How To Reset Anti Theft System Chevy Silverado (02 Simple Methods : 2022)

While security features are meant to offer benefits, you still need to know how to reset the anti-theft system Chevy Silverado whenever problems arise.

One of the best things about the latest vehicles today is their safety and security features.

Whether they keep you safe while driving, assist you with technology or protect your car from getting stolen, they always come in handy.

Even with this, you might end up locked out of your vehicle or unable to start the car because of the system.

But, this is easily solved with a simple reset.

We would explore how to reset the anti-theft system on Chevy Silverado in this article.

What is the Chevy Silverado Antitheft System?

The Chevy Silverado antitheft system provides an alarm that lets you know when someone is trying to get into your car.

This will come in handy when you are close to your vehicle and can take on whoever is trying to steal it.

It also immobilizes the vehicle because it suspects that someone is trying to steal it.

So, the thief can’t drive away or even open your car.

The antitheft system is pretty useful in protecting your vehicle from thefts.

This is especially when you’re in an unfamiliar or dangerous area.

But, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

For one, the system chips suffer from wear and tear as time goes on.

Also, power surges and dead batteries can interrupt the antitheft system, especially if you’re driving an older Silverado.

Instead of preventing your truck from getting stolen, it can make you late to wherever you’re going.

This is where the Chevy anti-theft reset comes in.

You might need to reset your antitheft system when the vehicle thinks you’re the thief, and as a result, has locked you out or immobilized the vehicle.

It can be solved simply, as this is a common issue.

What Triggers the Antitheft System in a Car?

You might be wondering what causes the antitheft system on your Silverado to come on in the first place.

When there are no faults, any impact or movement on or inside the car would activate the sensors.

These sensors are built into and around the vehicle.

When the sensors are activated, the antitheft system comes on and immobilizes the vehicle.

The alarm also comes on to alert other people or the owner of the vehicle.

Sometimes, your vehicle can mistake you for a car thief if you’re moving around or in the vehicle without properly starting it with the key, but this is rare.

There are other reasons why your antitheft system won’t be working when it’s supposed to.

In some cases, your car battery is dead and has lost the memory of your vehicle key or key fob.

This can cause the car to activate the theft system for no reason.

Also, if the immobilizer chip is damaged, the antitheft system can come on at the wrong time.

The same goes for if your car door is damaged and you’re trying to get into your car.

Most software problems that are causing your antitheft system to act strange can be solved with a reset.

If not, you might have to visit a mechanic.

How to Reset Anti Theft System Chevy Silverado

The method of turning off the antitheft light is a bit similar to that of resetting the system, so you should read closely and follow the steps to the latter to avoid mistakes.

Resetting the antitheft system will turn off the alarm and immobilizer system so that you can be on your way.

Method 01

This is the most common method and it usually does the trick for most Chevy Silverado vehicles.

If you can get into your car but the antitheft system has you grounded, you can follow the steps below.

  • Turn the Key

First, move the car key to ON.

  • Try to Start the Car

The next thing to do is to try starting the engine.

Since the antitheft system is on, the security indicator would start flashing instead and the engine won’t start.

  • Wait for Ten Minutes

While the light flashes and your key is in position, leave it that way for about ten minutes.

After this period, the light would go off.

  • Switch Off

Now, twist the key till it reaches the OFF position and holds on for five seconds.

  • Test it Out

After five seconds, start your car. It should start now without stalling and get you on the road.

Method 02

Another method on how to reset the anti-theft system for Chevy Silverado 2014 and other model years exists.

The method allows you to disable the system and reset it so that your Silverado gets back on the road with no problem.

  • Push the key into the ignition

The first thing to do is act like you’re starting the car, even if you know it won’t start, and let it stall.

As the car is stalling, keep the key in the ON position where you can see all the lights on the dashboard, play the radio and even turn on the AC.

  • Look at the antitheft light

If you do that, the antitheft light would blink on your dashboard and then remain on without blinking for up to 15 minutes.

  • Start the car

Once the light stops blinking and remains on, start the car immediately.

The Chevy Silverado will disable your antitheft system and reset it, allowing you to start the vehicle as usual.

Then, you can be on your way.

Steps to Reset the Silverado Antitheft System from the Outside

The steps above only show you how to reset your Silverado antitheft system when you can open the door and get in.

But in some cases, the system comes on while you’re still outside the vehicle, and this locks the doors.

This is a security measure to prevent the thief from getting into your car and driving away or stealing your belongings.

So now, you are locked out and can’t use your key in the ignition to restart the system.

If this is your situation, you can use the methods below to restart the system.

Method 01

If your Chevy Silverado allows entry with your key, you can use the steps below.

But if you use keyless entry, you can remove the cap on the driver’s door to reveal the lock cylinder and remove the key from the fob.

Then, follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, push the car key into the cylinder on the driver’s side.
  • Turn the car key to lock the door and then unlock it.
  • Do this five times.
  • Try to open the door as this has restarted the system.

If this doesn’t work, you can try again or follow the second method below.

Method 02

You might have to open the hood if the first method does not work.

Follow the process below to unlock your Chevy Silverado.

  • Open the hood and disconnect your battery cables.
  • Wait for about ten minutes. During this time, the car’s system would reset.
  • Reconnect the battery cables.
  • Then, open the door. It would work after this.

When you use this method, the antitheft light would blink every five seconds if the ignition key is not in or in the OFF position.

This is a sign that the system is working properly and is armed.

You can use the methods above to stop the light from blinking.

You can watch this video cutter for visualization

Call an Auto Locksmith or Repair Shop

If you’re not familiar with tools or parts of your vehicle, it’s advisable to call an auto locksmith to open the door.

Ensure that you hire a trusted and reliable car locksmith that can open the door without damaging the computer system of your vehicle.

This will especially come in handy if you’re stranded out of your vehicle.

But if the car isn’t turning on because of the antitheft system, it’s expected that one of the methods mentioned above would work to get you out on the road.

If it doesn’t work, you should get your car checked at a repair shop, as there can be a problem with the battery or immobilizer, or your door might be damaged.

How Much Does it Cost to Reset Chevy Silverado Antitheft System?

If you’re not sure about the intricacies of your vehicle or don’t have the confidence to service the theft-deterrent system Silverado, you can take your vehicle to be reprogrammed.

This will most likely be unnecessary, as it is straightforward to reset your antitheft system on your vehicle.

To reprogram your antitheft system at an authorized auto locksmith or dealership, you can spend between $75 and $150 depending on how long it takes.

Asides from reprogramming your antitheft system, you might want to deal with the reason why it came on in the first place.

If your car battery is dead, causing your key to becoming unrecognizable, you should replace it.

You can go to the local dealership or mechanic close to you, and ask them to check your battery.

It will cost between $45 and $250 to replace a Chevrolet Silverado battery.

Also, the immobilizer chip might be damaged and in need of replacement.

When this happens, you won’t be able to start the car.

This happens when you start the engine and the vehicle will send a signal to the key.

If the key sends a signal back, the immobilizer will command the engine to start.

The average price of a new immobilizer is $220, but it can be more or less.

The most expensive to spend money on is the Chevy Silverado car door.

If your door is completely damaged, and you want to also fix up the interior parts, you will spend up to $2,500.

But in many cases, the door is only faulty and can be fixed by the auto locksmith.

How to Turn Off Anti Theft Light on Chevy Silverado

On the dashboard of your Chevy Silverado, you will see the antitheft light.

In some cases, the antitheft light comes on and never goes off, even if the security system is not on.

It can happen after replacing the battery of your truck, replacing the throttle positioning sensor, or making any other changes to your vehicle.

In many cases, having the antitheft light on your Chevy Silverado does not affect the performance of the car in any way.

Your car would still start and run normally, except that the little yellow padlock icon on your dashboard will keep staring at you until you figure out how to turn it off.

While it is easy to ignore the indicator, it is better to turn it off to avoid confusing your vehicle when it is truly facing the threat of theft.

If you’re having this problem and want to get rid of the light, follow the steps below:

  • First, turn the truck off.
  • Put the key in the ignition.
  • Place the car key in the ON position. With a Silverado, that means two clicks.
  • All the lights on the dash would go on.
  • Then, all the lights would go off including the antitheft light.
  • Return the car key to the OFF position.
  • Wait for about a few seconds and turn it back on.
  • Repeat these steps three times within thirty minutes.
  • Start your truck to check if it worked.

If your light still remains on, you should keep on trying until it works.

In the case where the light is persistently on, you can take the vehicle to the mechanic, just to make sure that nothing is wrong.

Final Thoughts

With this knowledge of how to reset the anti-theft system Chevy Silverado, you don’t have to worry about being stranded when it starts acting out.

Rather than being frustrated or angry, just try out the methods included in this guide and one of them would work for your Silverado.

Remember that if they don’t, you’ll have to spend extra money trying to fix your vehicle.

Despite this, it’s advisable to keep your antitheft system in the best condition at all times, to avoid future thefts.

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