Silverado 2 Inch Wheel Spacers Before and After With Installion Process

Installing a 2-inch wheel spacer in your Silverado is a modification done to the wheel that is not very uncommon.

What it does is that it creates a space between the hub of the wheel and the centerline.

It is a great modification that gives your truck wheel great benefits.

The modification is known for enhancing the smooth driving experience.

It is safe as long as it is fixed properly.

02 Types of Wheel Spacers

There are two types of wheel spacers.

  • Hub-centric and
  • Lug-centric

01. Hub Centric Wheel Spacer

2 inch wheel spacers before and after silverado

It’s also known as Synergy Hub Centric Wheel Spacer.

The Hub-centric spacers are little rings like objects made of metals of a certain size.

They are specifically made in a certain size to fit perfectly into the wheel hub.

It is made in such a way to allow the hub to carry the weight of the vehicle rather than the bolts.

It also links wheels with the axle to make this possible.

This type of Wheel spacer does not allow for sound or vibration from the wheel because the bolts do not carry the car’s weight anymore.

The spacer is built to fill the space between the hub and the wheel.

02. Lug Centric Wheel Spacer

2 inch wheel spacers before and after silverado

It’s also known as Non-Centric Wheel Spacer.

It works differently when compared to the synergy-centric wheel spacer.

This wheel spacer allows the vehicle’s weight to be concentrated on the lug studs.

The wheel spacer can be recognized through the gap between the axle and the hub.

Choosing between the two types of wheel spacers depends on what type of wheel you have and the result you want from your wheel.

Both types of wheel spacers are great in preventing body roll.

2 Inch Wheel Spacers Before and After

2 inch wheel spacers before and after silverado

Now that you know what wheel spacers are and the different types of wheel spacers available.

It is important to know what a 2-inch wheel spacer is.

The 2-inch wheel spacers are all about increasing the wheel’s offset by 2 inches.

Before installing this to your Silverado truck, you must understand what your vehicle was before having the modification and what it will be after the modification.

Before Installing 2-Inch Spacer

In this section, you will come to understand how your Silverado truck’s wheel is at the moment before the installation is made.

They will give you a better knowledge of what you should be expecting and if you need this modification.

01. Wheel Track Length

The wheel track is an important aspect that should be considered before installing a 2-inch spacer in your Silverado truck.

Wheel track determines the handling of the car.

So a poor wheel track length means poor handling. It also determines the grip level of the wheel.

An average Silverado has a wheelbase of 139.5 inches which is okay for the car to be stable.

But if you are still having stability and handling issues, you can opt for a 2-inch wheel spacer.

02. Offset

It is another important part of the wheel that you should consider before getting a wheel spacer for your Silverado.

The wheel offset is the space or length between the hub and the wheel’s centerline.

The offset ensures that the wheel or any part of the wheel does not rub on the truck’s frame or body.

It is an important aspect of the wheel, and you must ensure that the offset has good clearance; if not, then a 2-inch wheel spacer could be a good idea for your truck.

03. Wheel Out-look

The wheel outlook is all about how your car’s wheels look on a pickup truck.

However, the wheels that come with your Silverado are considered the best look on your truck.

Many people consider that the wheels that come with the Silverado truck look too basic, so they opt for better modification.

After Installing the 2-Inch Wheel Spacer

2 inch wheel spacers before and after silverado

Now that you know what the Silverado truck is like without a 2-inch wheel spacer, we can talk about what your car would be like after the installation.

Here are some of the features of a Silverado 2-inch wheel spacer on a Silverado truck.

01. Wheel Track Width

Wheel track width, as we said, is crucial to the general wheel performance of the vehicle and determines how balanced the truck will be and its handling.

With a 2-inch wheel spacer, the track wheel width will increase, and you can enjoy the great features that it comes with.

A proper installation of the 2-inch wheel spacer will prevent your truck from body rolling and significantly increase handling.

It will give you a better driving experience.

02. Wheel Out-Look

Another benefit of the 2 Inch wheel spacer is how it looks on the truck.

The modification is one of the major reasons people get this modification done on their trucks.

The 2-inch wheel spacer will give your Silverado truck a more aggressive look.

The rims and tires are visibly seen out of the vehicle’s frame, giving the truck a stylish and aggressive look.

03. Clearance

A 2-inch wheel spacer will also give your wheel efficient clearance.

As we know, clearance is the amount of space between the base of the car frame and the ground.

It is very important because the more clearance, the more your truck can be used off-road.

04. Adjusting Offset

There is some benefit to getting the right offset for your wheel, which includes that the wheel does not rub the frame or body of the truck.

If you have this problem with your Silverado, this should be the right time to consider a 2-inch wheel spacer.

How to Install 2 Inch Wheel Spacer | 10 Step Guide

2 inch wheel spacers before and after silverado

People ask if it is possible to install the 2 Wheel Spacer on a Silverado themselves.

It is possible when you have the right guide to do so.

Before trying the installation by yourself, you should know about automobile repair.

This will make the process easy and less stressful for you.

Here is an easy guide to fixing a 2-inch wheel spacer on your Silverado truck.

01. Make sure the emergency brakes are on  before doing anything

02. Use a jack stand to lift the side of the truck the spacer will be installed to

03. Remove the studs on the tires and then proceed to remove the tire

04. Then, go ahead to fix the spacer

05. Fix in studs and fasting the spacer to the hub of the wheel

06. Go on to torque, and make sure you torque to the exact specification of your tire

07. Put the tires back on the wheel

08. Fix the studs and fasten

09. Then go on to torque to the specification of the tire.

10. Test the truck and make sure that the wheels do not rub on the truck’s frame.

This YouTube video will help you.


Are 2-inch wheel spacers bad?

2-inch wheel spacers are not bad, and they are modifications that can be done on your wheel.

They are great and give your wheels a lot of features that will allow you to enjoy driving your truck.

The modification adds amazing features to your truck, like better handling and reducing the risk of body roll when driving.

Is it safe to use 2-inch wheel spacers?

2-inch wheel spacers are safe and do not cause any problems to your truck.

As long as the modification is installed properly, you do not have anything to worry about.

It is important that you give an expert to install for you and if you are doing it yourself, ensure to follow instructions properly and tighten studs and bolts well.

What do 2-inch wheel spacers do?

The 2-inch wheel spacer creates 2 inches of space between the hub and centerline.

This will give the wheel a better balance while encouraging better handling.

Final Thought

2-inch wheel spacers are great and come with many benefits.

We will recommend all types of wheel spacers to people because they all do not cause damage to the truck in any way.

It would be best not to buy a cheap 2-inch wheel spacer for your Silverado truck.

Cheap wheel spacers are known to get damaged fast and can further damage parts of the wheel.

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