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Best Place to Buy 5.3 Engine [Crate, Remanufactured and Used Engine : 2022]

Your mechanic has just called you to inform you that your vehicle will need an engine replacement.

Or, your engine is not performing well; So you want to replace the engine of your vehicle.

You may be wondering about the best place to buy 5.3 engines and what types of 5.3 engines you should get.

This article shall review some of the best places to buy a 5.3 engine for your vehicle.

Also, We shall explain the types of engine engines, highlighting their pros and cons, and review some of the best 5.3 engines available on Amazon.


A list of 5.3L Crate, Remanufactured, and Used Engine on Amazon

PreviewEngine TypeDetail
Crate Engine
Remanufactured Engine
Used Engine


What is the Best Place to Buy 5.3 Engine?

The 5.3 engines are made available worldwide on different automotive platforms.

The best stores that sell these 5.3 engines offer quality for a great price and bargain.

You do not want to be stuck with an overpriced used or damaged engine.

We recommend getting your 5.3 engines directly from General Motors via their Amazon page.

Amazon is not the only outlet that sells these engines.

You have other options like eBay, and so on.

General Motors offers quality 5.3 crate engines via Amazon, which can be delivered to your doorstep in just a click.

These engines come with warranties of up to 3 years and are made with quality components.

Other places to buy your 5.3 engine includes buying directly from the remanufacturer.

You can visit your builder’s website and purchase your 5.3 remanufactured engine from their stores.

Make sure that the builder is recognized and produces quality engines using high-quality components.

There are 03 types of 5.3l engines for your vehicle, Crate Engine, Remanufactured Engine and Used Engine.

In this article, we will discuss these 03 types of engines with Amazon buying links.

01. 5.3L Crate Engine

A crate engine is a fully assembled engine delivered to you without any need for a rebuild.

It means they are delivered for ready use and will not come with any upgrades or add ons.

The objective of the crate engines is to simplify upgrade options and reduce the technicalities and difficulties of rebuilding engines.

Crate engines will come with blockhead rotations, and some others could include camshaft and intake, depending on the builder.

It simplifies the installation of the engine.

Buying a crate engine from a reputable buyer is a great way to revamp your vehicle life.

Before buying a crate engine, review the builder, check the quality of components used to build the engine, and we advise you that the engine is new.

02. 5.3L Remanufactured Engine

A remanufactured engine will often involve tearing the engine down completely and reengineering it by adding upgrades, changing many components, etc.

Unlike the rebuilt engine, this does not involve just changing one bad engine component but total reengineering on the entire engine.

These engines are more reliable than the used engines and usually, come with a 12 month to 3 years warranty.

03. 5.3L Used Engine

The used engines involve removing the engine from a destroyed or used vehicle.

These engines are the least reliable form of engines and will usually develop some previously unidentified issues.

The engine has been overused or may have suffered damage during the wreck.

We, therefore, recommend users carefully carry out a physical inspection of the engine.

This inspection will include checking the engine’s components, not oil, ensuring the engine is not leaking, and many others.

Also, the used engines come with a shorter warranty period of between 30-90 days.

We recommend considering the other forms of 5.3 Ls engines.

Detailed Reviews of Crate, Remanufactured & Used 5.3L Engines

01. Genuine GM 5.3L Crate Engine (Asin: B00FS9L8GI)


Highlighted Features

  • Engine block
  • Crankshaft
  • Lifters
  • Timing gear and chains
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Valve Covers
  • Connecting piston
  • Cylinder head

If you want a reliable 5.3l engine for your chevy or Gm vehicle/ truck, the actual performance 5.3l GM engines are perfect.

These engines are durable, robust, and made with the perfect GM components.

The engine weighs 900 pounds with 42 x 37 37 inches.

The Genuine performance 5.3 engine is manufactured as a replacement engine for 2001 to 20004 chevy/pickup / Savanna and similar models.

Its application does not include marine use.

This product installed and used outside the United States will not apply its warranties.

These Chevrolet remanufactured engines are made to GM specifications and ready to use and installed easily.

Its components include quality GM components for entire engines, featuring Gm’s timing chain and gear, crankshaft, harmonic balancer, valve cover, oil pan, connecting piston, lifter, etc.

“The biggest problem buyers face is its lack of warranty for overseas use and no application for marine use.”


  • Manufactured by GM
  • Easy installation
  • Quality GM components
  • Factory specification
  • 285 Horsepower
  • Fit most late Chevy models


  • Expensive

02. PROFessional Powertrain 5.3L Remanufactured V8 Engine, (Asin: B007CX6HNW)


Highlighted features

  • Reversed engineered
  • Accessories such as oil pumps and gasket
  • Reuseable packaging
  • OE level Components
  • 12-36 months warranty

The PROFessional Powertrain DCT8 Chevrolet 5.3L V8 Engine, Remanufactured, was designed with the most technical/ scientific methods featuring Dc torques and CNC technology.

All engine components go through quality control to ensure they are verified and of the highest quality.

Such tests include vacuum and pressure tests.

It is done with the most advanced computers and the final verification I carried out for durability and integrity.

To improve the integrity of this engine, final testing is done using the “Pro Tester” to check that they work at 100% capacity.

Other tests carried out include compression test, oil pressure test, and so on.

The use of fluorescent dye to detect oil leaks in the crankshaft is done.

A 3-angle valve seat is adopted for this engine to ensure that it is well sealed.

“They may not be as high performing as the crate engines. Modification may be problematic in practical use.”


  • Quality control
  • Professionally assembled
  • Easy Installation
  • Great look


  • Incompatible with 2007 suburban
  • Prone to knock

03. 5.3L Used Engine (Asin: B07C9TLPW1)


Highlighted Features

  • 5 cylinders
  • 6-month warranty
  • Smooth running
  • No Accessories
  • Fuel use: Gasoline

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 engine 5.3L is a used engine from a Silverado truck manufactured in 2006.

The engine runs smoothly without mechanical issues, burning oil, and lagging symptoms.

The engine comes with a 6-month warranty for return back.

The engine remains in excellent shape in all Chevrolet and General Motor trucks or other vehicles.

This engine runs on gasoline and comes with no accessories.

It has a 5-cylinder chamber.

“The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 engine 5.3L (used) is not as durable as the new crate or remanufactured engine and may come with other unidentified mechanical issues.”


  • High performance
  • 6 months warranty
  • Smooth running engine
  • No burning oil / mechanical problems
  • Chevrolet components


  • Warranty last only 6 months
  • Prone to mechanical issues

How to Choose Between Used, Rebuilt & Remanufactured 5.3 Engines

If you are finding it difficult to choose a suitable 5.3L engine for your vehicle.

Then this YouTube video will surely help you to clear your confusion and choose the right engine for you.

What is the Best Brand for 5.3 Engine and Why?

We recommend getting the General Motors 5.3Ls Crate engine.

We believe these to be the best 5.3 ls engines available in today’s market for the following reasons.

01. Manufactured by General Motors

The Gm 5.3 Ls crate engines are built and designed by General Motors’ engineers with strict adherence to the factory specifications.

They are the most reliable engine replacements for your vehicles.

The engines are built with factory components, making them very durable.

02. Warranty

Since they are available directly from the General Motors store, these engines have great warranties that usually cover 3 years.

Such guarantees cover these engines’ repair, replacements, and labor costs.

It is why we recommend the Gm 5.3 ls Crate engines.

03. Quality Components

The Gm 5.3 ls engines are built with quality factory components, unlike most crate engines that usually use Aftermarket components.

You can be certain that these components are durable and have passed through a series of tests to ensure that they meet factory standards.

How Much Does a 5.3 Engine Cost?

As we have established previously, you may purchase your engine as a crate engine, remanufactured engines, and used engines.

These engines come at different prices, with the used engines usually the cheapest, depending on the conditions they are bought.

Buying a Chevy 5.3 engine will usually cost as low as $1000 and as high as $4,500 depending on its mileage and condition when pulled from its source.

Getting a used engine is usually a gamble.

There is usually uncertainty about the life span of the engine.

Even when you purchase a used engine with low mileage, it is still no guarantee that it is in good condition.

A remanufactured engine is also referred to as a refurbished engine.

The remanufactured 5.3 engines will cost around $2300-$5000 depending on the refurbishing company and the quality of parts used to refurbish the engine.

The problem with refurbished engines is that because many of their parts need to be mounted separately, you will most likely incur more labor costs.

Unlike the used 5.3 engines, these engines come in great condition and with a warranty.

The 5.3l crate engines are the most expensive in this category.

They are more expensive than refurbished or manufactured engines. Its cost will usually depend on whether they are long or short engines.

You should budget a minimum of $4,200 for these engines.

They can be near as high as $7000-8000.

Should I Buy a 5.3 Crate Engine or Remanufactured Engine?

If you want to get a good engine to replace your already damaged vehicle engine, we recommend getting a crate engine for your car/truck.

A crate engine is comparable to a new engine usually available for old models of cars or trucks.

They are usually made ready for installation.

These engines are usually the most expensive of the engines to buy.

In addition, if you consider the crate engine too pricey, we recommend getting the remanufactured engines.

They are less expensive than the crate engine.

They are designed and built to the original specification of these engines.

Although its components may not be made of factory-based components, they are more reliable than the used engines but less reliable than the crate engines.

The used engines are the least favourable to buy.

They have much mileage on them and are more prone to breakdown.

Sometimes, its repair and labour costs may become even as expensive as the crate engine in the long run.

In conclusion, we recommend that the buyer carefully consider the factors before buying an engine.

We recommend you go for the crate engine; if too pricey, the remanufactured is the next best alternative.

Should I Buy a Used 5.3 Engine?

You should only buy a used engine if you are certain that the engines are in very good condition.

Instead, we recommend purchasing a crate or manufactured engine, which is more reliable than the used engines.

The used engines are more prone to breakdown or develop previously unidentified mechanical issues.

Another issue with the purchase of a used engine is the inability of both expect and novice to inspect and diagnose the engine’s quality fully.

What are the other Places to Buy a 5.3 Engine?

The 5.3 ls Engine has remained one of the most popular engines for Chevy and GM cars and trucks.

Where your vehicle’s engine is damaged and needs replacement, it is important to get your engine from a store you trust and are certain to provide you with the best quality engines.

Many online stores promise to provide quality engines at a great price and bargains.

This bargain will include return policies and warranties.

We recommend purchasing directly from the General Motors page via Amazon stores.

01. Buying Directly from General Motors via Amazon

Purchasing directly from General Motors page via their Amazon page offers convenience and quality engines to your doorstep.

General Motor offers a new 5.3ls engine crate for sale at a great bargain, with their warranty period often up to 3 years and covering labour costs.

02. Buying Directly from Remanufacturer

Another option to buy a remanufactured engine is directly purchasing from a  builder’s site.

These are usually redesigned and built to meet some specifications.

When purchasing your remanufactured engine directly from a builder, ensure that the builder is reputable and that they use quality components to build the engines.

03. Buying from Other Online Stores

Other sites like eBay offer sales of used and even remanufactured engines.

Ensure to verify information about their products and physically inspect these engines.

The used engines are prone to developing mechanical faults.

There are 3 main types of engines you can purchase spending on what you want, price, and other factors.

We have explained and reviewed the various types of 5.3 engines available in this article.

Why Should I Buy 5.3 Engine from Amazon?

While there are many places to buy your 5.3 engine, we recommend purchasing your engine from the Amazon online store.

The following are reasons to buy your 5.3 engines from Amazon

01. Product Reviews and Recommendations

Amazon allows you to read reviews from previous buyers, their experience with the engine, and their seller.

You can see how many buyers were willing to recommend the seller and important information like product descriptions.

These reviews and recommendations allow you to properly understand the product and the seller and ascertain your expectations.

02. Easy Returns and Warranty

Amazon stores allow for easy returns and warranty on most of their product.

Since the producers of the 5.3l engine have their stores on Amazon, they can offer warranties on their products and verify the quality of their products.

You are sure that these warranties will be implemented where there is a need.

03. Fast Delivery

Since the Amazon store is available worldwide, and their system is well structured, you can get your 5.3l engine delivered to your footstep conveniently and at a fast time.

Delivery will usually take only a few days for even inter-country transactions.

04. Motor Store

You will find General motor store on Amazon’s online store and can purchase many of their products easily and conveniently.

Get quality 5.3ls crate engines from their sites with access to warranties of up to 3 years.

There are many benefits of buying a new crate engine directly from a General Motors engine.

The engines are made with factory components, vetted by the company’s expertise, and are built to factory specifications.

05. Best Prices Bargain

Amazon’s online store offers you the best bargain prices for any engine you want.

You are sure that your prices are at a competitive rate and in line with what all markets are requesting.

Can You Buy All Types of Engines from Amazon?

All types of engines can be found and bought on Amazon.

This is because the store provides a platform for various vendors to sell their products.

The Amazon market is one of the biggest platforms for almost all products can be found and bought with ease.

Amazon is also a great place to get all types of auto parts, providing a great review section to know more about the products you are buying.

You can find all types of engines in the Amazon store and reviews and descriptions that will help you make a better decision.

With their wide range of vendors, you have many engine products to choose from.

How Many Miles is a 5.3 Engine Good For?

The 5.3 engine will differ in miles depending on many factors. Some factors include the engine being either crate, remanufactured, or used.

The crate and remanufactured engine provide miles for the 5.3 engine.

You can expect about 300,000 miles from the crate and remanufactured engine.

The used 5.3 engine depends on the engine’s condition and how well the previous users maintained the engine.

Many used engines may be able to offer you as many miles as the crate or remanufactured engine.

This is why we advise that you can either have a crate or remanufactured 5.3 engine to engine the best miles that the engine has to offer.

Buying Consideration of the Best Place To Buy 5.3 Engine

01. Warranty

A warranty is a written policy that guarantees a buyer of a good, issued by the seller or repairer, to undertake repair or replacements of the commodity for a specified period.

The crate engines offer a longer warranty than the other specified engines.

Their warranty could cover up to 3 years, where the manufacturer promises to undertake repair and replacements during that period.

This policy will typically cover labor costs and other costs.

The used engines provide the listed warranty when purchased.

The seller usually guarantees repairs for a short period of 30 days and a maximum period of 3 months.

Sellers of these engines will typically cover the engine’s cost and not the engine’s labor cost.

The remanufactured engines usually have a longer warranty period than the used engines.

The remanufactured engines will usually cover replacement costs and even the cost of replacement.

It can cover 12 months to 3 years, depending on many factors.

It would be best to consider the limitations of these warranty policies before purchasing an engine.

Most of these policies may not apply outside of the United States.

Some others will be breached if the engine is already worked on.

Careful consideration could save you time and money.

02. Cost

The cost of the engine will cover the cost of the engine, transportation, labor cost, and other costs that are directly applicable to the purchase of the engine.

The cost of the engines must be carefully considered before choosing to buy either a crate, used, or manufactured engine.

The used engines are cheap compared to the other variant of engines.

But, after careful consideration of the cost of labor opportunity cost on warranty, they may not appear as cheap as they do.

We advise that you perform a physical inspection of the used engine to detect defects with the engine before sales.

The 5.3L crate engines are the most expensive, but they may appear to be cheaper in the long run.

It is because of the longer warranty period covering the cost of repair and other damages.

So, you could be buying the engine for as high as $5000-$10000.

Furthermore, the remanufactured engines will usually cost more than the used engines but less than the crate engines.

They may also offer a longer warranty for repairs and replacement.

03. Reliability

The engine’s reliability is an important factor to consider before buying an engine for your vehicle or truck.

It would help if you were sure that the engine you decide to buy is not prone to break down or damage that could frustrate you or prove to be a bad investment.

Reliability means a degree of trustworthiness based on calculation, specification predictability, and accuracy.

Reliability will mean when the engine can do what it says it can do without any mechanical issues.

If you buy an engine to run 50000 miles without any issue and break down at only 10000 miles, then such an engine is unreliable.

The used engine is the least reliable engine among the types of engines you can purchase on Amazon or any other place.

These engines are known to develop unforeseen issues that require repair.

Sometimes, the issues are never-ending, time and money-consuming.

The crate engines are the most reliable of the engines.

They usually consist of GM components, which are certified by their quality control personnel, and are less likely to break down within a short time like the used engine.

Finally, the next most reliable engines to purchase is the remanufactured engines.

They are quite reliable in comparison to the used engines.

Although, because of their nature, the add-on accessories may prove destructive to the engine’s general performance.

04. Quality of Engine Components

The quality of engine components should be carefully considered before purchasing the engine.

Where the engine components are still in good shape, it could mean better performance and durability of the engine.

Poor engine components will mean that the engine won’t perform well and are prone to break down.

Most times, used engine components are usually in bad shape. This is because they are gotten from used vehicles or junkyards.

Most of these engine components may be rusty, and some may have developed some fault or are close to the expiry period and won’t allow the engine to function well.

The crate engines are usually manufactured with General Motors parts and hence are quality engines.

The component is new and up to manufacturer specification compared to other forms of engines.

The remanufactured engines are usually engines that have one of its part fixed or upgraded.

Sometimes the upgrade or fix is not with manufacturer specs but aftermarket specs.

The aftermarket specs may not be as reliable and durable as the manufacturer’s specifications.

Check out this video before buying a used 5.3 engine.

FAQs About Best Place To Buy 5.3 Engine

01. What is a Motor Engine?

A motor engine is internal combustion that converts heat energy into mechanical power.

Sometimes, an engine is referred to as a motor.

The engine functions by converting high-density fuel into energy, which occurs in the cylinder.

It releases energy in expanding force, which generates the mechanical force needed to make the engine run.

02. What is the Best Place to Buy a New 5.3 Engine?

There are several places to buy a new 5.3 engine. We recommend you buy from a verified Amazon seller.

Usually, General Motors sell these engines on their Amazon page or affiliate.

Amazon gives you the convenience and reliability (including warranty) to purchase a new5.3 engine directly from General Motors.

03. What is the Brand New 5.3 Engine Price in the USA?

A brand new 5.3 engine will usually cost a minimum of $4200 and could cost as high as $10,000.

We recommend buying directly from the General Motors website or Amazon page to get a quality engine at a great bargain for you.

04. Should I Buy a 5.3 ls Engine?

Yes, the 5.3 Ls engine is a great buy for you. They are reliable engines, and a new one could give you 200k miles with minimum issues.

They are made of durable materials and have access to aftermarket replacement, making them easily repaired.

Although they consume lots of oil, they are a great buying engine.

05. Is a vehicle engine and Motor the Same Thing?

Although they are mostly used interchangeably, there is a difference.

The motor is what you will find in an electric vehicle.

A motor runs on electrical power and would convert that electrical power into mechanical power.

On the other hand, an engine runs on internal combustion to generate mechanical power.

06. How Much Does a 5.3 Engine Cost?

The cost of a 5.3 engine will depend on the type of engine and the condition of the engine during the sale.

A used engine is the cheapest and usually costs around $500 to $1000.

A remanufactured engine will cost between $3000 and $4000 depending on the components and quality of parts used to build it.

A new crate engine will usually cost anywhere from $5000 to $10,000.

Final Thought

This article reviews the best place to buy 5.3 engine.

We concluded that the best place to buy this engine is from General Motor via their amazon page.

We lighted reasons such as great bargain price, access to other customer reviews and recommendations, warrantees, and so on that make buying directly from General Motors via Amazon store was great.

We also discussed the various types of 5.3 engines and how to identify the one that best suits you.

We conclude by emphasizing that all factors listed above are carefully considered before purchasing a new 5.3 engine.

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