Volkswagen Taos Price in the United States 2023

Looking for an SUV in a smaller size. Volkswagen Taos Price in the United States is available here. No need to worry, as Volkswagen has got you covered. The company has launched a mini-sized SUV in the country that is all set to amaze its users in the United States. Most people in the United States always wanted to buy SUV-type cars but only stopped due to the size of the car, which made the price as well as the maintenance costs of these cars high. So, the company has now come up with a solution to this problem as they have launched this small-sized SUV for the ease of people who were not interested in big-sized SUV cars.

Although the car is smaller in size, the features that are added to the car are the fullest. Volkswagen, previously in the United States, was offered in a variety of variants for the cars that were present in the country. The brand continuing the legacy has increased the number of cars, but the number of variants against each car remains the same. It’s the brand’s wish to always provide a single car in different variants. In this way most users can have the car of their choice easily. Let’s see at what price the car is being sold in the country and where the showrooms of the company are in the country. The price at which the car is being sold in the country is as follows:

Volkswagen Taos Price in the United States

The car is available for sale in the country for PKR $24,155. This is the exact price at which the basic variant of this car is available for sale in the country. If you are a Volkswagen geek and thinking of buying a car from the company, then there is no need to worry, as the car can be bought from any local dealer or any dealer of the Volkswagen in the country. This means there are also sources other than the official dealerships in the country where these cars are available for sale. Let’s see here, after the price, what main things have made this car famous in the United States.

Volkswagen Taos Engine Displacement:

Many of you might be thinking as the car’s size has been reduced, the company has surely reduced the size of the engine that has been installed in the car. But here, in this case, you might be wrong because the car still comes with an engine of 1395cc, which is best for this car in this kind of shape as it enables the user to get maximum performance while driving in the city as well as outside the city.

Volkswagen Taos Fuel Average:

On local, the car provides a fuel average of 28 MPG, while on the highway, the car’s fuel average increases a lot, and it becomes 36 MPG. Here, this fuel average for an SUV is perfect as the car can be taken anywhere in the city as well as on long routes without any hassle of getting it refueled again and again.

Volkswagen Taos Fuel Average

Volkswagen Taos Features:

Many new features have been introduced in this car. Some features from those features are enlisted below:

Heated passenger seat
Adjustable seats
Heated Driver seat
10-way power driver seat
Rear door child safety locks
Remote anti-theft alarm system
USB with external media control
Front and rear cupholders
Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

These are all the features that have been added to the car. This has been done to make it look more worthwhile to be used within the city as well as anywhere where the user tends to take it. All the features are present in the previously launched cars by the company. There are also some features that are seen in this car. These features were not present in any of the cars launched by the company in the United States.

Volkswagen Taos Specifications:

The specifications added to the car are as follows:

Length 175.8 inches
Width 72.5 inches
Height 64.4 inches
Wheelbase 105.9 inches
Ground Clearance 6.4 inches
Maximum Torque 184 lb-ft @ 1,750 rpm
Total Horsepower 158 hp @ 5,500 rpm
Seating Capacity 5 persons

These are all the specifications on the basis of which the car has been designed and further manufactured by the company. All the dimensions added to the car by the company are up to the mark. Car works best under all circumstances in the United States. If you have used the cars launched by the company before in the United States, then you might already be familiar with the quality of features and specs the company adds to its cars. Here, all the specifications of this car are built specifically to give users a different as well as an enhancing experience so that they can have a drive in a pleasurable mood.

Volkswagen Taos Availability in the United States:

The company has several showrooms in the United States. This car is showcased for sale at almost all the showrooms of the company. There you can see and check the car. The car can be taken for a test drive before purchase by asking about the availability of the sales team or the respective person who presented you with the car upon your visit to the showroom. After that, you can see if the car is of your choice and is capable of the area where you tend to drive it. In this way, you will be successfully running the car after the purchase. This was all about Volkswagen Taos Price in the United States.

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