Sometimes life is about risking everything

for a dream no one else can see but you

keynote speaker


In her keynote, Bleiler shares stories of break through and break down that contributed to achieving her childhood dream of becoming an Olympian. 


Through her stories, she identifies key steps and sustainable qualities that anyone can practice on their own journey to peak potential within their own business and personal goals. 


Meditation Guide


Meditation is a powerful tool for anyone to gain more connection, focus and productivity. 

Gretchen received her teacher's certification in meditation in 2014.  She now teaches a practice that mirrors the same concepts that she shares in her keynote.  This meditation is a practical tool and takeaway for anyone to use in their daily lives.


For an idea of some of the framework Gretchen shares in her talk and how meditation can be a tool to put these concepts into action; click here


event Collaboration


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