are usually working or there’s a bulb burnt out.

So, it can be hard to tell if yours is just broken or if you do indeed need to change a bulb.

If you have a fast-blinking turn signal, try these steps, and you should be back on the road in no time.

Replace the fuse bulb. Check. The fuse box is under your dashboard.

Try swapping the bulb with the right light. Check your brake lights.

How to fix fast flashing turn signals?

The turn blinker flashes rapidly; the first thing to do is to put out all of the lights in the car.

Do not forget to turn off the interior lights and headlights.

Check that your brake lights are working correctly, as they can also increase flashing speed.

If you have checked everything and your brakes are okay, your next option is to replace the fuse bulb.

The turn signal flashes rapidly; the first thing to do is to put out all of the lights in the car.

Do not forget to turn off the interior lights and headlights.

Check that your brake lights are working correctly, as they can also increase flashing speed.

If you have checked everything and your brakes are OK, your next option is to replace the fuse bulb.

How to fix fast flashing turn signals?

It is a common problem that many people have to replace fuse bulbs.

You can fix the fast flashing signal by replacing the fuse bulb in most cases.

However, there are other possible reasons for it.

  • Replacing The Fuse Bulb

The first thing you have to do is check the fuse box under your dashboard.

Look for a fuse related to the turn signal.

If that is the problem, Replace it.

You should be able to find the correct bulb replacement at your local auto parts store.

After you change it and everything works again, but the new bulb in your glove compartment so you can replace it when needed.

  • Try Swapping The Bulb With The Right Light

If changing your turn signal bulb doesn’t work, swap it with another light in your car, working fine.

If that fixes the problem, then you know that the culprit was a bad bulb all along.

If nothing changes after swapping the bulbs, look for other issues in your car.

  • Check Your Brake Lights

Make sure that your brake lights are working correctly because they are connected to the turn signal system of your car as well.

If something is wrong with them, this could also cause an issue with your breaks lights.

Final Thoughts

If your turn signal is not working, check to see if the lights on your dashboard are blinking.

If they are not, you need to get your car fixed asap.

If the lights are still working, they most likely indicate that the turn signal is not working correctly.

Sometimes, people notice that their left blinker is suddenly blinking fast.

This is a warning sign of a more serious issue that must be addressed immediately.

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