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Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado [Top Picks and Reviews : 2022)

Let’s look at some of the best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado that money you can buy.

Once you have concluded that there is a need to integrate this essential component or accessory into your truck.

What follows is selecting the perfect design or choice to work with.

There are numerous benefits that car owners stand to gain from the installation of top-quality Chevy Colorado side steps.

On top of the list is the convenience and comfort they guarantee for car owners and passengers, as the case may be.

Like other vehicle components, the right choice of nerf bar must be customized or built for your Chevy Colorado model.

If you need help in selecting the perfect side steps.

We suggest going through the top 10 designs that we have evaluated on our list.

These nerf bars were selected after considering crucial factors such as load capacity, price, ease of attachment, and durability.

Irrespective of the cab style, especially for individuals who own the Chevy Colorado with the extended cab style.

There are several top nerf bars for Chevy Colorado extended cab on our list.

The best nerf bars we have highlighted in this purchase guide are from top brands such as Tyger Auto, TAC, OEDRO, Westin Pro, APS, ARIES, KYX, HD Ridez, and YITAMOTOR.

A Table Of Top 10 Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado : 2022

Tyger Auto
Tyger Auto
HD Ridez

What is the Best Nerf Bar?

Out of all the designs mentioned on our list, we have settled with Tyger Auto TG-RS2C40018 as our most-preferred nerf bars.

Most users are satisfied with Tyger Auto’s nerf bars.

It’s made of Carbon Steel which ensures its longevity.

Typer Auto also includes a DIY instruction manual for the self-installation process.

By following the DIY instruction manual anyone can install the nerf bar by himself if he has the necessary equipment.

Tyger Auto maintains its product quality.

So, the product will last for a very long time.

Why Tyger Auto is the best Nerf Bar brand for Chevy Colorado?

The brand has a wide range of side steps, extending across various Chevy Colorado models.

One notable merit that all of these designs possess is the robustness and durability of the materials chosen & combined in the construction.

Some vehicle owners even rate them on par with the OEM side steps.

As we mentioned it’s made of Carbon Steel.

So, it will last long.

It can take a heavy load without making any trouble for you.

Tyger Auto is not so expensive according to its quality.

You don’t have to spend extra money for better quality.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado


01. Tyger Auto TG-RS2C40018


Highlighted Features

  • Made from superior carbon steel
  • DIY instructions manual & mounting components
  • 4-inch wide & 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Fits on 2015-2022 Chevy Colorado
  • 29 x 20 x 5 inches in dimension
  • 10 pounds in weight

Without much research about this product, the reviews and ratings on Amazon already prepare truck owners for what they should expect.

Tyger Auto is a well-known brand.

One thing no one can take away or disassociate from the name is the quality of product delivery.

This time around, the manufacturer has successfully combined 02 crucial factors that most Chevy Colorado owners look out for when considering the perfect nerf bars to settle for.

The Tyger Auto TG-RS2C40018 offers an impressive combination of affordability and quality.

Its satisfying performance further reinforces that not all reasonably priced products are of low quality.

When you consider the weight capacity, its ability to adequately handle up to 300 pounds of bodyweight is impressive.

Thanks to the superior carbon steel deployed for the construction.

The mounting is not complex once the installer knows what is required at each step of the way.

For a smooth and stress-free experience.

Especially for individuals who are adding a side step to their vehicle for the first time.

Do not rely on the instructions manual only.

While the instructions are well-written and pretty easy to understand.

Some crucial steps that would have saved you some minutes are not added.

To pick up the missing installation steps, check the video guide on the seller’s page or watch the installation procedures on the manufacturer’s page on YouTube.


  • Easy installation
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Guarantees optimum convenience and comfort
  • Easy video installation guide


  • The instructions are a little hard to understand

02. TAC ‎T3S-C11AC4T


Highlighted Features

  • Alloy steel construction
  • 3-inch wide running surface
  • Bolt-on installation
  • 5 x 9.3 x 8.6 inches in dimension
  • 2 pounds in weight

TAC ‎T3S-C11AC4T comes with 02 Chevy Colorado side steps that can be integrated into your vehicle at a reasonable price.

To avoid fitment or compatibility issues, avoid installing these nerf bars on models not listed or included in the product description.

The installation process is not time-consuming.

Considering the proper labeling of the various components, supported with the carefully written and well-explained descriptions.

Anyone can have the side steps fixed in about an hour.

Interestingly, the bolts slot seamlessly into the pre-drilled holes on the truck.

Hence, installers won’t have to drill additional holes to accommodate the bolts.

The step pads are wide enough.

At 3-inch, anyone can conveniently place their feet on them without experiencing displacement or slipping while entering or getting out of the vehicle.

If you belong to the category of truck owners who are concerned about durability and longevity.

Your mind can be at ease, considering the robustness of the materials used for the construction.

The alloy steel offers superior strength, and the powder-coated finish provides excellent protection against corrosion.


  • Step pads are resistant to slip and ultra-violet ray
  • The powder coating provides adequate protection against rust
  • Affordable and easy to add to compatible trucks
  • Well-detailed installation directions


  • The weight capacity is not mentioned

03. Tyger Auto TG-AM2C20178


Highlighted Features

  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Solid metal construction
  • Heavy-duty 2-inch diameter tubes
  • 71 x 11.42 x 17.32 inches in dimension
  • 8 pounds in weight

Again, Tyger Auto proves itself as the king of nerf bars industry with this solid design.

Although no vehicle’s component is perfect, the Tyger Auto TG-AM2C20178 delivers a near-perfect experience.

The 95% positive (4 & 5 stars) ratings it has gathered from reviewers say a lot about the level of convenience and comfort they offer.

If you are particular about the vehicle’s interior.

Especially for car owners who do not want passengers to constantly slide off their seats for support while exiting the truck.

These excellent Chevy Colorado nerf bars can be relied on for uncompromised performance.

It doesn’t matter if you have installed a side step before or if this is the first attempt.

The installation style (bolt-on) and the well-written DIY guide hasten the process and eliminate stress altogether.

According to existing users, the packaging material is durable, providing adequate protection from possible damages during shipping.

Good enough, the robustness of the packaging box doesn’t affect the unboxing.

Although the running boards appear somewhat shiny.

It won’t limit or interrupt the firmness and grip they provide.

People won’t have to worry about having their feet displaced when trying to get in and out of your truck.


  • Bolt-on installation (no drilling or cutting)
  • Top-quality nerf bars at a pocket-friendly price
  • Fits perfectly in place
  • Slip-resistant surface & and an attractive appearance


  • Uses 3 connection points and not four

04. OEDRO ‎OEYR0501R013


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6-inch wide step pads
  • 500 pounds load capacity
  • 54 x 14.17 x 5.7 inches in dimension
  • 1 pound in weight

OEDRO ‎OEYR0501R013 is an ideal pick for individuals who want a balance between affordability and premium.

If you have reservations about affordable products or do not intend to settle for one, irrespective of how good the features they offer might look.

We recommend checking these nerf bars out.

This design delivers exceptionally on performance expectations.

The stainless steel is solid, providing the running boards with outstanding strength.

The surface retains the user’s feet and offers adequate firmness to eliminate possible slips or displacements.

Now to the maximum weight it can accommodate. Its ability to sustain up to 500 pounds of bodyweight is impressive.

There are not many products with such capability.

The installation is never out of reach.

The appropriate insertion of the bolts into the suitable holes is the primary activity.

Nevertheless, previous experience and knowledge make a lot of difference.

If you haven’t engaged in the installation of side steps before.

Asides from relying on the instructions in the mounting guide.

We recommend checking the installation videos on YouTube to fill in the missing details in the DIY manual.

Also, the accessories in the OEDRO ‎OEYR0501R013 kit have proven to be a reliable pair of nerf bars for Chevy Colorado extended cab.


  • Designed for maximum comfort and convenience
  • Offers an impressive level of strength and protection
  • The surfaces do not slip and are not affected by ultraviolet rays
  • Applicable across all weather conditions or seasons


  • A bit costly
  • The mounting directions could be improved

05. Westin Pro 21-24015


Highlighted Features

  • Alloy steel construction
  • 5-inch wide surface
  • Powder-coated finish
  • 85 x 15 x 6 inches in dimension
  • 15 pounds in weight

When choosing the best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado, some of the unique and most notable attributes that are mostly considered include robustness, visual appeal, and value for the price.

The Westin Pro 21-24015 has been able to combine these attributes and more.

This tells you that its inclusion on our list is not a coincidence but well-earned and deserving.

For less than $200, Chevy Colorado owners can make these nerf bars a part of their vehicle’s setup.

The installation is yet another fantastic feature.

It is super easy to complete the attachment on both sides of the truck in about one hour.

Also, the removal/detachment is as easy as the mounting.

Users can easily take the nerf bars off whenever they feel the need to, especially if they decide someday to enjoy/embrace off-road adventures.

With the 5-inch wide running surface, passengers can place their feet safely on them when going in and coming out of the truck.

Overall, the Westin Pro 21-24015 are solid nerf bars you can pick up for a secure grip.

It will be tough for any product to beat these steps for the price.


  • You won’t have to drill extra holes
  • An expansive and anti-slip surface for secure footing
  • Extraordinary protection against rust attack
  • Heavy-duty appearance and style


  • The max weight capacity is not included

06. APS ‎IB-3C802U


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2015-2022 Chevy Colorado (Crew Cab)
  • Alloy steel material
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • ‎82 x 18 x 9 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

Are you looking for solid 2019 Chevy Colorado running boards to add to your Crew Cab?

This section or part of the article could bring an end to the search.

The APS ‎IB-3C802U has proven to be a reliable fit for compatible vehicles, one of which is the 2019 Chevy Colorado (Crew Cab).

These nerf bars are highly-rated for their attractive & robust appearance.

They stretch out long enough for exceptional functionality, ensuring entry and exit do not look like an arduous task.

Over time, this design has been a top pick among individuals with kids.

Asides from making it easier for kids to get in and out of the truck.

The anti-slip tread provides secure stability for peace of mind.

The installation is straightforward.

However, truck owners must dedicate a few minutes to assembling the various components that make up the side steps.

On average, the assembling and installation may last between 1 and 2 hours.

Installers can rely on the manual that comes in the pack.

The instructions are clear enough to support the timely completion of the attachment process.

Also, the 02 bars are packed separately and differentiated using diverse colors.

You will be able to quickly identify the unit that goes to the left side and the one that goes to the right


  • Non-slip tread
  • Impressive appearance and robust build
  • Supports easy mounting
  • Eliminates entry & exit worries completely


  • Information about the width is not available
  • Missing details about the weight capacity

07. ARIES 204051


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon steel construction
  • Black powder-coated exterior
  • 3-inch wide tread
  • 89 x 9 x 7 inches in dimension
  • 35 pounds in weight

ARIES 204051 is one of the surprises on our list.

Although it is offered at a very competitive price, it gives a great bang for the money.

If you have taken the time to study buyers’ behavior, especially people that have experienced a considerable level of disappointment in the past with an affordable product.

The skepticism they reserve going forward makes them avoid any pocket-friendly product, even if it doesn’t seem convenient to invest in an expensive option.

When you pick up any product from a well-known brand such as Aries.

Irrespective of the price, achieving a tremendous value is guaranteed.

These nerf bars are well-built.

The solid carbon steel construction provides adequate strength for secured entry and exit from the truck.

The users’ installation experience is similar to the previously discussed designs.

You can easily attach them to the pre-drilled holes across the integration points.

Some of the notable downsides include the omission of information about compatible Chevy Colorado models and the weight capacity.

We recommend chatting to the seller to find out about these details.

Nevertheless, it is evident from the reviews that ARIES 204051 is an excellent fit for the 2021 Chevy Colorado,

Also, some reviewers believe the addition of an extra bracket to make it 04 brackets instead of 03 would improve durability & stability significantly.


  • The surface doesn’t throw users off balance (anti-slip)
  • Designed for exceptional strength & firmness
  • Resistance to rust for log-lasting use and performance
  • Slots into pre-drilled holes without stress


  • Compatible Chevy Colorado models are not mentioned
  • Info about the maximum weight capacity is missing

08. KYX ‎KY8CEN032


Highlighted Features

  • 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado
  • Alloy steel construction material
  • 500 pounds maximum load capacity
  • 5-inch wide side steps
  • ‎79 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight

The KYX ‎KY8CEN032 is solid enough and delivers exceptionally on key performance needs.

It is an excellent pick for individuals who desire sleek nerf bars with steps.

Especially if you have been searching for the best 2016 Chevy Colorado side steps.

Although it has numerous admirable features, the installation manual is not one.

If you do not have adequate experience or knowledge of how the attachment can be executed.

Relying solely on the instructions provided in the guide may be inadequate since some vital steps are skipped or unavailable.

Instead, go on YouTube and find an installation video that carefully explains the process or steps.

Especially how an installer can connect the retainer clips appropriately to the frame.

To complete the integration, truck owners can rely on basic tools such as a screwdriver and a socket wrench.

There won’t be any need to drill or create additional holes.

Aside from the issue with the instructions, everything else feels satisfying about these nerf bars.

For instance, they are wide enough to secure anyone’s feet firmly to the surface to avoid slips during use.

Also, the load capacity of 500 pounds is remarkable, making it possible to accommodate almost everyone.

For individuals looking for a running board that they can stand on.

This design doesn’t support such functionality.

However, users can place one foot on the board when the door is opened, and the step can support the other foot.


  • Corrosion and slip-proof
  • Guarantees improved strength, safety, and stability
  • Installation and detachment can be achieved with ease
  • Impressive load capacity


  • Mounting directions are not the best
  • It is not possible to stand on the running boards

09. HD Ridez ‎HDR-IA27N8022


Highlighted Features

  • Chevy Colorado 2015-2022 Crew Cab
  • Aluminum construction
  • 300 pounds load capacity
  • 5-inch wide step pads
  • Side armor drop step
  • ‎82.25 x 14.25 x 8.25 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

HD Ridez ‎HDR-IA27N8022 does what’s expected and even more.

Asides from the impressive strength it provides, it also keeps rust or corrosion in check for extended lifespan or long-lasting performance.

This design can be trusted to offer reliable stability and safety across all seasons.

Irrespective of the weather condition, the performance is never affected or compromised.

Whether it’s rainy, snowy, or even when it is hot.

The grip remains adequate, ensuring your feet stay connected to the surface when entering and getting out of the truck.

The installation is not complex.

Once you install the clips the right way, the remaining process is more straightforward.

Ensure the bolts are adequately connected or well-tightened as the case may be.

However, do not overdo it unless they will break.

The installation timeframe can last up to 02 hours.

This includes the period of assembling the various components and attaching the nerf bar side steps to the Chevy Colorado.

While the solid construction, attractive appearance, convenience, and comfort the HD Ridez ‎HDR-IA27N8022 offers can’t be denied or neglected.

These are not adequate reasons to get 5-star ratings from some users.

Some reviewers are not satisfied with the number of parts they had to assemble or attach together before they could finally mount the bars on the vehicle.


  • Solid grip for enhanced stability and safety
  • Reliable protection against rust/corrosion
  • Functionality/use extends across all weather conditions


  • The installation parts/components are too many
  • The quality of some of the components could be improved



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Chevy Colorado 2015-2022 Crew Cab
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 450 pounds load capacity
  • Installation instructions manual and hardware
  • 82 x 6 x 2 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

YITAMOTOR ‎CEETSS-3031 shows up just as advertised in the product description.

If you weigh less than 450 pounds, these nerf bars provide adequate support and stability needed to safely enter and get out of the truck

The appearance and construction are impressive.

These running boards can withstand extreme conditions, making them a top choice for individuals who want something that can deliver reliable performance across all seasons.

Another attribute is the improvement it offers to the truck’s appearance.

The installation is pretty straightforward.

One of the users, a 67-year-old woman, reported having installed them independently in about 30 minutes.

No extraordinary tools are required.

A screwdriver and a 13mm socket wrench are all you need to successfully attach these nerf bars in place.

The steps and other related directions are highlighted in the manual.

While the sturdiness and the construction quality do not go unnoticed.

Some users believe the manufacturer could have included 04 brackets in the pack instead of 03.

Especially since the holes where the 4th bracket will slot in on both sides of the truck are available.

According to them, this inclusion would provide additional support for improved durability.


  • Slip, rust, and ultraviolet ray resistant
  • Performance is not limited or affected under extreme conditions
  • Trouble-free attachment (no drilling) & solid performance
  • Guarantees secure entry and exit from the truck


  • Comes with 03 brackets instead of four 04

Buying Considerations for the Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado

01. Budget

Normally, nerf bars are pocket-friendly accessories.

Nevertheless, affordability is subjective.

The amount one individual considers reasonable could be costly or excessively high for another person.

Each truck owner knows their pocket, especially the maximum amount of money they can comfortably invest in a side step at a specific period.

Choose/agree on an amount and search for designs offered within that price.

Ensure your budget is realistic (not extremely low, but within the market average).

No matter how low it may be, a realistic budget will get you a few products you can choose from, even from some of the popular brands out there.

There is nothing to worry about for an individual with a sufficient budget.

A robust budget is a direct ticket to a long list of designs.

Also, you won’t have to research extensively on these products since they are most likely the best you will find around.

Chevy Colorado owners with a high amount of funds to spare can just pick up a design from any famous brands they trust or connect so well with.

02. Compatibility

Truck owners should only choose a design that has been certified or declared fit or compatible with their truck.

When you come across a running board that appears attractive, both in appearance and construction quality.

Verify if such a design can be installed on your Chevy Colorado.

If the compatibility detail is not added or included in the product description, talk to the seller to confirm this piece of information before paying for it.

03. Weight Capacity

Every nerf bar has a particular amount of weight or load they can sustain at most.

Choose a robust design to accommodate your body weight and even more.

For instance, for someone that weighs 300 pounds, such an individual can settle for a product that can sustain up to 500 pounds of load.

The extras will go a long way in supporting the weight of passengers that weigh above 300 pounds but below 500 pounds.

04. Construction Material

The material used to build a nerf bar says a lot about its strength and durability.

While designs made from aluminum, alloy steel, and stainless steel are most common, they offer a different level of strength or robustness.

Nerf bars constructed from aluminum material are usually categorized or rated as low-quality since it is lightweight.

Alloy steel has proven to be the toughest and most durable option.

However, a running board built from alloy steel must be adequately coated to avoid rust attack.

Vehicle owners do not need to worry about rust/corrosion if they eventually go with a design made from stainless steel.

These running boards offer an impressive level of sturdiness or durability.

05. Installation

Go for a product you can easily attach to the vehicle independently.

It must come with all the necessary parts, including a well-detailed instructions manual for successful integration.

Also, it must not require any form of alterations (such as drilling or cutting).

FAQs About the Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado

01. How do nerf bars protect the truck?

When nerf bars are installed on your truck, the rails that extend between the wheels (front and back) offer adequate protection to the side of the vehicle.

02. How do nerf bars enhance safety?

Nerf bars provide an extra platform for improved support and stability when moving in and out of the truck, providing an incredible level of convenience for both young and old.

The anti-slip attribute enhances confidence and peace of mind.

03. What is the price of a running board?

This component is available at various prices.

A running board can cost as low as $100 and as high as $500.

04. How does size influence the choice of nerf bars to choose?

Consider the diameter and overall length when choosing a nerf bar to buy.

A design that has a wide tread will provide a safer surface to place your foot.

Also, it enhances the ergonomics substantially.

05. How wide should the step pad be?

The step pad or running surface must be wide enough to support secure footing for optimum stability and safety.

Do not pick up a nerf bar that is not expansive enough to accommodate your foot.

A design with a width of about 5-inch is a significant consideration.

Nevertheless, a surface as wide as 2-inch to 5-inch is also good enough.

06. Will Nerf Bars Help the Kids and Old to Get into the Vehicle Easily?

If you have ever considered gaining access into the vehicle and getting down from it draining or energy-demanding and wish to take things easy.

Especially for kids or individuals who are getting old or recuperating from any injury.

Attaching nerf bars or running boards is the ideal solution.

Asides from enhancing access and exit from the truck.

Nerf bars also provide an extra layer of protection, preventing possible damage to the bottom area when the vehicle collides with any form of obstacle on the road.

Adding to the list of benefits.

The Chevy Colorado nerf bars also support adequate upgrades to the vehicle’s appearance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal in the process.


The main focus of this purchase guide is to ensure every Chevy Colorado owner finds the ideal nerf bars for their truck.

When looking for a design to pick from our list of the best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado.

Ensure you only settle for the one that offers exceptional satisfaction and fulfillment.

Aside from guaranteeing secure grip and firmness to the driver’s feet and passengers.

The overall appearance must be captivating and exciting.

If the step bars you decide to invest in or attach to the truck won’t make life easier (guarantees comfort & convenience).

There is no need to add it to your Chevy Colorado in the first place.

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