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Top 08 Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Colorado [Reviews and Buying Guide : 2022)

The installation of a cold air intake has become a widespread practice among truck owners.

This article highlights some of the best cold air intake for Chevy Colorado that money can buy.

If you do not know how significant a cold air intake is or its benefits to the engine.

This guide provides all the necessary details Chevy Colorado owners can rely on to support their buying decision.

Top 08 Best Cold Air Intakes for Chevy Colorado : 2022


What is the Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Colorado?

All the cold air intakes on our list are equipped with features that deliver excellently on performance.

However, we have selected K&N 63-3104 to lead the line.

Just like every other air intake designed or manufactured by the brand, the 63-3104 is also furnished with a series of performance-driven features.

These features make the engine perform in its best form for as long as possible, extending to several years or mileage.

If you desire more power, increased torque, improved fuel usage rate, and better throttle operation at a pocket-friendly price.

This highly-rated product fulfills all these performance needs.

Why K&N is the Best Cold Air Intake Brand for Chevy Colorado?

The K&N is a household name.

All their cold air intakes are engineered to add exceptional power to the engine, irrespective of the price.

The manufacturer is known for always staying true to its words.

For instance, whatever features or benefits that are included in the product details are fulfilled or delivered accordingly.

Irrespective of the model you settle for, ranging from the pocket-friendly options to the expensive designs.

The construction quality is solid, and you will experience an immediate impact on the overall vehicle’s performance.

Also, in case you have any issue which you would like to report about the product, the customer service experience is top-notch.

Reviews of Top 08 Best Cold Air Intakes for Chevy Colorado

To ensure anyone can get the best product that money can buy.

We recommend studying our Chevy Colorado cold air intake reviews.

On our list are 08 high-quality designs that Chevy owners can choose from.

These cold air intakes are designed to slot in well on your vehicle.

They are from top brands such as K&N, Cold Air Inductions, aFe Power, INTAKE KAI, Rtunes Racing, Flowmaster,

Read through the product description or details carefully and choose an ideal option for the model of the Chevy Colorado that you drive.

01. K&N 63-3104


Highlighted Features 

  • 2017-2019 Chevy Colorado (3.6L V6)
  • 50% increase in airflow
  • High-density polyethylene tube material
  • 24.21 x 20.2 x 15.59 inches in dimension
  • 14.44 pounds in weight

When you talk to K&N fans or loyalists about any of the brand’s offerings, the level of trust they have in these products is incredible and very captivating.

Over the years, the manufacturer has stayed committed to producing top-tier components across a wide range of vehicles.

If you are interested in optimizing the engine’s performance by integrating a cold air intake.

Especially for individuals who are skeptical or not entirely convinced about what difference it can make.

The K&N 63-3104 is a great design to start with.

Although this design doesn’t make a massive improvement or upgrade in performance, the extra boost it gives the engine will go a long way in giving your Chevy Colorado a new identity.

It guarantees an increase in power and torque, equipping the truck with additional strength for heavy-duty activities such as towing & hauling.

Also, the engine’s tone sounds better, and the MPG increases.

As for individuals with previous knowledge or experience of an air intake installation, it is possible to complete the integration in about 30 minutes.

The timeline can extend to about 02 hours for someone who has no previous experience since you will have to depend on the instructions manual mainly.

According to many users, the instructions manual is missing some vital steps.

We advise installers to visit the website.

Watch the installation video to catch up with the missing details in the manual.

Evidently, if the guide had been well-detailed, some of the issues raised by some users would have been avoided.


  • Guarantees a considerable boost in MPG, torque, and horsepower
  • Eliminates any blockage that can hinder the flow of air into the engine
  • Installation can be completed with basic mechanical knowledge
  • Improves exhaust sound


  • Instruction manual could be more comprehensive

02. Cold Air Inductions 512-0104-B


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2020 Chevy Colorado (3.6L V6 2.5L)
  • Stainless Steel & aluminum materials
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Bolt-on attachment
  • 16 x 14 x 12 inches in dimension
  • 12 pounds in weight

The Cold Air Inductions, 512-0104-B, is designed to meet the performance expectations of every Chevy Colorado’s owner.

Irrespective of the upgrade you seek, extending across a boost in horsepower, an increase in torque, or an improvement in fuel efficiency.

This design delivers on these parameters without causing any unnecessary strain on the engine.

The airbox is insulated, leading to a significant heat soak reduction.

In the end, the engine will receive cooler and cleaner air for improved combustion.

With its superior aluminum construction and powder-coated exterior,

You can easily perceive the quality from the first interaction, giving a clear impression or feeling of robustness and longevity.

Installing the Cold Air Inductions 512-0104-B on Chevy Colorado is stress-free.

Installers can easily attach the accessory to the mounting position using a plier and a screwdriver.

Not at any point would you be required/expected to cut or drill any part.

The air filter lid can be removed without difficulty, aiding adequate inspection for optimum maintenance.

Truck owners will be able to detect the state & condition of the air filter to know when it is due for cleaning or replacement.


  • The air filter is easy to wash for optimum maintenance
  • Optimizes fuel consumption by adding more mileage
  • Torque and horsepower experience a sustainable boost
  • Inexpensive


  • The amount of horsepower & MPG that is added is not stated

03. K&N 57-3043


Highlighted Features 

  • 2004 to 2006 Chevy Colorado (3.5L)
  • Alloy steel material & oiled 4-layer​ cotton​ filter
  • 50% boost in airflow
  • Authorized/permitted across all states in the USA
  • 18.25 x 18.25 x 12.5 inches in dimension
  • 11.22 pounds in weight

The best cold intake for Chevy Colorado doesn’t only address performance limitations.

They also support easy corrections or amendments of issues that may occur along the way.

When it comes to engine performance maximization, the influence of the K&N in the cold air intake industry can’t be neglected.

Over and over again, the brand has proven to be reliable and trustworthy with its offerings.

When you read the various reviews on the seller’s page on Amazon, many users have given a detailed expression of the performance satisfaction they derive from the K&N 57-3043.

Performance/upgrade asides.

After the installation, any challenges users may encounter are reported to receive immediate attention and are solved quickly.

It is evident that the customer arm of the brand is highly responsive and cares so much about users’ happiness and satisfaction.

This product delivers all the performance metrics or parameters outlined in its product description.

After the installation, a common issue widely reported among Chevy Colorado owners is that the check engine light comes on.

The manufacturer recommends you check the air sensor and ensure it is neat and free from dirt and dust to solve this issue.

A lot of users who have adopted the technique were able to experience an instant result.


  • Installation is not stressful
  • Guarantees uninterrupted passage of air into the engine
  • You will experience an increase in power & torque
  • The air filter can last up to 100K miles before cleaning is required


  • The check engine indicator may come on after installation
  • No noticeable difference or increase in MPG

04. aFe Power 51-74106


Highlighted Features 

  • Dry filter (3-layer) & roto-molded intake tube
  • 60% improvement in airflow
  • Up to 14 extra horsepower
  • 13 lb-ft additional torque
  • ‎13 pounds in weight

There are many reasons why the aFe Power 51-74106 fits into your ideal Chevy Colorado cold air intake.

The improvement in acceleration, horsepower, and torque tops the list.

Although the price is a bit costly, this product is well-engineered and adequately equipped to give the engine the boost that it needs.

In the end, the engine will unleash its hidden power to enhance the overall performance of your truck.

The installation is easy and can be finalized at a fast pace.

Anyone can simply attach the aFe Power 51-74106 to their vehicle with the aid of a few simple tools.

Since it uses a dry filter, vehicle owners can easily take it out when it becomes dirty, clean it, and reuse it accordingly.

After the installation, some users reported that they also experienced significant improvements in their truck’s performance.

It includes a louder exhaust sound, smoother throttle response, and a better MPG.


  • Increases horsepower & torque for maximum gains
  • You will feel a sustainable amount of improvement in throttle response
  • Growling sound and some significant gains in acceleration
  • Straightforward attachment


  • Not available to Chevy Colorado owners in California
  • The product’s dimension is not stated
  • A bit expensive

05. ‎INTAKE KAI ‎SRI-0712H3


Highlighted Features 

  • 2007-2012 Chevy Colorado (3.7L I5)
  • Dry-flow air filter
  • Bolt-on attachment
  • Instructions manual
  • 5 pounds in weight

The INTAKE KAI ‎SRI-0712H3 is a major highlight on our Chevy Colorado cold air intake reviews list.

The manufacturer (INTAKE KAI) is not as famous as the previously discussed brands.

However, it can stand toe-to-toe with them when it comes to the improvement it offers to your vehicle’s overall performance.

If you discover that the engine is not delivering the number of performance gains as desired, especially for an individual who engages in towing/hauling from time to time.

This cold air intake improves its ability to draw adequate air (cooler and cleaner) for maximum combustion.

In the end, you will achieve a significant upgrade in throttle response and acceleration.

The upgrade further equips or strengthens the vehicle to sustainably handle heavy-duty tasks without putting excessive pressure or strain on the engine.

The exciting thing is that interested individuals do not have to empty their wallets or exceed their limit before enjoying the numerous upgrades it offers.

With less than $100, anyone can make the INTAKE KAI ‎SRI-0712H3 their own.


  • Eliminate performance lags
  • Smoother throttle response/performance
  • The air filter is reusable (easy to clean)
  • Pocket-friendly cold air intake


  • The amounts of gains are not stated
  • The dimension is not highlighted in the product description

06. Rtunes ‎CI-CH-11BL


Highlighted Features 

  • 07-12 Chevrolet Colorado (3.7L I5)
  • Dry air filter
  • Installation hardware (reducer & vacuum hoses inclusive)
  • Instructions manual
  • Bolt-on mounting

The Rtunes ‎CI-CH-11BL is designed to provide a cost-effective and more accessible pathway to achieving a significant boost in your truck’s performance.

Any individual thinking of taking their Chevy Colorado (2007 to 2012) performance to a new level can read along.

This essential component is designed to unleash the engine’s hidden potential for improved power and torque.

Also, the dry air filter can be easily maintained, supporting reusability over a long period.

Installers can rely on the included components for successful and trouble-free attachment to their truck.

It fits seamlessly into the engine bay.

It doesn’t require the use of any expensive tools.

Also, you won’t have to make any particular adjustments or modifications as the case may be.

Overall, Rtunes ‎CI-CH-11BL offers an instant upgrade in crucial areas such as MPG, horsepower, and torque at a more affordable cost than a lot of other designs that provide the same results.


  • Eliminates air restrictions for better combustion
  • Increase in HP (horsepower) outputs
  • Throttle response becomes smoother
  • All the mounting parts are included in the kit


  • The dimension and weight details are not mentioned

07. Flowmaster 615165


Highlighted Features 

  • 17-18 Chevy Colorado (3.6L)
  • Polyethylene high-flow intake tube
  • Black anodized aluminum construction
  • Black powder-coated air dam with mounting brackets
  • Dry synthetic media filter
  • 13 pounds in weight

Although the Flowmaster 615165 is a bit expensive.

The high price is justifiable considering the quality of the construction materials used to bring this cold air intake together as a unit.

For instance, the black anodized aluminum construction provides adequate strength, preventing attacks from rust/corrosion.

Also, each hardware is made from superior stainless steel to maintain the quality standard for overall solid performance.

This cold air intake is designed to seamlessly fit the 17-18 Chevy Colorado (3.6L) engine.

In the end, the engine will be able to draw more air for adequate combustion.

Thanks to the polyethylene high-flow intake tube.

The combustion rate optimization/improvement brings about a transformational difference in engine performance, adding as much torque and horsepower as possible to support the vehicle’s performance needs.

Especially for heavy-duty activities such as hauling, towing, and driving across the hills and steep slopes.


  • Guarantees maximum improvement in efficiency & performance
  • No cutting or drilling for stress-free integration
  • Durable mounting hardware
  • Traps contaminants that could sabotage unrestricted airflow into the engine


  • Somewhat expensive
  • The product’s dimension isn’t stated

08. Velocity Concepts VCWSI-CH-V10BLB


Highlighted Features 

  • 08-12 Chevy Colorado
  • Mounting hardware
  • Dry air filter
  • Bolt-on integration
  • 19 x 17.5 x 11.5 inches in dimension

Velocity Concepts VCWSI-CH-V10BLB is another solid yet unpopular design we could pull out from the numerous options around.

If you belong to the category of individuals who drive the 08-12 Chevy Colorado and desire an optimized engine performance without expensive modifications or additions.

Here is where all the details on how to make it happen can be seen.

Only a few cold air intakes can give a better result than what this design provides, and most of them are available at a high rate.

The VCWSI-CH-V10BLB improves the rate of air that flows into the engine at a pocket-friendly price.

Asides from supplying the engine with adequate clean & cold air, it also ensures contaminants or blockages that may interrupt airflow are kept out of the way.

Basically, the more air flows into the vehicle’s engine, the better the combustion rate.

When the combustion rate reaches a new high, it substantially increases vital actions such as horsepower, torque, and throttle response.

The installation is pretty straightforward.

Truck owners can easily bolt the air intake accordingly using the mounting brackets and other essential hardware included in the kit.

All the parts that you need to complete the integration are rightly included, eliminating any form of extra investment that may raise the price of the product higher than normal.

The dry air filter supports extended use.

Since it is washable, you can take it out when it becomes dirty, clean it, and reinsert it appropriately.


  • No missing parts
  • Smoother throttle operation/performance
  • Installation doesn’t require the help/service of a technician
  • The air filter is washable, which supports reusability


  • Rate of additional horsepower it supplies is unknown

Buying Consideration of the Best Cold Air Intake for Chevy Colorado

01. Price

Whatever you plan to do or achieve, preparation is crucial.

This approach applies to all aspects of life, even in investment and purchase.

One factor that makes up a crucial part of everyone’s plan is the budget.

When it comes to purchasing a valuable accessory like a cold air intake.

A budget is somewhat an accurate presentation or reality of one’s current financial state.

It illustrates how much each individual can afford to pay for a product or service at a particular moment in time.

Before anyone begins to search for the list of top-quality cold air intake for Chevy Colorado to buy.

The best practice is to admit the highest amount you can invest in getting the ideal product.

If people who are ready to invest in a cold air intake are patient enough to study the designs offered within their budget.

There is no how they won’t find a product that delivers on their performance expectations.

However, if there is insufficient time to set aside for research,

we recommend you go through the 08 products on our list and make the proper selection.

It doesn’t matter how low or high the budget is, there is a huge possibility that you will find a quality air intake.

02. The pipe construction

When it comes to the air intake pipe, the two major or widely considered materials among vehicle owners are plastic and aluminum.

If you seek our recommendation, we would admit both materials are excellent.

There is no wrong selection choice irrespective of the material you eventually settle for.

However, many users who are familiar with pipes made from these materials report that pipes constructed using aluminum experiences a slight increase in air intake temperature.

Also, considering aluminum’s heat retention capability, it means the pipe will remain hot for a period after the engine is turned off.

This restricts access to the hood for some time, especially when there is an urgent need to conduct a repair.

While the plastic pipes might not make any change or difference to the air intake temp, they are costlier.

However, they look very attractive when attached to the engine bay and give a similar appearance/look as the OEM.

03. Filter maintenance/replacement

Whenever you are ready to proceed with the selection.

Check how long the filter can go before it could require cleaning or replacement.

When you check the products on our list, the air filter that comes with them can be washed or reused.

However, for filters designed to be changed after covering a particular number of miles, make enough findings regarding the ease of replacement.

Ensure that the filter can be removed and replaced as a unit whenever needed.

04. Installation

Usually, cold air intakes are known for how easily they can be added or attached to the engine bay.

However, it is essential to state that the ease of installation is only certain when all the parts you need to complete the setup are available or present.

While looking at possible options to pick for your Chevy Colorado, first confirm if the design comes with all the required hardware.

This includes pipes, vacuum hoses, filters, mounting brackets, and many more.

05. Compatibility

You do not want to encounter the stress of modifying the cold air intake before it fits into the mounting slot.

It is essential to read the product description carefully to gather relevant information about the design.

Go over the compatible Chevy Colorado models listed in the product description to verify if your vehicle makes the cut.

06. Brand

Although several unpopular brands have quality products under their rank.

Picking up any of them without comprehensive research is an expensive gamble.

The ideal bet for individuals who do not have enough time to make comprehensive findings is picking a design from any famous names around.

A helpful technique is to go through a purchase guide like ours and check through the reviewed products to see if any design meets your performance expectations.

FAQs About Best Cold Air Intakes for Chevy Colorado

01. Should I install a cold air intake?

Every vehicle has an intake that comes from the manufacturer.

The replacement of the factory intake with a cold air intake ensures the engine enjoys an improved air inflow.

Since the air supplied by this component is colder and provided at an increased rate.

The engine will receive more oxygen in the process.

As a result, the engine will be adequately equipped to increase the rate of combustion, bringing about a significant boost in power and torque.

In addition to the improvement in power & torque, the intake noise is also modified as the case may be.

The Chevy Colorado that has the cold air intake installed will produce aggressive sound, which compliments the engine nicely.

Although there are several cold air intake manufacturers or brands you can purchase from, only a few of them are reliable.

Hence, there is a need to be cautious with your selection.

02. What is the role of a filter in air intake?

The filter is a crucial part of your cold air intake.

It keeps the combustion chamber away from contaminants that may lower the engine’s efficiency or cause damage to it.

03. How much does it cost to install a cold air intake?

This component comes at different prices.

The affordable designs can cost between $30 and $100.

Cold air intakes offered within this price region deliver a basic performance upgrade compared to those available between one hundred ($100) and three hundred ($300).

Designs between the $100 & $300 region offer a better improvement in power and are constructed using top-quality material.

Going above the $300 mark, designs that fall under the category are marked as premium or expensive, which is evident in their appearance and the performance upgrades they offer.

04. How long does it take to install a cold air intake?

Attaching this accessory to the engine bay takes between 1 and 2 hours on average.

The installation timeframe can be shorter if you have previous integration knowledge or experience.

05. What are the significant upgrades the cold air intake offers?

The primary role of the cold air intake is to support the adequate or extra distribution of air & fuel into the vehicle’s engine.

In the end, you will experience a significant boost in torque, horsepower, and sound.

Also, when the engine isn’t under excessive load or used for heavy-duty activities or operations.

The fuel consumption is optimized for improved efficiency.

06. What safety precaution should I consider before installing an air intake on my Chevy Colorado?

When you are set to mount the ideal cold air intake on your vehicle, disconnect the battery terminals before anything else.

07. Why should I install a cold air intake?

Fresh Oxygen is important for us to breathe.

Similarly, the vehicle’s engine takes fresh air to breathe through a cold air intake.

So, It’s very important to install a functional cold air intake in your Chevy Colorado.


The best cold air intake for Chevy Colorado plays a significant role in ensuring your vehicle’s engine unleashes its hidden potential for improved performance.

Irrespective of the budget and the results you seek (more power, extra torque, increased acceleration, smoother throttle operation, aggressive exhaust sound, or a more efficient fuel consumption rate).

You will find a product that guarantees or fulfills these performance expectations on our list.

If the installation seems out of place, do not force it.

Go ahead and hire a technician to complete the integration or attachment for an agreed price to avoid causing any damage to the engine,

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