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Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado [Top 07 Picks, Reviews and Buying Guide : 2022]

The importance or need for an exhaust tip in the vehicle’s exhaust system can’t be underestimated.

The decision to install or add the best exhaust tip for Silverado will improve the sound quality that the exhaust delivers, making your vehicle noticeable or stand out while driving on the road.

Aside from improving the exhaust sound of the engine, it also gives the vehicle a sporty look, making it more appealing.

Considering the high number of exhaust tips that Silverado truck owners can choose from, finding the ideal pick could be a challenging experience.

While we can’t provide a complete list of all the investment-worthy designs in the market.

After several considerations, we have selected the seven most reliable designs, ensuring everyone gets the ideal exhaust tip for their vehicle.

Our selections cut across designs that offer aggressive growl whenever the vehicle attains higher RPMs and the ones that deliver a more subdued tone while maintaining a desirable sound performance.

In our case, we have settled with Carven, CORSA, GM Accessories, General Motors, COLT EXHAUST, Go Rhino, and AUTOSAVER88 as the best brands for the task.

A Chart of Top 07 Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado

General Motors
Go Rhino


What is the Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado?

To get the best deal for your vehicle in a market crowded with several exhaust tip options ranging from low-quality to high-quality, it takes a series of findings and an understanding of the critical purchase factors.

Our list has tackled the challenges associated with selecting the best exhaust tip by offering 07 reliable designs that constantly push for or dominate the top spot.

If you are one of the individuals who are always interested in settling for the “best of the best,” irrespective of price.

The Carven exhaust tip may be a brand to look at.

We have settled with the Carven exhaust tip as the overall best design, leading the other 06 exhaust tips in no specific order.

Why Carven is the Best Exhaust Tip Brand for Silverado?

The Carven exhaust tip is one of the well-made designs anyone could get for optimum power, sound, and quality.

It delivers immeasurable satisfaction at a price that doesn’t break the bank, making it available to regular Silverado owners.

The stainless material offers superior quality.

Also, the welding is nicely done, making the vehicle noticeable even from a distance while driving on the road.

That is how much upgrade it offers to the vehicle’s appearance.

Anyone who desires a loud and aggressive tone will find the sound performance fascinating, especially the minimal drone it provides.

The installation is effortless, making it a top option for beginners and experienced exhaust tip installers or Silverado owners.

Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado [Reviews of Top 07 Exhaust Tips]

01. Carven Exhaust: R-Series ‎942


Highlighted Features

  • ‎‎Stainless steel construction
  • 3-inch muffler inlet diameter
  • 3-inch muffler outlet diameter
  • Perforated diffuser
  • 11 x 6 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 99 pounds in weight

Individuals who do not have a design in mind or the time for extensive product research to pick the best exhaust tip for their Silverado.

Carven Exhaust R-Series ‎942 is a reliable design to go for.

This exhaust tip confirms the popular saying, “not all expensive products are great, and not all affordable products are low or average quality.

The construction quality is unbelievable for the price, making it suitable for every vehicle owner (individuals who can’t pay premium or vehicle owners who are deliberate about exceptional quality and performance, irrespective of the price).

Its robust stainless construction provides improved durability.

This provides adequate strength to withstand adverse road and climatic conditions for long-lasting operation and performance.

The quality of the welds is remarkable, bringing about a top enhancement in the vehicle’s aesthetic.

Your Silverado will become the talk of the neighborhood and among other vehicle owners on the road for the sporty and aggressive look and feel it delivers.

The sound performance delivers a better output than most designs.

Its loud and aggressive tone is captivating, creating a top-level awareness everywhere you go with minimal or no drone.

The impact of the loud and deep grumble is not felt or noticeable in the cabin; so far, the windows are rolled up.

Attaching the exhaust tip to the vehicle’s tailpipe is not complex or complicating.

The setup is what anyone can complete independently in the driveway or garage.

The list of the compatible Silverado models is not included. Confirm compatibility from the vendor before making a purchase.”


  • Aggressive sound with minimal or no drone
  • Low-pressure sound cancellation
  • Affordable exhaust tip
  • Quality welding for aesthetic optimization


  • Compatibility details are not stated

02. Corsa: 14031


Highlighted Features

  • Top-quality stainless steel construction
  • Dual-walled design
  • Clamp included
  • Precision laser engraving
  • 8 x 11.83 x 14 inches in dimension
  • 1 pound in weight

Corsa 14031 is another highly-rated steel constructed exhaust tip that ensures adequate power, strength, and sound for optimum exhaust system upgrade.

Silverado owners thinking of enhancing their vehicle’s appearance to a level that gets other drivers talking can take a good look at what we have here.

The exhaust tip is a bit large, which is evident in the product’s dimension.

The large size makes the vehicle easily noticeable from a distance.

Also, it gives it an aggressive appearance while at it.

Its excellent packaging quality takes care of the pressure that could damage or break the exhaust tip during shipment or poor handling at the point of delivery.

The compatibility details are missing, keeping the list of Silverado models that this exhaust tip can be attached to out of view.

Interested buyers are advised to have a detailed discussion with the vendor to determine if it is a suitable option for their vehicle model.

“Although its quality is obvious or not negligible. A few buyers believe the price is a bit expensive considering several other products that offer similar outcomes or beyond at a cheaper cost.”


  • Excellent heat distortion mechanism
  • Outstanding visual appeal
  • Assures remarkable quality
  • Aggressive look/appearance


  • The interior welds could be better
  • Pricey

03. GM Accessories: 22799814


Highlighted Features

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Color: Chrome
  • 3L engine compatible
  • Chevy’ Bowtie’ logo
  • 2 x 30.7 x 12.7 in dimension
  • 55 pounds in weight

GM Accessories 22799814 is designed to improve the vehicle’s appearance for a great feel and style.

It is designed by General Motors, indicating the excellent quality and performance it is built to deliver.

Individuals looking to make noticeable changes or improvements on their 5.3 Silverado but can’t afford the expensive replacements and purchases can start with this exhaust tip.

The construction quality is evident from first sight.

The exhaust tip is thick and attractive, showcasing the quality of material and engineering that make up the production.

The Chevy emblem is the icing on the cake, sealing the purchase deal for most buyers.

Its polished stainless steel construction ensures strength, power, and quality preservation.

This exhaust tip won’t be affected by the damaging elements that the road could throw at it or from adverse weather conditions.

For instance, adequate protection against rust, dent, and scratch provides long-lasting performance.

Overall, the installation ensures your vehicle achieves a sporty feel or appearance.

Other drivers will watch in great admiration while driving across the road.

The mounting process is straightforward.

The integration can be executed in the garage or driveway using the basic installation/repair tools.

Beginners are not left out, provided there is adequate information to follow or rely upon.

Although the product description shows that the GM Accessories 22799814 is compatible with the 5.3L Silverado engine, the model years are not stated.

Do not hesitate to speak to the vendor to determine if it can be installed on or attached to the Silverado model that you own to avoid fitment issues.

“While the price tag is a bit higher than many designs, anyone could have possibly checked or come across. It doesn’t fail to deliver on its performance promises, making it a worthy investment.”


  • Delivers a sporty feel/appearance to the vehicle
  • Provides extended protection against rust
  • Offers customized feel and touch


  • A bit costly compared to other quality options
  • No modification to the exhaust sound

04. General Motors ‎


Highlighted Feature

  • ‎2019 Chevrolet Silverado (4.3L & 5.3L engines)
  • Stainless steel construction & metallic finish
  • Bowtie Logo
  • Installation clamp
  • 2 x 4.9 x 4.3 inches in dimension
  • 59 pounds in weight

General Motors is one of the most reliable and investment-worthy automobile accessories brands.

Whenever a vehicle owner comes across any of their products, provided compatibility is verified or assured.

They can convincingly rely on such an accessory to deliver uncompromised quality and performance.

This exhaust tip offers durable stainless construction and metallic finish, offering lasting protection against rust for extended durability.

If you drive the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado (4.3L & 5.3L engines) and desire a simple yet obvious appearance upgrade to achieve a customized feel or touch.

Here is a design that is worth serious consideration.

The Bowtie Logo adds class and style to the design and can be easily perceived by anyone.

A lot of buyers find this feature fascinating and claim it makes up a big part of their purchase decision.

Although the General Motors offers the heavy-duty construction feel and appearance for extended or long-lasting performance.

It doesn’t affect or lower the class and style it brings to the vehicle.

The installation is effortless.

The package contains the necessary hardware the installer needs to clamp or attach the exhaust tip to the vehicle’s tailpipe without the need for adjustments or modifications to the exhaust system.

“It doesn’t change or modify the exhaust tone performance. Also, some vehicle owners may prefer chrome finish and not metallic.”


  • Perfect/accurate fitment
  • Improves exhaust tone
  • Upgrades the vehicle’s appearance
  • Smooth installation


  • Available in a metallic finish
  • Doesn’t modify the exhaust tone

05. Colt Exhaust ‎Tip


Highlighted Features

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Rolled edge slant cut
  • Chrome finish
  • 5-inch inlet & 17-inch outlet
  • Installation clamps are included
  • 1 unit

COLT EXHAUST ‎Tip promises reliable quality and delivers exceptionally on its performance promises.

The stainless steel construction and chrome finish are of superior quality, providing the exhaust tip with adequate strength to stand the adverse effect of road and weather conditions.

It stays glued on the exhaust system for an extended period without ant traces or signs of rust.

Also, the chrome finish remains intact for as long as possible, offering an excellent feel of class and style that gathers a lot of admiration while on the road.

If you are looking for an exhaust tip that is well-made and doesn’t succumb to whatever the road and weather throw at it.

This is a product that won’t disappoint.

Besides the significant upgrade, it brings to the vehicle’s appearance.

The tone of the exhaust is enhanced significantly (deep and loud sound performance) for top-of-the-mind awareness.

Your Silverado will be the talk of the moment among other road users, giving great satisfaction and value for the money.

It comes with quality installation clamps for smooth bolt-on integration.

However, the installer may adopt a different installation approach, welding it directly on the tailpipe instead of using the clamp.

The features offered by the COLT Exhaust Tip could make anyone pick it up instantly, leaving out the need for additional findings.

“While the quality of build and performance is unquestionably impressive, interested buyers still need to confirm from the vendor if it’s an ideal fit for their Silverado.”


  • Loud and throaty sound
  • Resists rust attack
  • Reliable and sturdy design
  • Excellent value for the money


  • No engraved logo

06. Go Rhino: GRT234410


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel material
  • Chrome finish
  • Direct fitment
  • Comes with the attachment clamp
  • 14 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

Go Rhino GRT234410 is unbelievable for its price.

It is one of the top options for anyone who seeks a reliable and top-quality exhaust tip at an affordable price.

The improvements and excitements it brings are numerous.

Speak with the vendor to confirm if it is an ideal choice for your Silverado model.

Installation on compatible vehicles delivers substantial upgrades in sound performance and appearance.

It adds a unique blend of class and style, making your Silverado stand out from other vehicles on the road.

Also, there is a noticeable change in sound performance once the vehicle attains higher RPMs.

The exhaust tone becomes considerably loud and a bit smoother.

The Chrome finish is top-quality. It stays shining for an extended period.

Also, its impressive performance when it comes to rust and discoloration restriction is remarkable, ensuring extended durability and quality preservation.

Anyone can mount the exhaust tip in minutes without difficulties or issues.

It can be connected to the exhaust system directly using the robust installation clamp in the package.

Although Go Rhino! GRT234410 is a bit wide than most exhaust tips.

Nevertheless, the size doesn’t make it look or appear goofy.

It fits perfectly on the exhaust system offering a touch of admiration.

“The bottom edge is devoid of a drain hole. The installer will have to drill the missing hole to allow easy drainage of moisture at the exhaust tip’s end.”


  • Resists discoloration and rust
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy attachment
  • Smoother and louder exhaust tone


  • No drain hole

07. AutoSaver: 88 TSET-0008


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction material
  • Chrome-plated & black-powder finish
  • Bolt or clamp-on installation
  • 3-inch inlet & 4-inch outlet
  • 12 x 3 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 37 pounds in weight

AUTOSAVER 88TSET-0008 is the most affordable exhaust tip on our list.

It is one of the reliable options anyone who desires a budget-friendly tip can pick up for a pretty decent upgrade.

Although it doesn’t assure the best quality when placed side-by-side with the expensive designs on the market.

It delivers a performance that can last for some time until there is a robust budget or adequate financial capability to pick an exhaust tip that offers superior quality.

This exhaust tip offers a solid feel for the price, delivering a quality that matches the amount you pay.

It improves the vehicle’s appearance and comes at a perfect length for accurate integration on compatible Silverado.

The decent performance upgrade it offers at such an affordable amount could trigger a purchase decision that isn’t well thought out.

This could lead to picking up an inadequate exhaust tip for the tailpipe.

Ensure you talk to the vendor about fitment and compatibility before placing an order to avoid stressful adjustments that wouldn’t have been required if the right questions were asked.

“The packaging quality could be better to provide adequate shield or protection against dents or damage that could result from poor handling during shipment.”


  • Universal fit
  • Integration is stress-free
  • Extended durability (rust resistance)
  • Affordable design


  • Packaging quality could be optimized/improved

06 Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado

01. Budget

The first rule of any purchase is spending within an amount you can afford.

Making a purchase without any concrete plan could lead to debt or affect other crucial plans or commitments.

By planning, we mean everyone should come up with a budget according to what they can spend or afford at a particular time.

Interestingly, exhaust tips are relatively affordable, ensuring every Silverado owner gets a design that offers decent or reliable quality.

However, it is important to state that the higher the budget, the better the quality of the exhaust tips available for purchase.

A robust budget eliminates restrictions, allowing an interested buyer to pick a product from highly-rated or well-known brands.

Have a clear understanding of the qualities and performance outcomes you desire or are looking for, and work towards having a sufficient budget to cover these requirements.

Our list of the best exhaust tip for Silverado contains 07 designs, offering exciting upgrades across various prices (affordable to expensive).

Read through each of these exhaust tips and choose the one that provides the best quality in line with the intended budget.

02. The Level of Sound

Remember, no two designs are created equally.

While some exhaust tips are built to optimize the exhaust tone significantly by producing aggressive sound.

Others are engineered to improve sound quality (deeper and smoother tone) without aggressive roars.

Some designs do not even modify or affect the quality of the exhaust sound output at all.

Silverado owners must clearly understand what they expect from their ideal exhaust tip when it comes to sound and go for a design that delivers their preference.

03. Appearance

Another major reason Silverado owners may decide to integrate an exhaust tip on their vehicle is to improve aesthetics.

Individuals looking at upgrading their vehicle’s attractiveness, especially to achieve a sporty feel and look, should focus on a design that complements the exterior extensively.

Ensure the exhaust tip’s color matches the vehicle’s paintwork or color.

Also, if the product has the manufacturer’s logo emblazoned on it, ensure the placement sits well with you.

04. Compatibility

An exhaust tip could have all the features or attributes a vehicle owner needs or prefers but still be unsuitable for the vehicle.

A lot of things must be well-thought-out when choosing the best exhaust tip.

Besides having or possessing all the qualities the vehicle owner seeks.

It must as well be a suitable option for their vehicle.

Once a Silverado truck owner finds an exhaust tip that conforms to their preference, it is essential to check if it is engineered to fit accurately on their vehicle.

An ideal design eliminates challenges that could come up during installation due to the inability to slot in effortlessly.

In most cases, correcting these errors could require expensive or time-consuming modifications.

Stay clear of unnecessary adjustments or the need to return the unsuitable exhaust back to the seller by checking the product description for the compatibility details or talking to the vendor for clarifications.

In summary, a quick and simple way to avoid fitment or compatibility issues is to settle for an exhaust tip designed to work with any vehicle model.

05. Construction Quality

A larger number of the exhaust tips you will find around are constructed using stainless steel.

A notable reason for its wide use or acceptance is its ability to resist corrosion or rust attacks for long-lasting durability and quality enhancement.

Also, it is solid and robust enough to cope with the high temperatures that the exhaust produces during operation.

Aluminum is also a reliable construction material with a decent level of popularity among exhaust tip manufacturers.

Similar to stainless steel, it also offers impressive resistance to rust attack and can withstand high temperatures.

Due to the toughness, these two construction materials ensure buyers are advised to limit purchase to exhaust tips made from either aluminum or stainless steel.

To further enhance the durability and quality of the stainless steel or aluminum exhaust tips, manufacturers coat the exterior with a solid or high-grade layer (chrome, black-powder coating, or metallic plating/coating)

06. Installation

There are two different approaches a Silverado owner can adopt or settle with when trying to install or integrate an exhaust tip on their exhaust system.

Depending on the installer’s preference, the exhaust tip could either be clamped or welded.

These application methods have their pros and cons.

Hence, you need to weigh both and eventually settle for the most appealing option.

Welding the exhaust tip is more like a permanent attachment/integration.

It offers improved durability to eliminate possible falls off while driving on the highway.

However, removing it when it becomes damaged or in a situation where an upgrade or replacement is considered may be tricky or challenging.

On the other hand, installing the exhaust tip using the clamp allows easy detachment when required.

However, the installer must ensure adequate clamping (solid and firm) to the tailpipe to avoid possible detachment while driving on the highway.

Also, an exhaust tip that isn’t clamped adequately or firmly is susceptible to theft.

FAQ About the Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado

01. What are the advantages of exhaust tip installation?

There are several advantages that an exhaust tip brings or adds to the overall vehicle quality and performance.

Asides from the standard appearance upgrade.

Some exhaust tips also improve the exhaust tone, optimize the engine’s performance, and enhance the movement of exhaust gases in your Silverado.

The vehicle owner must decide or draw out their performance preference and invest in a product that delivers these performance needs.

02. What is the average purchase price of an exhaust tip?

Exhaust tips are somewhat affordable. Affordability in this narrative is subjective.

Hence the continuous recommendation to vehicle owners to always stick to a budget that doesn’t result in debt or unnecessary panics.

On average, a few decent exhaust tips can be purchased for as low as $50 or less.

Some good quality designs cost more than $50 and lesser than $100.

The top-quality exhaust tips are offered from $100 and above.

In most conditions, the higher the price of the exhaust tip, the better the quality it offers.

Now that we have stated the price range, choosing an ideal exhaust tip after compatibility has been confirmed depends on the quality you are looking at and the budget.

03. Why should I consider the exhaust tip and tailpipe size before making a purchase?

The exhaust tailpipe size & exhaust tip size are significant factors that anyone should consider when picking a design to buy.

If the exhaust tip’s inlet is bigger or smaller than the exhaust tailpipe’s outlet, there is no way these two can work together.

The buyer may have to return the exhaust tip to the seller, which could be stressful.

An easy way to avoid this issue is to verify compatibility.

If the information about compatibility is not provided in the product description, go ahead to talk to the seller about the issue and any other concerns you may have.

04. What are the common exhaust tip designs?

The exhaust tip is available in 04 different designs, giving Silverado owners several design options to pick from.

The common exhaust tip designs are straight-cut, dual wall, edge roll, and angle cut.

Each design offers unique functions and benefits.

Hence, Silverado owners must understand the features or qualities that distinguish these designs from one another and make their selection accordingly.

05. How can I differentiate each exhaust tip design from the other?

Straight-cut is popular for the improvement it delivers on the vehicle’s aesthetics & appearance due to its wide and conventional design pattern.

The dual wall exhaust tip is built with a double layer of stainless steel for extended durability.

The double-layer construction is fascinating and appealing to most vehicle owners.

Edge roll is notable for two exciting features: thicker inner depth and appearance.

Besides making the exhaust look considerably big, these features also facilitate increased flow of air.

Angle cut exhaust tips improve the exhaust tone, delivering a compelling sound.

Also, it enhances the vehicle’s appearance by providing a muscular yet sharp body type.

06. How long does an exhaust tip installation take?

The installation process varies based on some factors.

These include the installation method (welding or clamping) and picking the right design.

Integrating the exhaust tip using the clamp is easier since it supports a direct attachment without comprehensive tools.

Welding requires a basic understanding of the task and the application takes a longer time compared to clamping.

Depending on the installation technique, It takes between 20 minutes and an hour to integrate the exhaust tip accurately on the vehicle, provided the tip’s inlet and tailpipe’s outlet are a perfect match.


Installing the best exhaust tip for Silverado goes beyond aesthetics or appearance enhancement.

It extends to sound performance optimization and the improvement of engine performance.

This is why Silverado owners must be intentional about the design they choose or integrate on their exhaust tailpipe for optimum satisfaction.

So far, we have highlighted some of the best exhaust tips from the highly-rated brands on the market, spreading across various price categories.

We have also discussed some crucial factors buyers should consider to guide them through the purchase process.

We hope that in the end (after going through every detail provided in our purchase guide), every reader or prospective buyer will have a comprehensive knowledge of selecting the ideal or compatible design for their vehicle.

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