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How To Unlock A Chevy Silverado With A Slim Jim (+5 Methods Without Key : 2022)

Are you looking for a perfect guide on how to unlock a Chevy Silverado with a slim jim, or dental floss, or anything that is commonly available, to get your Chevy unlocked?

We are here with a comprehensive guide for you to help you cope up with this issue.

Dig a little deeper and get your hands on the best solutions.

We know the frustration when you leave your Chevy keys inside it.

You are in a hurry and don’t have time to find a locksmith, or just don’t want to spend money.

You may also have lost your keys, but don’t worry.

Know how to unlock a Chevy Silverado door (without key) in this article.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the methods!


DIY Method 01: How to Open a Chevy Door With A Dental Floss

It is the simplest method to open a vehicle’s door without keys.

The method is usable for vehicles with a pin beside the window to lock or unlock the door.

Unfortunately, you can’t open a lock that has a button or lever inside.

You can use any thread-like thing, from which you can tie a knot easily.

Dental floss is most suitable as it is strong and superbly thin.

But you can also use a shoelace or any other strong thread.

Follow the steps to open the door:

Step 01: Take A Sufficient Length Of Dental Floss

First, take out a sufficient length of dental floss.

It should be about 1 meter long.

Primarily, you need enough length to hold both ends when the thread is across the door on the inner side of your Chevy.

Step 02: Make A Loop Knot

Make a loop of the floss and tie a sizable knot.

You should be able to tighten the loop by stretching both ends.

It will grab the pin of the inner lock.

Step 03: Insert It Inside Across The Door

Now, insert the thread from the upper corner of the door.

For this purpose, try to pull the door outside so you can insert the thread easily.

You need to put the middle length of the floss inside the door.

Step 04: Grab The Pin With The Floss And Pull Up

Take it to the pin and try to take it inside the loop of the floss.

Once you successfully get the loop around it, pull both ends to squeeze the knot and grab the pin.

After you get it, just pull up the floss to open the lock.

Step 05: Get In Your Vehicle

Eventually, after all this hard work, your car is unlocked.

Open the door and sit inside your Chevy Silverado.

Now, even if you forget your keys, don’t forget about the dental floss.

It is better to keep dental floss always in your pocket or handbag, just in case.

For better understanding, you can watch the video.

DIY Method 02: Unlock A Chevy Silverado With A Slim Jim

Slim jim is a metal strip that has different cutouts on its end.

They all are in the form of hooks to grab pins or levers.

Slim jim comes in different sizes and lengths.

You can buy it online easily.

How to unlock a Chevy Silverado with a slim jim?

Follow these steps:

Step 01: Remove The Plastic Weather Strip

Firstly, remove the plastic weather case outside, on the window.

It is not glued to the metal, so that you will take it out without any effort.

Step 02: Insert The Slim Jim

Find the manufacturer’s sticker in the bottom right corner.

It is the area where you insert the slim jim.

To save your window glass from scratches, cover the area with some stickers.

Now insert the slim jim between the glass and metal of your Chevy Silverado.

Step 03: Feel The Slim Jim Hooking A Pin

Now move it towards the back of the vehicle, later in an upward direction.

You are moving it counter-clockwise, feeling for a pin.

The hooks on the slim jim will get a pin of the locking mechanism.

Step 04: Unlock The Door

Once you feel slim jim is hooked to the pin, pull it up.

You will hear (or see if you have a pull up pin inside) your Chevy’s door unlocking.

Open the door and sit inside your car.

It is the easiest and guaranteed method on this list.

So, it’s best always to keep a slim jim in your garage.

Watch the video to clear out any confusion.

DIY Method 03: Open Your Chevrolet With Just Two Sticks

This method is useful if you are stuck outside your car, far from home (no marvel’s pun intended), especially away from urban areas.

And this technique is also perfect for those vehicles which have a switch inside or a handle lock.

How to unlock Chevy Equinox without key?

All you need to do is find two sticks.

One should be strong and sturdy, that won’t break easily (something metal would be great).

The other should be long enough to reach the handle or switch.

Once you get them, follow the procedure:

Step 01: Pull The Upper Corner Of The Door And Stuck A Stick

The first step requires some effort.

You need to pull the upper right corner of the door outside and put the sturdy stick inside.

Be careful and don’t pull it too much, as you might damage the lock or door (or yourself).

As the vehicle is big, you can get over the roof to put sufficient strength.

It will also make the task easier.

Step 02: Insert The Second Stick To The Door Lock Inside

Insert the long stick inside the car.

Try to fix it inside the handle.

Step 03: Open The Door Lock And Get In

Pull the handle or move the stick to unlock the switch.

Congratulations, you have unlocked your Chevy with just sticks.

Open the door and sit inside your Chevrolet.

Again be careful while pulling the door so you don’t damage anything.

Watch the Video to get visual details.

DIY Method 04: Unlock A Chevy Silverado With Air Pressure

Sometimes, you don’t have specialized tools like slim jim or dental floss.

In that case, how to unlock a Chevy Silverado door (without key)?

Well, at least you can have a tennis ball.

It is able to unlock the door.

Here is how:

Step 01: Take A Tennis Ball With A Hole

Take a tennis ball and make a small hole in it.

You can make the hole with any hot iron piece.

Red hot the iron and touch it to burn a hole in the ball.

Step 02: Arrange It On The Keyhole

Place the ball over the keyhole.

Ensure the ball’s hole is perfectly over the desired area, and all air will enter only in the lock.

Step 03: Squeeze The Ball Quickly

Now squeeze the ball as swiftly as possible.

You can also push the air in the door lock using the other hand.

The air pressure should be enough to open the lock.

Step 04: Open The Door

You can try as many times until the lock unlocks.

Once it’s done, open the door and sit inside your Chevy.

Apart from easiness, this method is not guaranteed.

You may end up trying for 10 minutes but in vain.

Otherwise, it is suitable if you don’t have those specialized tools.

Watch the video for complete guidance.

DIY Method 05: Get Into Your Chevy Equinox Without Key

Now, this is the dumbest method on how to unlock Chevy Equinox without key.

It is not guaranteed too and may sound stupid, but in some cases, it worked.

For this method, all you need is a key, a thin knife, or something that would easily fit inside the keyhole of your Chevy’s door.

Then what, read below:

Step 01: Take A Key That Fit In The Hole

Find a key or anything that you can insert in your vehicle’s door lock.

It should go all the way and fit inside the hole.

Step 02: Turn It With Jiggles

Now turn it to unlock the door.

But it won’t, so apply the pressure and jiggle your tool.

Keep the turning pressure with regular jerks.

Step 03: Unlock The Door And Get In Your Car

Gradually the lock will turn, and you will unlock your car in the end.

Open the door and sit inside your car.

We know, the method is stupid, but some people are successful in unlocking their car this way.

Want the video?

Watch it to get the proof.

How To Unlock a Chevy Silverado Without Keys

Above, we have mentioned the best methods to unlock a Chevy Silverado without keys.

You can choose whichever looks easy to you.

Have confidence and Get started.

FAQ’s On How To Unlock A Chevy Silverado With A Slim jim (Without Key)

01. I Forgot My Keys Inside The Locked Car. Should I Break The Window?

If they are front door keys and you got your car’s, then better not to think about it.

But if they are the car’s keys itself then the situation is changed.

Breaking the window might be the easiest way to unlock your car and get into it.

Just grab a stone and throw it to the window.

Alas! The replacement cost is at least $100, guaranteed.

We have mentioned some better methods above, why don’t you try them?

02. Does Opening The Car Door Without Keys Damage It?

It usually depends upon the method used.

If you are forcefully breaking into the car with brutal techniques, it might damage.

You end up with greater expense instead of doing it for free.

But there are some methods that will surely unlock your car and won’t damage it.

They are also DIY techniques.

03. Why Is My Car’s Door Lock Not Working At All?

If it is not working by any method, even with the keys, then you have some technical problem in your hands.

Get a locksmith or call a professional technician.

Don’t keep fighting with the lock.

You may make it worse.

04. Why Did I Mostly Leave My Keys Inside The Car?

Don’t get angry; you ain’t suffering from this situation alone.

Most people forget their keys inside their vehicles and lock the door.

It happens when you reach your destination and are just thinking about getting out of your car.

You switch off the engine and step outside, unconsciously leaving the keys in the ignition.

Other causes may be, your both hands are busy, and you step out.

And according to the habit, you close the door with your foot.

It is psychological and usually happens – no need to fret about it.

05. What Is The Guaranteed Way To Unlock My Car Without Keys?

We have mentioned above in the article some guaranteed ways to unlock your car without keys.

You can definitely unlock the car with a pin lock using the dental floss method.

Or you can surely open the door using the sticks.

But the most guaranteed way is using slim jim.

This tool is designed for this purpose.

06. What Are The Average Charges Of A Locksmith To Open A Locked Car?

If you accidentally lock your car’s door and don’t have the key, is best to hire a locksmith.

In the US, the average cost of any locksmith for a locked car is between $50-$100.

07. How To Unlock a 2004 Chevy Silverado With a Slim Jim?

Or, How to Use a Slim Jim on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

You can unlock your 2003/2004 Chevy Silverado with a slim jim by following the steps mentioned above.

You can also try other methods.

08. How to Use a Slim Jim?

Follow to methods number 02 of this article to learn about how to use a slim jim.

09. How to Break Into My Car?

In this article we have mentioned 5 easiest methods to break into your car.

You can use any of these methods if you have lost your key.

Otherwise never try to break into others car; Or, you may end up in prison.

10. How To Unlock a Chevy Silverado Without Keys?

You can use any of these 05 methods to unlock your car easily.

All of these methods don’t need a key to open a Chevy Silverado door.


Whether you lost your keys or forgot in your car, you can unlock the door without them.

We have told you the most effective methods to do so.

Whether your inside lock has a pull up pin, a switch button, or a handle, you don’t need to worry.

We have given you the methods to unlock the door with any lock type.

And also give you the methods that are independent of the lock type.

But be sure you have the possession or permission to access the car you want to unlock.

You must have the entire right to break into the car. Otherwise, you are booking a short trip to jail.

You can’t blame an article for your failed adventures; that is for the needy ones. Stay legit, stay responsible.

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