2.8 Duramax Problems, Bad Symptoms & Reliability

The 2.8 Duramax is a popular engine in high demand that is used in small trucks like the Chevy Colorado.

It offers great features like fuel efficiency and durability.

The 2.8 Duramax is highly efficient and reliable but also has some issues that may affect its reliability.

The 2.8 Duramax problems should not be ignored but taken seriously, or it could lead to bigger problems.

It is important that you also consider these problems before purchasing a vehicle with the 2.8 diesel Duramax.

This article will look at some of the 2.8 Duramax problems and some signs of a bad or failing 2.8 diesel.

Who Makes the 2.8 Duramax?

The 2.8 Duramax is produced by General Motors and was first introduced into the market in 2016.

The first models of the 2.8 Duramax were first released in North America in the 2016 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado.

It was specifically made to be used on mid-sized trucks.

It cannot be used on bigger trucks or for heavy-duty purposes.

The 2.8l diesel truck belongs to the family of four-cylinder turbo engines and is designed as a displaced 2.8 liters with an inline-four configuration.

The engine was made considering factors that made other previous diesel Duramax fail.

These factors were corrected in the 2.8l diesel Duramax, and it becomes more reliable as more models are released.

It is also good to know that this engine is not a product of Duramax LTD, as this company does not produce all Duramax engines.

The company is specified to produce the 6.6l diesel Duramax.

05 Major 2.8 Duramax Problems that Users Face

It is important to learn about the 2.8 diesel problems.

This will give you an insight into what to expect from it if you are considering buying the engine.

Although the 2.8 Duramax is quite reliable, it also has 05 issues after being used for miles.

Here are some of the Duramax 2.8 diesel problems.

01. Idling Problem

2.8 Duramax Problems

Users of the engine have complained that the idling of vehicles powered by this engine is a common problem.

If you are using vehicles like the Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon, they will not be suitable for idling.

So, if you will be facing a lot of traffic or any activity requiring your vehicle to be idle for a while, then do not buy any of those trucks.

The reason is that once the truck is idle for an extended period, the engine automatically goes into limp mode.

With the limp mode activated, the 2.3 Duaraax will drop speed, and other parts of the vehicle may be deactivated.

02. Towing Capacity

A major issue that it has is the towing capacity.

Users of vehicles with 2.8l have expressed dissatisfaction with the engine’s towing performance.

The engine is expected to have a towing capacity of 7,700 lbs, which means the vehicle with the 2.8l installed will not be able to tow anything more than 8,000lbs.

This is considered very poor, especially for those buying a truck with the 2.8l Duramax installed for towing purposes.

03. Heavy-Duty Capacity

Another problem that comes with the 2.8l diesel is the heavy-duty capacity.

The 2.8l diesel is not built to do heavy-duty jobs, as it does not have the power, torque and towing capacity for that.

The 2.8l Diesel Duramax has a 200hp and a torque of 369 lb-ft.

It also has a payload capacity of 1,506 lbs.

These specifications are perfect for daily driving but not for heavy-duty work.

If you want a higher heavy-duty capacity, you should go for a heavy-duty Diesel Duramax.

04. Failed Sensors

2.8 Duramax Problems

The sensors in any engine are important as they work directly with the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

These sensors monitor the engine’s various parts and ensure that it is not faulty or lagging.

The 2.8l has a common problem of failed sensors affecting its reliability.

Some diesel Duramax sensors like the speed sensor, air-fuel ratio meter, crank position, and much more suddenly stop working.

This could result from faulty wiring, dirt, or many other factors.

You must check the engine regularly to ensure that every part works perfectly.

05. Water Pump Failure

2.8 Duramax Problems

The water pump failure is not just attributed to it but also to the majority of the Duramax diesel engines.

The water pump is an important part of the 2.8l Duramax that helps direct coolant from the radiator through the various parts needed.

Once the water pump fails, the 2.8l is prone to overheat.

A good way to prevent this is to perform regular maintenance on the 2.8l.

The 2.8 Duramax has a few problems that users could manage.

These problems will guide you in deciding what to expect and how to manage or prevent them from happening.

It requires a lot of maintenance.

It is another problem that people have about the 2.8l diesel trucks.

You need to have proper and regular checks or maintenance done on it, or else the parts will begin the fail.

What Are the Signs of a Bad 2.8L Diesel Engine?

It is important to take note of the signs of a bad Duramax 2.8 Diesel, which could save you from a lot of stress and disappointment.

Also, early diagnosis of these symptoms can help you better repair them.

01. Odd Noise

The unusual noise is one major problem that shows that the 2.8 diesel is getting worse.

The noise is usually traced to the turbo and may sound like screeching.

02. No Boost

Another problem that may be a sign is the car’s lack of boost, especially when speeding up.

This could be traced to several things in the 2.8b diesel.

It could be due to a bad air intake, turbo, and other important parts.

03. Turbo Failure

A common symptom of a bad 2.6l diesel is a failed turbo system.

This is one aspect that users have been complaining about.

Once the turbo fails, it can affect major parts of the 2.8 diesel power and efficiency.

04. Poor Fuel Efficiency

One of the best features of the 2.8l  diesel Duramax is its fuel efficiency.

Once you notice the fuel consumption has increased, some of its major parts are damaged and need immediate repair.

Is 2.8L Duramax Reliable?

The 2.8 Duramax is one of the most reliable diesel engines in trucks today.

It can last 400,000 to 500,000 miles before developing any major fault.

It is a turbo-diesel engine with 2.8 liters displacing four configurations.

It is part of the popular diesel four-cylinder engine.

GM considered many factors when making the 2.8l Duramax, including correcting the defects of previous models of the turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine.

Although GM could correct these defects, this did not stop the new 2.8l Duramax from developing its own issues after being used for some time.

Some potential problems with it could affect its reliability.

Some people have seen this issue as one that cannot be managed, while others can cope.

Whether or not the issues will affect the reliability depends on if you can cope with them.


How many miles will a 2.8 Duramax last?

The 2.8 Duramax is very reliable and durable due to many factors that were considered before making the engine.

Which Chevy Colorado engine is best?

The Duramax 2.8l Turbo Diesel is considered the best Chevy Colorado engine.

This is because of its fuel efficiency.

Who makes the GM 2.8 diesel?

The 2.8 diesel is produced by General Motors and was brought into the market in 2016.

Does the 2.8 Duramax have a turbo?

Yes, the 2.8 diesel Duramax has a turbo.

It is a 2.8 turbo-diesel l4, which has a lot of power efficiency for a midsize truck.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the 2.8 Duramax problems, you can decide whether or not it will suit you.

It is important to consider some good qualities before making that decision.

2.8 liters has good gas mileage, so the engine, along with trucks loaded with it, is highly sought after.

If you already have a 2.8 Duramax, it is important that you pay attention to the signs your vehicle may be giving you.

It may have some issues, but most of these may be easily solved by imbibing a good maintenance culture.

It would be best if you always get the 2.8 Duramax checked regularly and note changes in the vehicle.

This will help prevent major problems from creeping up.

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