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Top 05 Best Exhaust for 4.8 Silverado : 2022

Some vehicle owners are satisfied with their stock 4.8 Silverado exhaust’s performance unless they need to replace it due to damage.

This is not the case with a few vehicle owners who seek the best exhaust for 4.8 Silverado since the factory design doesn’t deliver their desired performance (in terms of sound and power).

Although most vehicle owners who seek an upgrade understand their performance expectations.

Narrowing the list of available exhausts to the one suitable for their vehicle and complementing their needs seems a big issue.

This article seeks to address the stress and disappointment many people face or witness regarding product selection, ensuring everyone has top options to choose from for the best performance and value.

Our 05 exhausts for 4.8 Silverado provide adequate clarity, giving deliberate vehicle owners a list of reliable products to make their selections from.

These brands include Rough Country, AUTOSAVER88, DNA MOTORING, ‎Parts-Diyer, and AutoShack.

A Table of Top 05 Best Exhaust for 4.8 Silverado

Rough Country
Auto Saver
Parts Diyer
Auto Shack


What is the Best Exhaust for 4.8 Silverado?

The top-performance exhaust for the 4.8 Silverado should allow each individual to customize their vehicle in the most appropriate way possible.

The designs on our list are not only compatible with the 4.8 Silverado, but they also make a solid transformation to the engine for improved power.

Also, the engine sound is improved, and the vehicle will attain a more compelling appearance.

While we find all the exhausts reviewed and highlighted in this article the best options anyone could choose from or buy.

Rough Country is our most preferred brand.

Why Rough Country is the Best  Exhaust Brand for 4.8 Silverado?

We have positioned Rough Country as the leader in this category for the versatility their exhaust possesses, ensuring the needs of every regular driver are met.

Rough Country exhausts improve the vehicle performance aggressively.

The sound it offers is deep enough to satisfy individuals who are not concerned about or looking for a design that guarantees or produces deafening sound.

Detailed Review of Top 05 Best Exhaust for 4.8 Silverado: 2022

01. Rough Country ‎96008


Highlighted Feature

  • ‎2009-2013 2WD Chevy Silverado
  • 304 stainless black muffler and clamps
  • Catback design (dual) with side exit
  • 16 gauge tubing
  • 46 x 16 x 12.25 inches dimension
  • 62 pounds in weight

Rough Country ‎96008 is one of the remarkable and highly-rated exhausts from this famous manufacturer.

The package comes with the complete accessories required to fit the exhaust on the vehicle, ensuring everything lines up appropriately for easy installation and optimum engine performance.

Right from the moment the exhaust is detached from the box, the construction material’s durability and quality are widely evident.

The muffler and the clamps appear durable and well-constructed, a sign of long-lasting or extended operation/performance.

Also, the welding is excellently done, which further enhances the vehicle’s attractiveness upon installation.

The installation is not complicated.

This task can be conducted efficiently in the garage without relying on a professional installer.

The integration doesn’t require any adjustment or modification when attached to a compatible vehicle.

Do not purchase if your vehicle model is not mentioned or highlighted on the list.

Rough Country ‎96008 delivers loud and exciting sound, doesn’t leak, and eliminates vibrations or provoking sound when driving at a comfortable speed.

“Although the exhaust delivers great rumble/loud sound, it may not be as loud as some people want or desire from their ideal exhaust.”


  • Resistant to rust/corrosion
  • Installation can be achieved independently
  • Welding isn’t required
  • Reasonable/pocket-friendly price


  • The sound may not be as loud as some individuals would want



Highlighted Features

  • ‎1999-2007 Chevy Silverado
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Metallic finish
  • Gasket & hardware included
  • 40 x 18.9 x 9.5 inches in dimension
  • 25 pounds in weight

As we have always communicated to vehicle owners, a solid product doesn’t always have to be too costly.

There are reliable exhausts that can be bought at a price that a regular vehicle owner can afford or conveniently pay for.

AUTOSAVER88 ‎ATCC0008 is a top product for the money.

The construction material (steel) is durable, ensuring optimum protection against rust and premature damage.

Also, the metallic finish adds a more compelling look to the exhaust, ensuring the vehicle attractiveness improves significantly after installation.

The manufacturer includes all the installation parts in the kit, assuring perfect fitment and efficient performance.

The integration can be performed independently in the garage using basic tools.

However, ensure each component is attached appropriately to ensure extended use.

While it takes time and dedication to ensure each part is coupled the ideal way, this process goes a long way in performance optimization over a long period.

The clamps are solid enough and slot in excellently in place without any risk of possible leakage or premature failure.

Nevertheless, you may decide to leave out the clamps and instead weld the whole thing in place.

If this approach works well with desired performance, it is acceptable.

“The flanges attachment may require new studs. Alternatively, the old ones can be reused.”


  • Assures OEM performance & quality
  • Offers optimum durability and efficiency
  • Corrects/fixes check light
  • Offered a price a regular Silverado owner could afford


  • No instructions manual



Highlighted Features

  • Silverado 1500 99-05 & 2500 99-00
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Clamps and gaskets included
  • Computerized mandrel-bends
  • 1 x 19.7 x 9.6 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight

DNA MOTORING‎ OEM-CONV-001 delivers impressive/exciting outcomes similar to what some expensive designs offer.

If you are looking for an affordable yet top-quality exhaust system to install on the 4.8 Silverado.

Only a few products can offer similar engine optimization (improved power and sound) for the price.

For individuals who have been struggling with check-engine light, annoying noise, rattling, and any other issues that may have affected the vehicle’s performance/operation.

This exhaust fixes these problems, ensuring the vehicle performs better or runs smoother than ever before.

The durability is top-class. The top-quality stainless steel, complemented by the computerized mandrel-bends, combines excellently to deliver unmatched strength for long-lasting performance.

DNA MOTORING‎ OEM-CONV-001 exhaust fits well on compatible vehicle models and can be effortlessly bolted or attached without any stress.

The packaging quality is imposing.

The box is packaged so that accessories needed for the integration remain intact and secure during shipment, and the exhaust is well shielded/protected to prevent possible dent or damage.

“For the best experience, some users recommend that the o2 sensors are attached first before mounting the cats to the 4.8 Silverado.”


  • OEM style replacement
  • Enough durability and strength
  • Fits excellently well on compatible vehicles
  • An excellent value for the money


  • Restricted/unauthorized/illegal in some states in the USA

04. ‎Parts-Diyer 1063ua1347


Highlighted Features

  • 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado
  • Catalytic converter
  • Aluminum alloy construction material
  • 76 x 18.5 x 9.06 inches in dimension
  • 6 pounds in weight

Parts-Diyer 1063ua1347 is a top consideration for long-lasting efficiency and performance.

Its ease of installation supports smooth attachment into the exhaust pipe of the vehicle’s engine in time.

No modifications or adjustments are needed or required to achieve a perfect fit.

The box comes with all the necessary components that support integration, eliminating unplanned expenses.

This design plays a significant/substantial role in enhancing the engine’s lifespan, efficiency, and performance.

For instance, once the installation is complete, every exhaust gas considered inadequate or destructive to the engine is processed, giving rise to water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

All of which are not harmful to the engine.

The construction quality is durable.

The high-quality aluminum alloy enhances confidence, ensuring the exhaust can deal well with extreme conditions for long-lasting performance.

Also, the solid welding ensures uncompromised protection against leakage.

When the list of exciting outcomes Parts-Diyer 1063ua1347 delivers at its very affordable price is considered.

It may restrict interested buyers from going ahead with other vital checks, especially compatibility.

Do not get carried away. Ensure it is the right pick for the vehicle before moving ahead with the purchase.

“For 4.8 Silverado owners living in California or New York. Due to restrictions, this is not for you. Look elsewhere.”


  • Eliminates possible leakage
  • Reinforced welding & durable construction
  • No additional parts are needed


  • Not applicable to 3.8 Silverado owners in California and New York

05. AutoShack ‎EM60513


Highlighted Features

  • 1999-2003 Silverado
  • Direct integration (clamp-on and bolt-on)
  • Powder coating finish
  • EPA OBDII Approved
  • 40 x 18.9 x 9.4 inches in dimension
  • 9 pounds in weight

It is crucial to clearly state that the AutoShack ‎EM60513 is limited to vehicle owners in some states in the United States of America.

The state’s law doesn’t permit their use on the road.

The 1999-2003 4.8 Silverado owners in Maine, Colorado, New York, and California should not pick up this exhaust.

However, interested buyers from other regions can purchase it and integrate it into their vehicles for outstanding engine performance.

Ideally, the installation style (bolt-on or direct fitment) is set up to eliminate stress and confusion. However, you may need to perform a bit of modification on crucial parts such as the cross pipe to eliminate possible leakage.

Also, some users express dissatisfaction with the discharge flange due to its inability to slot into the OEM flange directly.

This requires the installer to modify it before delivering as expected.

It is essential to state that the package comes with the correct number of components to support the attachment to the vehicle.

You won’t need to pick up extra hardware are a price that wasn’t budgeted for initially.

Besides the few issues raised about the installation, every other thing seems excellent.

AutoShack ‎EM60513 ensures the engine delivers efficiently on the power and sound, giving installers a great return on their investment.


  • Scratches are greatly minimized
  • Guarantees extended use/performance
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not designed for use in Maine, Colorado, New York, and California
  • Modifications may be required

Buying Consideration for the Best Exhaust for 4.8 Silverado

01. Price

The best exhaust for 4.8 Silverado extends across various prices, ranging from low to expensive.

Before going ahead to make a selection of choice, it is essential to first realize the class or category you fall on the pricing chart.

Little or no research is required for individuals who can afford the premium designs, making the purchase a straightforward process.

In such a case, settle for one of the top brands and choose an exhaust system that complements upgrade expectations.

Car owners who can’t afford to pay a premium are advised to come up with a budget (a particular price they can pay after all other financial commitments/obligations are considered or factored in).

Search for exhaust models from top brands offered within the budget and make your selection accordingly (considering the vehicle model and performance needs).

02. Compatibility

The exhaust system can only meet or deliver on the design promises if it complements your vehicle.

Suppose the exhaust system is not built to work with the vehicle model.

There is no way it will deliver on performance expectations or serve the buyer well.

Once a design that fulfills the upgrades desired in the vehicle is found or sighted.

The next step is to check the product information or details to determine if it’s compatible with the 4.8 Silverado model that you drive.

03. Performance Needs/Expectations

Before anyone initiates their exhaust system search, it is important to highlight the performance needs and expectations.

You need to know why the purchase is vital in the first place (the purpose the exhaust is expected to serve).

If the idea is to cut down pressure drastically.

Especially for individuals who are more concerned/fascinated by massive power gains and efficient fuel consumption.

Choose a design that focuses significantly on this aspect.

In such a case, how loud the engine would sound after installation might not be a significant consideration or feature.

They are satisfied with either loud or quiet engine sound).

For someone who is looking for massive power gains, fuel maximization, and a  deep engine sound.

Ensure you identify a design that offers these attributes and go for it once it’s compatible with the vehicle model and within the budget.

04. Construction

Ensure the exhaust system is built from a durable material.

Also, the accessories must be of excellent quality to provide immense strength for long-lasting performance.

Your design choice should be well-coated to prevent possible corrosion attacks and improve the exhaust attractiveness, enhancing the vehicle’s appearance in the process.

Stainless steel and mild steel happen to be the widely used construction materials.

However, stainless steel exhaust systems fit our description of the ideal construction material (durable, more appealing, and resistant to rust attacks).

Nevertheless, they are costlier than mild-steel constructed exhaust systems.

05. Crush Or Mandrel Bends

Find out if the exhaust is mandrel bends or crush bends.

While crush bends exhausts are more affordable than mandrel bends exhaust systems, they do not promise a similar type of performance.

Aside from being low performers, crush bend exhausts are also known to vibrate more than their counterpart, the mandrel bends.

If you can afford a mandrel bend exhaust, do not hesitate to settle for one.

Durability, high performance, and reduced vibration are guaranteed.

06. Installation

A vehicle using the basic tools in your garage eliminates the need to invite or pay a professional installer.

Exhausts that support direct or bolt-on fitment eliminate possible amendments such as drilling, making independent installation smooth and effortless, even for individuals doing this for the first time.

Also, ensure the kit has all the necessary accessories to complete the integration to avoid extra expenses.

07. The Exhaust Style

Exhaust systems are available in single and dual styles.

The distinguishing physical attribute is the number of mufflers, pipes, and tips they have.

As the name implies, while the single exhaust systems are designed to have one muffler, tip, and tailpipe, the dual exhaust systems are designed with two each.

The focus and outcomes are different when it has to do with performance.

For instance, while single exhaust systems deliver massive power gains and more efficient fuel consumption, the torque gain isn’t that massive.

However, it is decent.

On the other hand, dual exhausts offer massive torque & power gains, with little or no remarkable optimization in fuel economy.

Know what you are looking for in an exhaust system and settle with a style that delivers these expectations.

08. Restriction

Some exhaust systems are not recognized in some parts of the USA.

Before you pay for a design of choice, ensure the necessary studies are conducted to ascertain authorization or approval.

Should there be restrictions, the product description highlights this detail, listing the applicable states?

If such information is missing or in case an intended buyer isn’t sure about design approval, take a few minutes of your time to talk to the vendor.

FAQs About the Best Exhaust for 4.8 Silverado

01. What critical factor should I consider before settling for an exhaust system?

It doesn’t matter if you are satisfied with an exhaust system’s performance, compatibility with the vehicle, or offered within the specific budget.

These are not enough considerations to make a purchase yet.

It is crucial to find out if such a design is legal or authorized for use in the state or region you live.

02. How much does a solid exhaust system cost?

The price of an exhaust system is determined by the material’s quality and the level of performance such design offers.

On average, a solid exhaust system costs between $200 and $400.

However, the premium or expensive designs can cost as high as $1200 or even more.

03. How long does it take to integrate an exhaust system into the vehicle?

The installation process varies according to the exhaust design.

For instance, the integration is more straightforward for an exhaust system compatible with your vehicle and designed as a direct fit.

In such a situation, modifications may not be required, making it possible to complete the attachment between 2-3 hours.

In case of modifications (drilling and cutting), the installation exercise could extend up to eight (8) hours.

04. Who can install a 4.8 Silverado exhaust system?

Exhaust system integration is an activity that anyone can complete on their own, provided they are interested or fascinated by DIY.

With adequate knowledge of the task (comprehensive installation manual and YouTube videos come in hand).

Vehicle owners should be able to set up their exhaust systems independently in their driveway or garage using basic repair tools.

Nevertheless, if time seems to be a constraint, or for individuals who consider professional installation a more reliable option.

You may decide to hire an experienced at an agreed yet reasonable price.

05. What is the cost of a professional installation?

The installation cost depends on the vehicle, the exhaust system design, and the state/region where the vehicle owner or installer lives.

On average, a professional installer could charge between $80 and $250.

Ensure this is factored into your budget from the start.

06. Why stainless steel exhausts are popular and highly recommended?

The widespread popularity and recommendations that stainless steel exhausts enjoy today can be linked to the high level of durability they offer.

These exhaust systems are strongly protected against rust attacks, ensuring a long-lasting operation and performance.

In addition to the high level of durability and longevity, the users of steel exhaust systems enjoy it.

The appealing appearance is another considerable attribute.

07. How long does an exhaust system last?

Top-quality exhausts, especially those made from a reliable material such as stainless steel, should last for a long time, extending across the vehicle’s lifetime.

A replacement of change could only be considered in a situation where damage occurs to the exhaust, most likely due to poor road conditions.

Also, an upgrade could be on the card if the vehicle owner desires improved performance in some other key areas, which the old/existing design doesn’t guarantee.


Picking the best exhaust for 4.8 Silverado becomes an easy job or process when there is adequate information about what to look for or the factors to consider before settling for a design.

When all factors or points highlighted under the buying considerations section are followed or adhered to.

Picking an ideal exhaust system for your vehicle from a long list of products becomes easier.

Once intending, buyers understand the performances or outcomes they desire from an exhaust system.

They can check our list of top/exciting products to see if anyone matches their interest and budget.

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