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How to Turn Off Auto Stop Chevy Equinox & Impala [Turing On/Off System : 2022]

Technology has evolved so well that cars these days have a lot of features for ease of use.

Some of these features are worth a while but others can be very annoying.

The auto stop is one of them.

It claims to help save fuel but at the same time, causes delay.

If you have a Chevy Equinox with this system, then you probably want to know how to turn off auto stop Chevy equinox & Impala.

The turning of both vehicles is the same.

It could be an easy process, but at the same time a complicated one, it all depends on what you want.

So, hang on as we exploit every option to turn that off.

But first, let`s take a look at the auto stop technology.

What is Auto Stop?

The Auto stop is a system on every modern vehicle that manufacturers claim helps the car save fuel.

Well, actually it does help save fuel.

In the event that you fully apply your brakes, the system automatically shuts down your car.

So, for the few couples of seconds or minutes that your engine is not running, it is helping you save fuel.

True though! But then it causes delay.

When you remove your leg from the brake, the car turns on again, which is normal.

Of course, cars are normally designed for long-term performance to be able to stand all the roadside stops.

But with this system, if you remove your leg from the brake pedal, and immediately try to accelerate, the car won’t go.

This is because the engine is still in the process of turning on.

So, you have to give it time to start before you can use the accelerator.

And for all these times, you are basically sitting there not going anywhere.

Which is where the delay is.

A lot of people, myself included, find that very annoying, which is a good reason to want to turn it permanently off.

History & Characteristics of The Auto Stop

The auto-stop system is an invention that has been in existence since 1970 to manage fuel.

And it was due to the carbon monoxide emission that was experienced by both on-road and off-road engines.

The system was first tested in 1974 on the six-cylinder Toyota Crown and from the test, 10% gas was successfully saved during traffic.

And on 1980, the system was adopted by Fiat Regatta and Volkswagen Polo.

As well as other vehicles down the line till this date that it has become universal.

The auto stop activation system depends on certain factors like the operating condition of the car and driver inputs.

The engine has to attain a certain degree of heat to be able to ignite its catalytic converter, for proper lubrication and car restart.

In cars with a manual gearbox and automatic transmission, the auto-stop system activation depends on your braking fully.

But if you manually slow down your car with an automatic gearbox, then the system will depend on the hand breaks to get activated.

Other Cars and When they Adopted the Auto Stop Technology

After the invention of this technology, many other car manufacturers have adopted the concept of auto-stop.

Though their disabling system differs. Honda adopted the technology in 1999.

Followed by Mahindra in India since 2000.

Citroen in 2006, BMW, Land Rover, and General Motors in 2008, Volvo 2009, Ford in 2010, Jagua in 2011.

Kia first raised the idea in 2011 but finally adopted and installed the system on their Kia Rio in 2012.

And FCA in 2008, etc.

Reason for Turning off Auto Stop on Your Car

The reasons for wanting to turn your auto stop-off may be unnoticeable to some people.

But it is a very strong reason you will want to consider.

When you carefully look at the whole scenario, you will notice that the whole thing is clouded with, seemingly insignificant but risky factors.

You will always find yourself going through stops, even in the middle of the road, maybe because of the traffic lights.

All because you want to save fuel.

Do you realize the risk of your car stopping automatically all the time in the middle of the road?

Can you measure the fuel you think you are saving to the degree of risk involved?

How to Turn off Auto Stop Chevy Equinox & Impala?

When you look at the center control of your car, you will see a burton with a big “A” on it.

That is the burton.

It looks different on different vehicles. If you just push the button, it will turn off.

So, simple and easy right?

But it’s not!

For a couple of reasons, it is not easy to turn that system off as you may be thinking right now.

When you push that burton, the thing goes off.

But when you stop your car, maybe pull over for some snacks.

When you return and start your car, the system turns right back on.

This is to say that every time your car comes on, you have to turn that burton off again before taking off.

This means you have a side hustle in your car each time you think of going out.

So, how do you solve this puzzle?

How to Turn off Auto Stop Chevy Equinox Permanently

In a bit to solve this puzzle, people have created various methods.

Some may seem weird; some may seem unbelievable.

You just have to try and see which one works for you.

With the Silverado, when you look at your dashboard, you will see the letter L.

Now, on the shifter, there is a plus and minus button.

If you push the plus burton, it will push that L to L1.

Don`t mistake this for low gear.

It simply means the system is off.

Another method can be funny.

Generally, when your car is pulling a trailer, the system is designed to notice that action.

And when it does, it doesn`t go off.

So, there is a device that you can plug into the trailer outlet.

This device gives the car the impression that you are pulling a trailer.

And so auto stop will not go off at will.

Another method is that if your car`s AC is on, auto-stop will equally not go off as well.

Another method which is very funny, I must say.

The system also notices when your bonnet is open.

And when your bonnet is open, the system will not go off.

So, people find themselves driving around town with their car bonnet partly open.

The next method which I find to be the best is to completely disconnect the system switch from the power supply.

This works well for the Chrysler Pacifica.

I have no idea how well it will work for the chevy or other models.

But whichever car you have, it’s always located underneath the battery.

So, locate the battery of your car, and under the battery, you will see a little flap.

When you pull the flap cable out, it looks green from the inside.

This means you have deactivated the system.

How do you do that?

First, turn off your car and flip your bonnet open.

Look into your engine and locate your battery.

You will see a little plug connected somewhere underneath your battery.

Pull it out. And that is it.

The system is disconnected for good.

I think this method is the best for those of you who want to turn it off completely.

Why is My 2018 Equinox Auto Stop Not Working?

There are cases that may cause the system not to work properly or at all.

First, you may have disconnected it.

For the fact that it notices the brakes before stopping, it means there is a minimum speed level your car needs to reach to get the system from stopping.

If your speed does not reach that minimum, it will not stop.

The system will equally not function properly or at all if your transmission system is not well heated.

And if your battery charge level is low, or your car is in Tow Haul mood.

How to Turn on Auto Stop Chevy ?

We have seen various ways of turning off the auto stop of chevy equinox & Impala, as well as with different car models.

Now, let`s look at how we can turn it back on.

Turning on your auto stop depends on how you first turned it off.

If you disconnected it, then you have to go back and re-connected it.

Again, in case it was the burton that you pushed off, equally go back and push it on.

If it was the bonnet, you left slightly open, go and close it well.

You can simply reverse what you did to turn it on.

Just think back at what you did to turn it off, and then undo it and turn it back on.

Auto Stop Override Module

The auto stop override module is manufactured to help ease car users, because of how disconcerting the auto-stop system was.

It is a device that does not put out the auto-stop system for good, but disables the system for as long as you want.

You may look at it as a temporary or a permanent solution, it all depends on what you want.

But the fact that the system comes by default with almost every car, gives way for innovations like this.

FAQs About How to Turn on Auto Stop Chevy Equinox & Impala?

01. Can I Permanently turn off the start-stop system of my car?

Well, you cannot permanently turn off the start-stop system of your car.

But you can disable it for as long as you want.

You can still reactivate the system down the road if you undo what you did to turn it off.

02. Will the constant auto stop affect my battery life?

Not at all: Vehicles are manufactured normally to stand stop-start conditions of the rod.

And modern vehicles come with more advanced batteries which are designed to support the additional features of the car.

03. Will the constant stops and starts affect components in my vehicle?

Not at all: The constant stop-start system will not affect your vehicle components in any way.

Because it is basically a system that is connected to the battery system on your car to break down a particular function of your car.

04. Is it possible to order a car without the stop/start system?

Maybe: Yes! It may or may not be possible. It all depends on the manufacturer.

Some companies have the option of custom cars.

You can place an order for a custom car without the system.

There are also other companies that would rather offer multiple engines.

You can order an engine without the auto-stop system installed.

While customers of another company can be allowed to choose whether or not the auto stop-start should be removed.

05. How can I turn off the auto stop on my 2018 Malibu?

Actually, there are vehicles that have this system installed but don`t have the stop burton.

Cars like the Chevrolet Cruz 2016 to the 2018 model and the Cadillac XT5 2017 model, and other auto transmission cars.

To disable their auto stop system is no big deal.

All you need to do is get your shifter off the “D” mode onto any other mode while driving.



In conclusion, you can possibly turn off the auto-stop system of your chevy equinox for as long as you want.

I don`t know if I should say permanently or not. It’s up to you.

But you must know what to do and how well to do it.

With all you have read, I am sure you now know how to turn off auto stop chevy equinox & Impala.

But you should consider each solution with your unique needs.

The solutions, as I mentioned earlier, go from pushing the “OFF BURTON” (which is temporary).

Driving with your bonnet slightly open (which is weird).

Inserting an auto stop override module (which is good), or turning your AC on (which may be OK).

And of course, disconnecting the flap cable underneath your car battery.

These tips will help you eliminate the side hustle in your car each time you want to go out.

But you have to consider your options and stick to what works for you.

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