07 Differences and Similarities Between Silverado v6 Vs v8

Chevy Silverado v6 and v8 engines are some of the most popular and loved engines among automotive users.

They offer some of the best performance for trucks and have developed into a rivalry among truck lovers as to which one is the best for the Silverado truck.

Both of them have some ups and downs.

So, it’s a little bit tough to choose one of them.

In subsequent paragraphs, we shall discuss the differences between the Silverado v6 and v8 engines, highlighting the pros and cons of the engines and answering some important questions you may have about the engines.

What Does ‘V’ Represent in a Silverado V8 and V6 Engine?

You may be wondering what the V in the v8 and v6 or other engine configurations mean.

It is not as complicated as you may think.

The V is simply the internal configuration of the engine.

The V means the way the cylinders are aligned within the engine.

They are aligned in a v- shape around the crankshaft.

There are many variants of the v engine, from the v2 to v12 engines.

A v12 engine will mean an engine with two rows of 6 cylinders each that surround the crankshaft in a v shape.

The rows are usually with an equal number of cylinders.

The equal number of rows on each side helps to improve the balance of mass in the engine for better performance.

07 Differences and Similarities Between Silverado v6 Vs v8

silverado v6 vs v8

The v engines, as earlier established, are engines with an equal cylinder row surrounding the crankshaft.

It means that on a v6 Silverado engine, you will have two rows with three cylinders around the crankshaft, while the v8 will have two sets of rows with four cylinders surrounding the shaft.

You may be wondering if the numbers of cylinders are the only differences between the v6 and v8 engines.

Both engines are similar, in that they work the same way, relying on internal combustion, gasoline ignition, and so on.

In subsequent sub-paragraphs, we shall list and examine the differences to consider when considering the purchase of a v6 or v8 engine.

01. Specification

There are differences in the designs of the Silverado v6 and v8 engines.

The Silverado v6 engines are built with 6-cylinder chambers surrounding the crankshaft.

They produce an output power of 285 hp, and a torque of 305 lb-ft

It will usually have an engine speed of 5800 rpm max.

On the contrary, the v8 engines are built with eight-cylinder chambers around the crankshaft.

This means that they can produce more horsepower than the v6 engines.

The v8 engines have an output power of 355 hp and a torque of 383 lb-ft.

These are the obvious differences in the design of the V6 and v8 Silverado engine.

02. Towing Capacity

The Silverado v8 has a better towing capacity than the v6.

Two factors that affect towing capacity are the output power and torque.

The higher the horsepower and torque, the higher the towing capacity.

The 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 has an output power of 420 hp and a torque of 460lb-ft.

They have a towing capacity of 13,300 lbs.

In addition, the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 has an output power of 355hp, a torque of 383lb, and a towing capacity of 11,200 lbs.

In contrast, the v6 engine cannot rival the v8 in raw power and will have a lower towering capacity.

The 4.3L ECOTEC3, V6 with an output power of 285hp and 205lb-ft torque will have a high capacity of about 7,900 lb.

03. Fuel Economy

If you are getting your Silverado for fuel economy, then we recommend the Silverado v6.

The Silverado v6 has been long recognized as one of the best fuel economy trucks available.

Regardless of the model, brands or other factors, the V6 is built to be more fuel-efficient than the v8.

Fuel economy will mean using a small amount of gasoline to produce horsepower and torque.

Larger engines will require more cylinder chambers and, therefore, more gas consumption to produce power and torque.

Whether the Silverado truck is driven on the highway or city, the v6 engine will have a gas mileage of 18mpg to 30mpg.

While the Silverado v8 has a gas mileage of around 16mpg and 22mpg on highway or city roads.

04. Handling

The Silverado v6 has better handling and is more stable, especially when driving through corners.

Their two lesser cylinders mean they are smaller, more stable, and easy to drive.

A v6 will usually weigh around 6900lbs  which is light compared to the v8.

On the other hand, the Silverado v8 weighs more, and its two extra cylinder means they are bigger and will add more mass to your Silverado truck.

The Silverado v8 engine weighs around 7100lbs, an extra 200lbs more than the v6.

The Silverado V8 will find itself drifting during a ta sharp turn, unlike the Silverado v6 truck.

05. Sound

You can expect the Silverado v8 to be noisier than the v6 engines.

If you enjoy a noisy car, you should get the Silverado v8.

The growing noise results from the different timing it takes to fire each cylinder of the v8.

Its connecting rods are designed to be 90 degrees apart.

The v6s are quiet in comparison with the v8s.

06. Cylinder Bank Angles

The cylinder bank angles are the angles between the cylinder.

The Silverado v6 engines have a bank angle of 60 and 90 degrees.

Some v6 may also come with 120 degrees.

Regarding engine balance, 60 degrees are the optimal angle for the v6 engine.

The Silverado v8 has a cylinder bank engine of just 90 degrees, which is not that balance and leads to uneven balancing and misfiring.

This is also responsible for the growling noise you hear from the Silverado v8.

07. Maintenance Cost

The v6 engines are easier to maintain than the v8.

They are built with fewer parts and are more affordable to replace or repair.

Its bigger counterpart, the v8, is a bigger engine with more spare parts.

This means more issues to deal with when repairing or replacing.

Although, the maintenance cost factor should not be a singular reason to buy any, as both well-managed engines have a long life span.

It is something to consider in the longer run.

There is a detailed comparison in this video.


Should I Choose Silverado v6 or v8?

silverado v6 vs v8

06 Benefits of Silverado v8

Now that we have understood the major differences between the Silverado v6 and v8 engines.

Now, Let’s highlight the advantages the Silverado v8 engine has over the v6 engine.

Benefit 01: Higher Output Power

The v8 is a better option if you are going for output power.

Its extra two cylinders mean more room for combustion and more mechanical energy/ horsepower it can create.

Benefit 02: Better Overall Speed And Acceleration

With its higher output power and torque, the Silverado v8 has a better capacity for speed and acceleration than the v6.

The v8 could have an out power of more than 400hp and torque of more than 400lb-ft, compared with eth v6 285 hp and 305 lb-ft.

Benefit 03. Tow Heavier Things

The v8 has a max tow power of 11,200.

This is enough for you to tow your fishing boat, tiny home, and many more.

The v6 cannot generate enough energy to rival the v8 capacity.

The Silverado v8 is much bigger and suitable for towing heavy objects.

Benefit 04: Great for Site Work

Due to the amount of power the v8 can generate, Silverado v8 trucks are great for site work.

They can pull heavy objects and carry more loads, making them a popular choice among truck lovers.

Benefit 05: Perpendicular Angle

The v8 engines have more than eight cylinders which are more perpendicular than the six-cylinder v6.

The more the perpendicular engine, the better its overall performance

Benefit 06: Smooth Performance

V8 engines have a smooth performance than the Silverado v6.

06 Benefits of Silverado v6

The following are reasons why you get a Silverado v6 over the v8.

Benefit 01: Better Handling

Due to its two fewer cylinders and lesser mass, the Silverado v6 has better handling than the v8.

They are better at turning sharp corners.

Its lightweight means that they have a better power-to-weight ratio.

Benefit 02: Improved Fuel Economy

The v6 remains a great choice for fuel economy.

Their fewer chambers mean lesser fuel combustion and consumption.

Most truck lovers who are more aware of fuel consumption will pick v6 over v8.

You can typically expect better mileage from the Silverado v6.

Benefit 03: Cost

In terms of purchase and maintenance, the Silverado v6 is more affordable than the v8.

Fewer parts of the v6 make it easy to repair and maintain.

Benefit 04: Suitable for Vehicles with Drive Wheel Layout

The v6 engines are suitable for a wide variety of cars.

Benefit 05: Compact

The v6 engines are shorter than the inline engine, which means they are more compact and lightweight.

Benefit 06: Factor to Consider

Choosing between the Silverado v8 and v6 engine will depend on many factors, including your lifestyle, the use of environmental conditions and more.

You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and match them with your conditions and needs.

The automotive market seems to be shifting towards the v6, but the power of the v8 has made it unrivaled and relevant in today’s market.


Are v6 more reliable than v8?

This depends on many factors, and why you are choosing the engines.

It is generally believed that the v8, especially the 5.3-liter engines and 5.7-liter engines, have more mechanical power than v6 engines like the 3.8l and require little thrashing making the v8 more reliable in acceleration and overtaking.

If you are looking at fuel economy, then the v6 is more reliable.

Does V6 last longer than V8?

If you use your truck for heavy-duty activities like towing and so on, we recommend you get a v8 engine.

They are built roe activities like this and will have a better life span doing so.

Using a v6 engine for such activities will drastically affect stress on the engine.

Using a v6 for conservative tasks gives you longevity and better mileage.

Does a v8 consume more Gas than a v6 Engine?

The v8 engines are much larger, with an eight-cylinder chamber than the v6 engines.

They require much more exhaust gas than the v6 engines to function properly.

This means you are more likely to get good gas mileage on your v6 than on the v8 engine.

The reason is that few activities require the exhaust gas in the v6 or fewer mechanical movements.

Why do V8 engines sound different?

You are likely to hear growling sounds from your Silverado v8 engines.

This is a normal sound in the engine.

They are caused by the cross-plane crankshaft that is adopted in v8.

These crankshafts are designed with connecting rods 90 degrees apart, causing the engine to fire its cylinder at different intervals.

Therefore you hear the growling sound.

Is the v8 engine going away?

The answer to this question is subjective.

However, we can expect more technological improvements as the world moves to an energy-efficient power source.

Many countries are looking into new ways to do so, with many projecting to achieve this by 2035 onward.

Although, we are unsure when they are likely to achieve this.

Why are v8 engines loud?

The movement of the piston in the engine cylinder creates pulses of air pressure that are exited through the gas exhaust.

Every pulse produces its tone, but because each cylinder in the v8 firs at a different time, they produce much louder sounds.


When considering purchasing either a Silverado v6 or v8 engine, we recommend that the buyer consider the pros and cons of the engines.

The points listed above should not be considered in isolation but collectively.

Also, we recommend that they consider the use and conditions of the road before purchase.

Where the buyer is more interested in power, torque and related factors, the Silverado v8 is the best.

However, where the buyer is interested in fuel economy, handling and so on, we recommend the v6 engines.

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