Win Lunch With Me…and K2!

By Gretchen | Published: October 12, 2010

This Friday I’ll be in in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for the Grand Re-Opening of Buckmans shred shop with the K2 crew. If you live in the area, buy some K2 products and you’ll be entered to win lunch with me and if you don’t win you can still come visit with all of us and get some autographs and free swag! Click here for the complete schedule and details on how to win! Hope to see all you Pennsylvanians on Friday!

21 Day Reusable Challenge

By Gretchen | Published: October 10, 2010

I know we’re always talking about ways to create a sustainable life and to reduce, reuse, & recycle but I’ve decided (with the help of Alex Bottle) to really make this a reality by creating and participating in The 21 Day Reusable Challenge. I’m challenging all of you to do the same and giving out prizes for all the top finishers!

Here’s the deal-for the next 21 days starting today 10.10.10 you & I

  • will not use plastic water bottles
  • will not accept shopping bags/grocery bags
  • will not use styrofoam food containers

Once you’ve circumnavigated these obstacles, document yourself using/doing something reusable and post the photo/video to my Facebook Fan Page with the title “21 Days of Reusable Challenge” and tag @Gretchenbleiler and @alex bottle in your post and consider yourself a part of the challenge. Get creative because the posts with the top five “LIKES” will receive prizes and from those five, a winner will be chosen by me to receive the grand prize!


  • K2 Eco snowboard of your liking
  • Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Collection Eco Jacket
  • Oakley Sunglass
  • Oakley Goggles
  • Alex Bottle Collection

So, get your reusable on and let’s see if we can reduce, reuse, recycle our way to Halloween! Good Luck! -Gretchen

PS. my first day was harder than expected so this really will be a challenge for all of us :)

21 Day Reusable Challenge_1

Environmental Discussion at CU Boulder

By Gretchen | Published: October 9, 2010

Title: Environmental Discussion at CU Boulder
Location: CU Boulder Environmental Center
Link out: Click here
Description: I’ll be speaking at CU Boulder on the climate change!
Date: 2010-10-11

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.11.01 PM

Cover of Snowboard Colorado

By Gretchen | Published: October 7, 2010

There is a new magazine on the Colorado snowboard scene and I am honored and excited to be on the cover of it! The second issue of Snowboard Colorado is out this month so click HERE to scroll through the online magazine and see what’s happening in these parts and if you live in Colorado go out and pick one up!

One Sight Clinic in South Africa With Oakley

By Gretchen | Published: September 23, 2010

I want to thank Oakley for the experience of a lifetime today! I’m in South Africa volunteering with Oakley and One Sight at an event in a township called Mamelodi. Today we gave 1,722 people free seeing eye exams, eyewear and prescription eyewear, changing lives forever and spreading opportunity. Amazing. People waited for hours in the hot hot African sun and I had to pleasure of working alongside KP’s Salt Lake City doctor, Dr. Holly! Enjoy some photos from today and I’ll keep you posted as the adventure continues! Click on the photos below to open up the slide show and for more photos check out Oakley’s snaps from today HERE!

If You Could….

By Gretchen | Published: September 20, 2010

Snowboard Magazine did a fun little interview with me starting every question with, “If you could…” And yes I really would be a flying dragon if I could! Check it out and answer them for yourself too!

Outside Magazine Ten Tips For Snowboarding

By Gretchen | Published: August 23, 2010

Check out my Ten Tips For Snowboarding on Outside Magazine’s latest blog update because apparently it’s never to early to start thinking about snowboarding!

ALEX is Here!

By Gretchen | Published: August 20, 2010

As most of you know I’m one of the founders of ALEX water bottles, a BPA free stainless steel water bottle that you can actually clean, thanks to clean seam technologies innovative design. The clean seam let’s you split the bottle open, to clean and let’s you mix and match the two sizes creating a third size and of course your own customized color combination! We’re so excited about the product and so excited that people finally can have it in their hands to enjoy ALEX for themselves! You can order it on line at ALEXBOTTLE.COM and click HERE to see what Fast Company has to say about our new product! And for those of you who are wondering why it’s called ALEX it stands for Always. Live. Extraordinarily.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.57.31 PM

ESPN The Magazine

By Gretchen | Published: July 20, 2010

I’m featured in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine’s story Body Shots. The article features Greg Jones, Ray Rice, Tony Kanaan and yours truly discussing our different workout programs and what it takes to stay in shape for sports we love. So if you don’t already subscribe maybe you should and if you an “insider” already click HERE for behind the scenes videos and photos!


Aspen Phone Book

By Gretchen | Published: July 20, 2010

To my surprise I am now the official cover girl of the Aspen phone book. Now all those out of town tourists will have to flip open my face to find the best things to do in. Happy dialing Aspen!

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