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Can I Drive with a Cracked Flexplate [+Signs of a Cracked Flexplate : 2022]

If there is a weird noise coming out from your engine, maybe the flexplate of your vehicle has cracked.

Flexplate cracks too often.

So, Can I drive with a cracked flexplate?

is not an uncommon question.

Well, it depends on several factors whether you can drive with a cracked flexplate or not.

Let’s discuss the factors.

What is a Flexplate?

A Flexplate is a metal disk that connects an automatic transmission torque converter to an engine’s crankshaft.

Commonly a flexplate is a round disk-shaped metal that transfers energy from engine to transmission.

The flexplate gets its name because it will “flex” forward & backward as the engine RPM increases or decreases.

Flexplate is a round-shaped metal that contains many teeth.

By flexing, the torque converter can transmit and cause damage.

A flexplate is more forgiving than a flywheel if any alignment spec is off due to transmission case wear.

Flexplate is more suitable than a flywheel.

What Causes a Flexplate to Crack?

If you hear a knocking or gurgling sound while the vehicle is at rest, your flex plate might be broken or cracked.

There are several factors that can lead a flex plate to crack including:

  1. An unbalanced engine and torque converter can cause a flexplate to crack.
  2. A flexplate may crack if the engine and converter are not balanced during replacement or manufacture.
  3. Misalignment in the engine can cause a cracked flexplate. It is one of the main reasons.
  4. Cracks can also happen if the company uses poor material when producing it.
  5. A bad starter drive is another reason to cause a flexplate crack. Because of a bad starter, sometimes teeth or ring gear break off. Because the starter gear is too close to the flexplate, the teeth can sometimes break when they clash.
  6. A dowel pin keeps the machine or machine parts components in accurate alignment.

Therefore, when alignment dowel pins are missing, a flexplate can crack.

It is also used to align adjacent machine parts.

What are the Signs of a Cracked Flexplate?

Imagine you have outed for the long drive and started to feel some discomfort in your car.

Being confused and mad over your vehicle, don’t know what’s going on, and going crazy on the road as you have no idea!!!

It’s better to know the symptoms of a cracked flex plate so that you don’t have to blame anything other than the real problem and avoid spending money on unnecessary parts.

As we know, there could be many reasons for the flex plate to crack.

We also should know the symptoms and how to identify a crack flex plate, here a are some signs of it:

  1. Weird sound from the flexplate
  2. Severe vibration causing driving difficulty
  3. Starting problems

Sing 01: Weird Sound from the Flexplate

The clean and clear symptom of a cracked flexplate is its sound when we start the engine, or the engine is already running.

The sound of a cracked flexplate is very weird.

It’s sometimes engine noise or sometimes maybe transmission noise.

When a rod hits something, it sounds like a cracked flexplate.

When you shift your engine into drive or reverse, it makes a noise like knocking.

A chirping or clunking noise is heard from the rear of the engine when the engine remains idle.

Keep the car in a garden or a neutral position to avoid noise pollution.

The weird sound makes it difficult to tell whether it is a car engine or a tractor engine.

So, we should be careful while starting the car if the flexplate is cracked.

You can watch the video below to hear the sound of a cracked flexplate.

02. Severe Vibration Causing Driving Difficulty

There is a lot of vibration while driving at a normal speed.

The clutch loosens when the car is turned or twisted.

You can sense the vibration heavily when the car runs at high speed.

A cracked flexplate reduces the driving ability. In addition, if you drive in this way, other parts of the car are also damaged.

A cracked flexplate also creates vibration while moving on a road.

03. Starting Problems

As the flexplate connects the engine crankshaft to the torque converter, when this process has erupted, there will be for sure some starting problems.

Ideally, a broken flexplate will fail in auto transmission, which could cause the car to stop fully and even not start.

So, having these kinds of problems needs to be diagnosed properly and that’s why we recommend visiting an expert car technician who can identify the actual problems.

Note: We do not recommend replacing the flexplate immediately because these symptoms may indicate other problems, such as engine mounts, gearbox, attachments, exhaust systems, and others.

Can I Drive with a Cracked Flexplate?

When you are driving on the road, the main thing is comfort.

The car must be in good shape to drive nicely and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

If there are any problems in the car or a loud grinding sound coming from the engine, then it isn’t very pleasant.

It distracts our focus and also reduces our driving ability.

If the crack is partial and does not make any loud noise, you can drive but it is recommended not to drive.

On the other hand, if it is fully cracked enough to make a rattling noise, it can extensively damage the transmission.

So, better not take any chance and replace it as soon as possible.

There are various reasons why we said it is unsafe.

If anyone drives a car with a cracked flexplate, they may feel strong vibration even after the normal speed of the car, especially when shifting gear drive or reverse.

It may distract the driver’s focus, and if there is good traffic, it causes accidents sometimes.

Another reason is that the weird sound is very annoying.

If we continue to drive with a cracked flexplate, it may cause serious engine and transmission problems.

Overall, a cracked flexplate reduces the potential of the car engine.

What are the Risks of Driving With a Cracked Flexplate?

If a faulty device continues to be used, it is more likely to break down, causing damage to other related parts.

As the flexplate is bolted with a crankshaft, it will cause intense driving problems if cracked or broken.

When driving a cracked flexplate, the car can hit off the road and lose its grip while driving.

When a flexplate is cracked, there are many risks involved.

The engine is one of the essential parts of a car.

Faulty engines can leak oil and cause combustion problems.

If someone is driving continuously with a cracked flexplate, the flexplate continues knocking nearby parts and may cause serious engine problems.

If the crack is large, the whole plate may break.

FAQs About  Can I Drive With a Cracked Flexplate

01. What happens if my flexplate breaks?

If a flexplate breaks, it creates a weird sound which is very annoying.

Sometimes a break or cracked flexplate causes engine damage.

While shifting gear to drive or reverse, a cracked flexplate creates vibration.

If you find the flexplate cracked, the best solution is to replace it.

You need to take your car to a mechanic, which is a good way.

02. What does a broken flexplate sound like?

A broken flexplate sounds weird, clunking, or grinding like a knocking rod.

It creates a very annoying sound. A cracking noise is heard commonly.

The sound will be very clear if you put the car in a neutral position or an open garden.

We recommend replacing the flexplate, which is cracked.

03. How Much Does a Flexplate Replacement Cost?

The costs of Flexplate replacement depend upon the region, your car modifications, and your model.

It costs around $200 to $800 depending on the area.

The cost may rise after including labor, oil, or other extra costs.

You should hire a mechanic who is good at flexplate replacement because the poor setting of the flexplate causes the next big problems.

04. Will a cracked flexplate cause vibration

The flexplate vibrates in the engine if it is cracked.

If you do not take any necessary steps after the flexplate cracks, it causes the car engine to overheat and reduce the car’s overall power.

The best thing is that if someone finds its flexplate cracked, it should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

The vibration of the cracked flexplate is very annoying.


If you notice anything wrong with your flexplate and you’re worried about a cracked flexplate, you should consider replacing it.

Replacing it will help keep the car in proper working order.

A new flexplate will guard against engine damage.

A small investment will prevent big expenses in the future and protect the car from other damages.

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