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How To Install Front License Plate Bracket On Chevy Silverado (Simple Methods: 2022)

If you don’t know how to install front license plate bracket on Chevy Silverado.

Then you have selected the right article to read.

You just got a beautiful chevy Silverado but you don’t have a license plate installed.

And so you can`t step into the road yet.

Because the law requires every car to have a license plate mounted.

If you don`t have one, you will get a ticket and spend box.

So, what are you going to do?

Well, if you don`t want to lose $120+ on a ticket,

Then keep reading about installing license plate brackets.

How to Install Front License Plate Bracket?

There are various ways to install a license plate bracket on cars.

It all depends entirely on our individual desires.

Some people do not have problem drilling holes on their car bumper.

But with others, drilling holes on their car bumper is something they don`t want to think about.

They will use alternative methods such as “No Drill Method”, which we will talk about later.

Let’s look at how to use the drilling method which is commonly used to install front license plate brackets on cars.

Here are some Front License Plate Bracket or Silicone Number Plate Frames that will fit in your vehicle.

Silverado 1500
Silverado 2500, 3500

3 Common Methods For Installing License Plate Bracket On Chevy-Silverado

Method 01 : The Drilling Method

Some Silverado comes with two pre-installed bolts and others don`t.

If yours did not come with any.

Then you will need the following materials to successfully perform this method –

  • A 3/16” drill (to drill some holes)
  • 11/65 & 5/16 drill bits
  • 1/4″ screws with 14 X3/4″ thread size (to hold the plate bracket)
  • A screwdriver (to send in the screws)
  • A tape (to measure the distance between the holes)
  • A plastic tape (to trace the limit of the holes)
  • Two rivets
  • Riveter (to send the rivets in)
  • A glue (you can use a gorilla glue)

Make sure you are using the recommended factory license plate bracket.

How the process works?

Once you have all these assembled, you can start by cleaning the surface of your car bumper very well.

Place your plastic tape and measure the distance between the two holes.

It should be according to the bolt holes requirement of your state.

According to the regulation in the US, Canada, and Mexico, bolt holes are measured as follows:

  • Diameter = .3125 inches
  • The space between the bolt hole to the center, horizontally = +/- 3.5 inches, and vertically = +/- 2.375 from the center to your plate

Some states have different geometry.

So, it’s important to always confirm with the motor vehicle agency regulations of your state.

When you are through with the hole measurement, mark out the limit of the holes on the tape.

Make sure you measure and mark every hole you need to drill.

This is to ensure that you are through with each step at a time.

Get your 3/16-inch drill with 11/64 bit installed and start drilling.

After drilling the holes guys.

Place your bracket on the bumper against the holes, and guide it with the rivets.

Use your riveter and send the rivets in.

You now have your bracket safely installed on your car bumper.

You can try to move it around to feel how firm it is set.

So, you are confident of its safety.

The body lines may not be the best.

But what is important here is to get your license plate on and be regulatory with the state law.

You can now go ahead and fit your license plate on and use your screwdriver to screw in the screws.

This method is good if you don`t mind holes in your car.

Let`s now look at the no-drill method.

Method 02 : No Drill License Plate Bracket GMC Sierra

The GMC is an expensive car and its owners mostly love the no-drill method.

The no-drill method has two options –

  • Using a double-sided sticking pad
  • Using a magnet

Let’s start with the magnetic method.

In fact, with these simple inventions.

You won’t worry about how to install front license plate bracket on Chevy Silverado.

Method 03 : The Magnetic Method

The magnetic method is one of the strategies used by people who do not want their car bumper drilled.

It may be a good idea though, but if you know what you are doing.

With this method, you don`t need a plate bracket.

Because the license plate sticks directly on your car bumper.

If rightly done, it will stick on your car bumper for as long as you use the car.

But if wrongly done, it might end up flying off your car at the motorway.

So, to perform this process, you will need the following materials –

  • Two magnets
  • Glue with a pulling force of 68 kilos (gorilla glue is ok)
  • A sandpaper
  • A tape (to take measurement)

The process

The magnet comes with two plates.

So, the first thing is to sandpaper the back of the plates.

And then apply your glue on the sanded surfaces of the plates.

Place the surface with the glue on the back of your license plate and give it time to set.

Next, dismount the bumper of your car completely.

Take the measurement of the position where you intend to place your license plate.

On the inner part of your car bumper.

Place the two magnets directly in the exact position you measured.

And on the front part of your car bumper.

Place your license plate in the same position.

And you are good to go.

The magnet will hold the plate.

But there is a caveat to this method!

Note: For the best result from this process, you should make sure your license plate is not a 4D type.

If it is, I doubt if the magnet will do good for as long as it is supposed to.

Because 4D license plates are equally heavy!

The Double-Sided Sticky Pads Method

This is also another easy to perform the method.

It is clean, simple, and quick.

But I don`t know how safe this method can be.

Perhaps you should give it a try and see for yourself.

Now let`s dive into it!

For this process, you will need the following –

  • A two-sided sticky pad
  • A seizor

The process

Use your seizor and cut the sticky pads into sizable pieces and place them vertically on your license plate.

You should place enough of them across your number plate for the best result.

Once you are done with this, clean the surface of your car bumper.

And go right ahead and place your license plate onto your car bumper.

Make sure it is placed in the center.

It is as simple as that.

But as I said before, I don`t know how safe this is or how long it can stick on your car.

It could serve a temporary purpose, but I think I like this method because of its ease of use.

Even if it means doing it repeatedly and keep your car undrilled and clean, I think it’s ok.

But it’s entirely up to you!

02 Common No-Drill Methods For Installing Silverado Front License Plate Bracket

The idea of always getting to put holes on people`s expensive cars has got inventors very busy lately.

And finally, there are lots of no drill options in the market these days.

This goes from StoNSho to the EZ plate which is all aftermarket bumpers.

They are easy to install, removable, and are solid to resist whatever road condition.

Your beautiful chevy Silverado is no longer going to have holes sitting in the front.

Let`s look at how each one of them works.

01. The StoNSho License Plate Holder

One interesting aspect about the StoNSho license plate holder is the fact that it works for any car model.

It comes pre-installed with two screws, two welded bolts on the holder.

And a piece of metal on which the license holder sits.

You will need a ratchet fitting, about seven (7) inches, to get the screws off.

How to install it?

Dismount the different pieces of your StoNSho license plate holder.

Screw-in your license plate on the StoNSho plate holder.

Next, you must go down to the bottom of your car.

Because it must be screwed from the bottom.

Start by cleaning all the road trip residue underneath your car.

With this method, you still must drill holes in your car.

But these holes are not visible to the public.

Since they are sitting underneath your cat.

I think we can make do with that.

Next up, measure the distance between the holes on your StoNSho holder piece of metal.

Use plastic tape to mark the limits, just like we did before.

And then drill the two holes.

Place the piece of metal that comes with your StoNSho license plate holder against the holes.

Use your screwdriver to screw in the two screws and fit the piece of metal onto your car bumper below.

The piece of metal has two holes on it that come from the front to the back.

These holes are for the two bolts that are welded on the StoNSho plate holder.

At this point, all you need to do is insert the bolts into the two holes on the already installed piece of metal.

And then tie it from the back of the piece of metal. And you are good to go.

I Think this option of no drill license plate installation is the best.

Because it makes your license plate presentable.

Solid and will also last for as long as you drive your car.

02. The EZ plate 2.0 License Plate Bracket

This model was designed specifically for jeeps and does not need any drilling as well.

From what I understand.

It is black powder-coated stainless-steel hardware that requires you to have a winch thimble and a winch fairlead to install it easily and securely on your jeep.

And the plate is installed on the plate holder.

This makes the holder removable at any time.

How to Select the Best License Plate Mounting Frame?

You may be wondering and asking yourself what the big deal in plate is mounting frame selection.

But I want you to know that the process of license plate frame has some nuances you should understand.

So, while you are thinking of how to install front license plate bracket on Chevy Silverado.

You also need to consider this.

Especially when it comes to the back of your car.

The back of every car is the most complicated environment of a car with very harsh conditions.

In addition, things like snow and other road trip residue settle more at the back of the car.

These all end up messing up the appearance of the license plate area of your car.

I am not saying the front does get nasty too.

But the back does more.

What to look for?

Because of these points, you should look for stainless steel type license frame.

The stainless-steel frames are durable and can stand every harsh weather condition that comes to the back of the car.

Again, the frame should have a semi-wide bottom.

The frame should be rust-free and break resistant.

So, buying from a reputable distributor gives you the confidence that you are buying the right thing.

Some reputable distributors are Kaoroad, Surplus, Power pink, and Ohuhu.

How About the Front of The Car?

Well, the front of the car is not as complicated as the back of the car.

Besides the fact that the plate bracket must be solid.

Do you know why?

Because the front of the car is exposed to the wind.

And as you are driving, the wind blows and takes away every residue and keeps the license plate clean always.

Opposed to the back which is not exposed to the wind and whatever falls on it, sticks there.

So, what you need to consider for the front of the car may not be as complicated as the back.

You will need to consider –

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • And of course, price

3 Best License Plate Frames That Will Fit Well on Your Car

01. Powder Pink License Plate

This license plate is made of stainless steel as well as screws.

It is anti-theft and it can be custom design according to the customer.

Also, the frame fits firmly that you will surely have trouble removing it in the future if you want to.

It has many color options you can choose from and four screw holes are easy to install and is budget friendly.

02. HC Hippo Creation

This license plate frame is lightweight and made of stainless steel as well.

Very durable, smooth and you can install it easily.

Unlike other license plates, the HC Hippo license plate does not leave scratches on your car.

And is equally budget friendly.

03. Kaoroad License Plate Frame

The plate comes in the standard of license plates in the US and Canada which is 12.12/6.25.

In addition, you can install it very easily, is very luxuriously looking and very solid.


Now you know how to install front license plate bracket on Chevy Silverado or any other vehicle using various methods.

Follow the steps very carefully and you won’t have any problems.

If you face any problem you can watch the videos we provided.

We hope these videos will guide you.

Best of luck and don’t forget to install the license plate unless you want to get a ticket.

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